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[Game Thread] Pokerole Mystery Dungeon: Primal Shadows
Bounsweet gives Kogeki a rather confused look.  "...okay?"

"Less talking, more training!  We've not lost this yet!"

Ghost Maze 3, Round 2

Kogeki's strike hits Tangela before they can give further orders, though it doesn't seem to deter them much!

Quick Attack 1
(6) Tangela takes 1 damage 2/6 HP -2 Pain

"Bounsweet, you need to Strike them since you can't hurt them with your moves!  Bonsly, it's time to put your talents to use!  Give them a taste of their own medicine!  Everyone hit that Misdreavus as hard as you can!"

6 + 2 - 2 = 6
(4)(4)(6)(1)(5)(4) Critical hit!
3 Spe + 1 Pow + STAB - 2 Ins = 3d6
(2)(3)(1) | (4)(6) Misdreavus takes 2 damage 3/5 HP -1 Pain
Tangela recovers 1 HP 3/6 -2 Pain

Tangela's energy draining attack manages to leave quite the impression on Misdreavus as Tangela reclaims some of the life force that had been stolen from them, but the Ghost tries their best to stay scary all the same.

(1) No damage


Unfortunately, the attack doesn't seem to faze the bulky mass of vines at all, and the two younger pokemon quickly strike in retaliation under Tangela's orders.

(5) Misdreavus takes 1 damage 2/5 HP -2 Pain

Bonsly does a little dance, and the three spherical 'leaves' on their head begin to glow with a ghostly light as they target Misdreavus with a strange attack...

Bonsly copied Misdreavus's Astonish!
1 Dex + 0 Survival + 0 Stealth + 2 = 3
(3) Misdreavus takes 1 damage 1/5 HP -3 Pain

Despite not being as well versed in the stealthy arts as Misdreavus, the copied Astonish leaves a notable impression on the Ghost.

"Did we do that right, Tangela?"

"Yes you did, Bonsly!  We'll win this yet!"

But it's not going to be an easy win if Kogeki has anything to say about it!

Bite 2
(4) Tangela takes 1 damage 2/6 HP -2 Pain
(6)(1)(1) Tangela Flinches!

Ghost Maze 3, Round 3
Bug Maze Final, Round 2

Ariados chitters more orders to the Spinarak, and all three of them turn their attention to Pyra, ready to fire more poisonous barbs.

Poison Sting 1
(6) Pyra takes 1 damage 4/5 HP

Poison Sting B
(3)(2)(1)(6)(1) Miss

Lumia cautiously turns her attention to the big spider, ignoring the incompetent Spinarak's attack this time.

Ember (Lumia)
(5)(2)(4) Ariados takes 3 damage! 2/6 HP -2 Pain

"Yes, that's it, Lumia!  If we keep this up, we'll win no problem!  Alright, here goes...whoops!"

(3)(3)(1)(1) Miss.  Karen trips on a small rock as she tries to attack.  She doesn't take any damage, but she's very embarrassed.

Fortunately, Pyra's more than able to finish off their most dangerous foe in this training!

Ember 1
(5)(3)(1) Ariados takes 2 damage and faints!

Some of the healing water from Karen's Life Dew drips down from the ceiling, preventing the fire from Pyra's Ember from spreading across the unconscious leader spider.  The two Spinarak begin to chitter nervously, and the slower of the two tentatively fires a barb at Pyra as ordered.

Poison Sting A
(1) No damage!
(6)(5)(3) Pyra was Poisoned!

Pyra winces slightly as the barb digs into her skin.  But despite being Poisoned, the healing Life Dew is still giving Pyra plenty of spring in her step!

Bite 2
(6)(6)(4)(6)(1) Spinarak B takes 4 damage and faints!

Pyra recovers 1 HP from Life Dew, but then takes 1 damage from the Poison. 4/5 HP

Its leader KOed and all alone in the one versus three, Spinarak begins to back off from the fight.  Karen gets up and runs over to Pyra, while Lumia chooses to watch the Spinarak carefully instead of look at the Devimp.

"Are you okay, Pyra?  You're not hurt badly, are you?  That last attack felt like it hurt a little more than usual..."

Pyra, Karen, and Lumia all gain 4 exp.  A circle of light that looks similar to the glow of the Adventure Badges also starts glowing in the middle of the room.
(01-17-2021, 02:52 PM)Dragonstrike Wrote:

When Kogeki finish the Bite against Tangela, he stop to say a few words. "Hmm. Not bad. Your ability of coordination to give orders and follow instructions is pretty good. I very impressed."

"I didn't present myself before. I Kogeki "Anubis" Kurayami. I member of Team Omega Seekers. What is the name of your team again, if you don't mind I ask?"

And Kogeki resume the battle, trying to out speed the guy!

Bite: Dex(2)+Fight(2)+Brawl(2)-Actions (2)=4D6
Damage: Power(2)+STR(2)=4D6
Effect: 3D6 to Flinch.

Quick Attack: Dex(2)+Fight(2)+Brawl(2)-Actions (4)=2D6
Damage: Power(2)+STR(2)=4D6
Effect: Priority.

Notes: If Tangela faints attacks focus on Bonsly with a Strike.
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(01-17-2021, 03:27 PM)Dragonstrike Wrote:

The smol fae is not the only one mortified by her 'serendipitous' tumble, as it manages to drag Pyra out of her grim battle fervor to gap at them with stunned worry for a split second after roasting the big bag spider. What in the fiery abyss' name - how in the hell did that happen ? That was sort of thing she expected out of the Litwick and Kee at his clumsiest, not her considerate and caution Fairy friend. Is this the fault of some sort of passive curse manifested from that half-melted spirit? If it is they'll certainly get a crash course in learning how to reign in their spiritual/necrotic energies -

Suddenly she felt a brief sense of sharpness punctured her arm, causing her to startle minutely before she stiffening from the subsequent and almost equally sudden feeling of her blood thickening and a sickening nausea spreading throughout her body.

Almost instantly, she realized what happened. In her lapse of attention, one of those Spinarak fucking Poisoned her.

Pyra did not like that. She did not like that one iota of a bit.

A unearthly snarl ripped through her throat as she rounded on and lunged at the weakest $*&^#@! of a spider with extreme remarkable haste, clamping down on it hard and thrashing it about in the air with violence just a hair shy from being murderous before releasing her grip and slamming it chitinous body into the ground hard

That Spinarak was now very, very Fainted.

Only sparing the briefest moment to confirm that fact, she jerked her head towards the other fucking spider and let out another snarl at it, this one bubbling with the sort of unholy malice reserved for those special few that have well and truly earn her ire. The thoroughly incensed imp would've immediately shown exactly what that entailed were it not for Karen's timely intervention, allowing it to scuttle away with its conscious and body unsullied. 

Lucky lucky you, dear little Spinarak you.

At that point Pyra swiveled towards the disturbance with fully bared teeth, her eyes mere pinpricks of indignant ferocity and another snarl on the cusp of her lips, looking ready to tear into whatever tried to distract/ambush her.....

Then a second later she recognized who was coming to her - Karen, Dear Karen - and instantly calmed, her eyes shifting back to normal and expression turning surprised then receptive (if worried).


She meets them halfway, stumbling only a bit as she did so. Quickly she welcomed them with a brief hug before letting them speak their concerns, looking thoughtful for a second before lightly smiling back to them consolingly.

"Fine, fine. I am fine and good, Dear -"

It was then that Exhaustion from her strenuous determination kicked in, her body no longer repressing it now that the threat against her and her own had passed. Coupled with her Poisoned state the fiery demoness almost swayed and slumped into her sparkling sprite before she caught herself, her eyes losing focus until she stiffened from surprise of that happening (What was that....?) . She shook her head lightly, trying her best to clear it and dispel that feeling, then looked again at Karen, this time a touch more reservedly.

"...Tired, very tired, but fine. Nothing that Dojo Master Poliwrath can not fix and avail we-me-us from, when we leave and depart from this most wretched den of insects. So do not worry and fret about me, okay please my Dear Karen....?"

.....Karen probably has a lot to process from these.....latest scenes from Pyra. Hopefully they were not too freaked out by it all, or at least won't hold it against the lil' fiendess for too long.
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Quote:Flying Maze Final, Round 2

Huhhhh, Klink would have gotten some approving thumbs claws up for their successful interception! - if they all weren't entirerly involved in a fierce battle against that small flock of birds. So for now a genuine wink of 'well done there!~' from colorful crittercoon to metalic gearmon will do (・ω<)☆.

That big Staravia obviously serves as the leader of the birds, so Kee will focus to get THEM down in particular! He'll do that by doing what he can do best: MAkiNg s0Me n0IsE!!1

Orders for this round:
If Staravia is targetting Daxter or him for neutral damage, Kee will intercept by shouting right into Staravia's face. If they don't, he'll still shout, but not to intercept but to give these birds a loud scare. Inspired by Klink's brave and determined action, let's also give Ziggy Kee his first real point in Clash Speciality for 6XP!

Accuracy Roll Snarl Clash: 2 Special + 2 Fight + 1 Clash + 2 Single Action Bonus = 7d6

Accuracy Roll Snarl Attack: 2 Special + 2 Fight + 0 Channel -1 Inaccuracy + 2 Single Action Bonus = 5d6
Target: Staravia and whichever Starly is more hurt. If equal, the one that's higher in the Init Order
Damage Roll: 2 Special + 2 Power + STAB = 5d6
Additional notes: Autolower's target's Special by 1. Soundbased.
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