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[Game Thread] Pokerole Mystery Dungeon: Primal Shadows
YEEEEEEEEEE fInaLlY tHey're hEadING To ThaT pArADISe!!1~~\(≧▽≦)/Kee's feeling all jittery along the way, having a hard time tio hide his joyful anticipation over getting to see this splendid-sounding place. He's smiling widely to himself, humms very faintly, and generally looks like a child that is on their way to visit a themepark for the very first time.

Upon arriving... Well, the smol crittercoon swiftly swings his head from one direction to the other to catch as MANY impressions from this place as possible!~ He perks up and waves his bushy tail to the excited yelling of the Pokemon a with the red shaped V on their forehead, follows the group of 'Mon Azumarill waves after, is bold enough to try to catch word of what Scraggy and Gurdurr are conversing about, pricks up his ears to listen to that faint singing comes from (same with the sound of running water from a different direction), and so on and so on... Frankly, Kee wasn't entirely sure what he was expecting of this foreshadowed 'Paradise', but in his view, with all the friendly Pokemon here and there and beautiful presentation, he's utterly convinced that this place DOES deserve to be called a paradise indeed, ahahaha!~

Quote:(...) Quagsire looks the two newcomers over with an impressively neutral expression.
"The Sand Continent, hmmmmm?  I see.  Well, they are more than welcome here so long as they don't cause any trouble.  I am Quagsire, the team organizer and manager for Paradise, and communications liaison for the HAPPI organization.  So what brings your team to the Mist Continent, hmmmmm?" (...)

Quagsire's impressively neutral expression is met by Ziggy Kee with an overjoyed toothy smile, his stance immediately raising up with bristled fur and all to give off a flawless first impression of himself towards the aquatic fella. "Pleased t'meet ya there, Quagsire!~!" Kee raises his head up high, displaying obvious pride - nope, he's not gonna get annoyed nore bored to repeating for the n-th time why he's here, ever, ahaha!~ If only, it increases his desire to complete this mission sucessfully. "Nat gonna cause any trouble for ya, nar for this paradisiac place, dontcha worry 'bout that! *taking a deep breath* What's bringing dear-us over to yar continent is 'n important mission laid into Team OS's gentle paws, instructed on us by the guildmaster of Delphox's Adventurer's Guild themselves. And while we're here... Weeeell, we've came to the right time 't seems, as we've JUST heared 'bout y'all missing someone 'mportant - y'all's dear Sue, right?... Ya can be SURE AS HECK that I'mma keep not one but two eyes open for any clue 'f her whereabout. Gotta help where I can, whom I can, an' see what adventure may unfold."
"Anything can be art. Anything can be self-expression. Now take your weapon and run with it"
- Gerard Way

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