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[Game Thread] Pokerole Mystery Dungeon: Primal Shadows
Daxter clenches his jaw in anger as he thinks more about what Marcus tells them. Who the hell did they think they were? "Marcus, mate... I'm sorry that they did this to you. I'm not sure why they think that any of this shit is okay, but I promise you. I'm not gonna take any crap from them lying down. Last time, we chose to avoid a fight with them. Next time, I'm not gonna let them get off so easy. By the time I'm done with them, they'll go and turn themselves in on their own to get away from me."

Marcus's question catches Daxter of guard as he uncomfortably stares around at everyone. Was it alright for him to tell Marcus? Daxter was inclined to do so without caring about what any of the others thought. Marcus did open himself up to the rest of the group and was being openly honest to them, after all. And the bottle was his discovery, anyway. He looks at Pyra. "Pyra, love. You mind showing Marcus the bottle? We found this bottle in Sahra Town this morning. There's a Pokemon trapped inside and they managed to get our attention. Apparently, the bottle keeps teleporting to the town and even though it's placed in a fairly obvious place, nobody can see it. They say that their name is Hoopa and that they can be let out of the bottle in Mystery Dungeons, and asked us to take them with us so that they can get some time out of their prison. We don't quite trust them yet, so we haven't let them out just yet. But they did say they were strong and that they'd help us out in return if we do. I think this might be the best time to let them out, in all honesty. If Machamp went Primal like you say he has, Hoopa might be of some help. And I don't want to wait till we get to Machamp just in case Machamp doesn't give us the opportunity to let Hoopa out. And if Hoopa decides to fuck us over, I'd rather not have to deal with both Hoopa and Machamp at the same time. I mean, Hoopa could wait to do it after we get to Machamp, but I think we should probably risk it. Really could help. And I'd be lying if I said that I didn't want a look at this djinn in the bottle.

And uh, is there anyway to snap a Pokemon who went Primal out of it without hurting them too much? If Machamp was pushed into that state by someone else, I don't want to hurt him. It wouldn't be his fault for attacking us. He was plenty friendly when we paid him to build our place for us so I don't really want to hurt him. Yet, anyway."
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(04-06-2021, 05:17 AM)no one Wrote:

Pyra visibly deflated at Dax's vow of retribution, her predictions becoming depressingly and distressingly true right before her eyes as he ranted about T.A.'s 'wrong' doings. She had hoped her call for peace and assurance would have placated such onerous desires (or at least blunted them), but the aquatic salamander dashed those entirely in his case. Looks like she has to plan and handle for confrontations between him and their fellow Guild mates, or refine her ideas and approaches to keep trying to convince him that starting/perpetuating conflict was NOT the solution. *Sighs*.....

His request is meet with a quizical look from the she-demon, before she took out Hoopa's Bottle and displayed it for the bones craftsmon. She let him handle the explanation (as she was not in a talkative mood), only voicing her agreement at letting the djin out. Decidedly less of interest was trying to 'save' Machamp from a possible Primal Reversion, but she did her best to keep her apathy and disdain from showing at the prospect and continued keeping quiet, knowing any sensible argument to not help their likely enemy and just do their jobs would be either ignored or violently rejected. Perhaps if she were in charge of the group for this Job she could enforce such decisions as her right as Leader, but that time was not now.
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Marcus is rather confused at first about Daxter's explanation about Hoopa, but doesn't comment until Pyra's taken out the bottle and set it down.

.jpg   Questioning Cubone.JPG (Size: 8.75 KB / Downloads: 25)

"There's a pokemon trapped in that thing?  It looks like a normal bottle to me, albeit a rather...ornate one.  How do you...?"

They know because I told them!  Hehehehe!  Hello there!  Marcus, right?

.jpg   Shocked Cubone.JPG (Size: 8.9 KB / Downloads: 25)

"It talks!?"

Of course I talk!  I'm a pokemon after all, just like you!  My, my, how couldn't see this bottle before strange...

.jpg   Questioning Cubone.JPG (Size: 8.75 KB / Downloads: 25)

"Uh...okay...I assume that's Hoopa?"

In the flesh!  Er...bottle, actually.  And I really would like to get out of this thing ASAP!  I can't help you if I'm stuck in here, and I definitely can't get stronger while I'm trapped either!  I really don't know why you're being so cagey about this when you can just put me back in the bottle at any time.

"Well...I wasn't expecting that...but if you're sure that they're gonna go back on their word..."

Of course I won't!  Djinn's honor!

.jpg   Neutral Cubone.JPG (Size: 8.77 KB / Downloads: 26)

"Right...well, if we're going up against a Primal, we are probably going to need all the help we can get.  And you bring up a good question about them, Daxter.  Yes, Primals can be calmed down.  It's quite difficult to do so, as it usually involves defeating them in battle.  Sometimes you can calm them down by removing the source of what caused the reversion in the first place as well.  I've heard the most famous example of a Primal state being reversed was when a duo of pokemon from the Grass Continent changed the Legendary Dialga back to normal by restoring the flow of time.  I don't know how they did it, but if they can save a Legendary pokemon from their base instincts, I think we can probably manage to do similar with Machamp."

Dialga?  Oh, you mean that Dialga!  Ah man, that's bringing up all sorts of memories of fun times I've had with them.

"Wait, you know Dialga, Hoopa?"

Weeeeeelllll...yes and no.  It's complicated.  Let's just say that I have just a tiny fraction of their power at my disposal...

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Well, let me out of this bottle, and I'll be more than happy to show you!
Kogeki had a few seconds in silence...and then spoke. "Anyone else had a feeling of mistrust after what Hoopa said? Because I am."

"But anyway. Yeah, it is a Pokemon seal inside a bottle. For some reason this sounds even more weird when I say that out loud. You should try shake his bottle Marcus. He loves it." Kogeki makes a serious face when he said those words.

"...It's a joke. Don't do it. It's nauseating for him for some reason. But it's a good convincing mechanism in case he do funny things against us."
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How would you like it if someone shook you around like a rag doll?  That's what doing that to this bottle while I'm in it feels like!  And absolutely do not do that!  Being confined to this small space is bad enough as it is!

"I'll take your word for it..."

Good.  Now is someone going to let me out of this bottle or not?
"Yeah... don't do that. Even if Hoopa was the worst of the worst, I'm not gonna beat on a beaten enemy. I'm gonna let Hoopa out now, if nobody else has any problems with that?"
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Kogeki had his kunai prepare just in case. He have little hope to fight a Legendary if Hoopa decide to go wild but he must try at least. "You can open mate."
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