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[Game Thread] Pokerole Mystery Dungeon: Primal Shadows
(04-07-2020, 02:30 PM)no one Wrote: Dax frowned.

"I uh... Don't know what a delta is. Is that what you and that riolu are? Cos you both look hella weird. Though if I'm supposed to be a Charmander, I probably look weird as hell too" he said, looking at Kee.

Karen chimes in with her own thoughts on the strange looking Charmander that Dax has become.  "Well, maybe you're some kind of regional variant of Charmander?  They do tend to be different types.  Are you sure you don't remember what kind of pokemon you might be?  I know I certainly don't recognize your particular variation of the species.  I never thought I'd see a Charmander that would look more at home in the water than on land..."
Dax looked at the mess of items sprawled on the ground. Amongst them was a collar that felt strangely familiar. Thinking about it bought only feelings of happiness for him, and a little patch of yearning. He picked it up, and stored it away. His jaw however, dropped at the sight of the number of berries and Big Nuggets. He quickly snatched a nugget and two round berries. He did know where he was from, but what he had with him made him feel like a king. He desperately wished that something about his old life would come back to him, and yet trying to remember only bought pain to his head.
"Interesting. I didn't know Pokemon could look so different in different areas. That might be what I am then."
(04-07-2020, 02:31 PM)Dragonstrike Wrote:

Like the Flames she embody in part, Pyra flickers over to Karen's side once they start copping with the shock of becoming a Pokemon, keeping careful and concerned watch in case they may need a little cheerful assistance. Becoming a Pokemon for her was a rather banal affair not worth dwelling on much, compare to her quest, duties, and new life to live, but she does have a bit of an inkling that not everyone might take such a change so well.

Once the sparkling fae expressed they were fine, the playful fiend brightened up immediately and proclaimed "Good, good! Being a Pokemon is not so strange or bad, no, so embrace you new life and be glad!' Their remark about all sorts of Items being on the floor was sufficient distraction for her to divert her attention away from the group for the first time and find the Big Nugget that was laying near were she first awoke, grabbing and holding it with a speculative gleam in her eyes as she 'ooohed' and 'awed' over it. So pretty, this sphere of golden weath was, full of untapped potential for her and everyone!

Now Holding the Big Nugget, the wee lil' demon response to the chrome haired telepath was to immediately nod and skip right on over to the entrance/exit of the room, waving at everyone else to come join her while tucking her treasure by her side.

"Yes, indeed, and affirmative! Let us all join together, and together exit the earth and into the open sky! I'll light the way, so please, follow after me! Our quest awaits, yes, so let us not tarry and stall for any much longer!"
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(04-07-2020, 02:30 PM)no one Wrote: Dax frowned.

"I uh... Don't know what a delta is. Is that what you and that riolu are? Cos you both look hella weird. Though if I'm supposed to be a Charmander, I probably look weird as hell too" he said, looking at Kee

Kee was SO close to throw a heated "Call me weird AGAIN" right into Dax's face, he already bristled his fur threatingly - but eventually managed to get a hold of his nature and just shrug it off, as 1. he still suffering headaches that drain him from his will to fight, and 2. doing so in this situation won't help anyone.

Instead, he just shakes his head. "Eh, not important now. up t'you in the end whether ya consider yarself different or a delta or whatever. I'm just what people - hyooman - consider 'regional variants'." He yawns and opts to lick a paw of his. This was totally normal for the Pokemon he is - but he frowns as he feels it's strange for a human.

(04-07-2020, 02:31 PM)Dragonstrike Wrote: (...) It's at that point that Karen realizes something.

There's items on the ground, scattered around wherever they all woke up.
"...hey, uh, guys...I think we must have some dropped some stuff or something."
And indeed, when everyone looks, there are indeed various items on the ground where everyone had woken up.  These are the items that everyone started with.  It's a mixture of several Big Nuggets, berries, and several other miscellaneous items.  It's difficult to carry it all without a bag, but definitely possible, however barely.  Kee actually has enough stuff that he might have to stick it in the Guitar Bag he's carrying, however. (...)

THIS causes Kee to bring his attention back towards Karen, then towards the ground, then he JOLTS out of his(?) guitarbag to literally SWEEP anything he's certain that is his stuff (recognizable by the scent) off the ground, and lastly he hushes back into the bag where he came from to securely pack it away. He looks very pleased and content as he licks over a Custap Berry!~ Who care whether this guitarbag being/having been his as a hyooman makes some crazy kind of sense, it is HIS now, HIS, ahahahahaha!~~~
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[Image: tumblr_ojj74xpbFJ1vh0d58o1_540.png]
Karens shuffles over to Pyra, trying her best to keep up, but nearly clumsily tripping on her own feet a few times as she does so.  "...w-wait for me!"  She stops at the edge of the room's exit as she tries to peer into the darkness that's barely illuminated by the Devimp's small flame.

Karen makes the obvious remark.  "'s really dark in there...I hope we'll be able to see where we're going..."

Are Daxter, Kogeki, and Kee ready to continue as well?
Quote:Are Dexter, Kogeki, and Kee ready to continue as well?

Oh, Kee for sure is, and he's going to drag this/his guitar-bag-thingy aka his new place to sleep all along, no way in hell he's going to leave THAT behind. Too comfy, holds too much of a familiar scent, he couldn't care less about a small crittercoon carrying a bag many times larger than himself looking hella weird. If anyone even dares to give him a weird look, he'll TEACH 'em a lesson, hmpf!~

He staaaaares into the darkness ahead and sniffs it, but he can't really make out a thing either. More to himself than towards the others he mumbles "Ah damn, 'f I was still a human, I'd totally pull out something bright now t'illumate things...."
"Anything can be art. Anything can be self-expression. Now take your weapon and run with it"
- Gerard Way

[Image: tumblr_ojj74xpbFJ1vh0d58o1_540.png]
Daxter is definitely ready to continue. He decides to hold the collar as it brings on several pleasant emotions and chooses to save his berries as he knows how hunger can hurt all too well. He's not sure how though.

A/N: Dragon, just a small correction- It's Daxter, not Dexter.
(04-07-2020, 01:41 PM)Dragonstrike Wrote:

(It is a amazing piece of art!)

Kogeki look to him and then nod his head. He make his hands go together, doing a position of pray, and then bow in respect towards their new companion. "Its a nice a honor in meet Daxter. I gladly I not the only Delta Pokemon around here. Lets all work together to find a solution in this situation."
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(04-07-2020, 02:17 PM)no one Wrote:

Kogeki wave his paw to Dax. "Well, answering your first question: We are inside a cave, without any idea how the hell we end up here."

"I can relate with that my friend. You not the only one. But right now, we need to figure out where we are, and found any information about how to use the power of our new forms. I supposed we gonna need all the power we can have to survive."

A/N: Welcome my friend! Yeah, I had a similar problem when I first join in these forums. Welcome to this campaigh my friend! Also, new player receive cookies *Offering a plate of cookies.*
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