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[Game Thread] Pokerole Mystery Dungeon: Primal Shadows
(01-20-2024, 02:55 PM)Dragonstrike Wrote:

Kogeki sights in agreement. "I suppose I was not the only one. My sleep also was not the best, based in what we see yesterday."

Kogeki also agreed with Zeraora. "If there is something I learn from the mission, despite all bad things happen, its important to have hope. We gonna find Kyurem and Raikou. Team Omega Seekers AND Team Night Wardens will make sure of that. And the people responsible for what happen received the justice they deserve." Kogeki punch get some Ghost-type energy to show his determination to both Zeraora and Lady Twintales. "This is something I can assure both of you."

Kogeki did a Keirei bow to both of them, with two paws close to his chest:

"I know you both have a lot to discuss and I dont want to be bothersome company, so I will take my leave. If you two need something just ask. Despite everything, I wish you both a good day."

Then Kogeki takes his leave and wait everyone finish what they want to discuss and move on to the Paradise.
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Everyone makes their way to Paradise, and they're greeted by Quagsire at the entrance.

"Hmmmm, I see everyone is here now.  Haxorus has been waiting for you.  Guilmaster Delphox arrived last night as well, hmmmmm.  Follow me."

Braixen gives Quagsire a questioning look, seeming to find something that he said a little strange, but doesn't immediately say anything.

Quagsire leads everyone to the northern end of Paradise, where a small house stands in the middle of the large plot of land.  Haxorus can be seen talking with the Guildmaster, the two of them sitting on piles of hay that have been laid out in a circle.  Keldeo and Emolga are there as well, whispering among themselves.

Delphox notices everyone wandering into the area first.  "Ah, there you all are.  It is good to see you all unharmed."  Her eyes briefly dart to Braixen, whose ears flatten as she looks away from the older fox.  Her gaze also briefly lingers on Platina, and the shiny birdy almost feels like...there's something more to the Guildmaster that she couldn't sense before.  She can't quite place a talon on what it is, though...

"Alright, everyone take a seat.  We've got a lot to discuss.  Quagsire, kindly make sure that we don't have any surprise visitors or eavesdroppers."

"Hmmmmm, very well."

Quagsire takes up a position at one of the paths on the edge of the area, making sure to have a good vantage point of all the possible entrances.

Everyone then finds a seat, and the discussion begins.

"Right then.  To start with, one of the more immediate issues: how long you were all gone for.  I was under the impression that you would be back in maybe 2 days.  3 at most.  The Great Glacier is a pretty far off place, after all.'s been a week.  A bit strange if you ask me."

Strange Happenings: I Saw Something Again... - PMD: Explorers of T/D/S

This comment from Haxorus immediately gets everyone from Paradise, the Expedition Society, and the Adventurers' Guild talking.

"A week?  No, that can't be right!  We were only in the Glacial Ruins for a day at most!  ...right?"

"Maybe I messed something up with the Entercards?  It's possible they could have warped space-time..."

"A week?!  Ampharos, why didn't you tell me that yesterday?"

"You sounded tired, Dedenne.  I didn't want to worry you further.  You needed to get some rest."

"Maybe so, boss, but strange things are happening.  You know what happened last time..."


Everyone quiets down as Haxorus clears his throat.

"As strange as this is, we have more pressing concerns right now I hear.  And we have guests that I hear have some insight on the movements of involved parties.  Madame Twintales and Zeraora, yes?"


Zeraora just grunts in acknowledgement.

"Would you mind filling us in on how your masters seem to be involved?"

"Certainly.  I am a disciple of Master Kyurem, a seer training to see the future as clearly as they can.  Master Kyurem appears to have foreseen these recent events, events that I could not perceive, and has seemingly made moves to account for them."

"The directions to find the Obsidian and Ivory Peaks if I remember correctly.  And what about you, Zeraora?"

"I am a guardian of Lord Raikou's domain.  Though in that task, I have seemingly failed.  Lord Raikou was spirited away by an unknown, shadowy power that had taken over one of the Forces of Nature.  I must find Lord Raikou as soon as possible."

" the all-seeing Legend has hidden themselves away, and another has been kidnapped by an unknown force."  Haxorus looks at Team Raiders next.  "And you three.  The legendary team Raiders, yes?  How'd you all get wrapped up in this?"

"Guildmaster Delphox asked us to investigate the cause of the strange storms that have been increasing in frequency and intensity lately.  Our investigations gave us cause to believe that they were originating from the Island of Storms just south of the Water Continent."

"We ended up gettin' separated once we got there.  Then this lot all showed up."

"And were it not for them, I believe we would have met a very grim fate indeed.  The island challenged us in many ways that we were not expecting."

"Like that giant Sandaconda Keldeo and Emolga mentioned to me, right?"

"Yes, pokemon like that.  There was an unusual number of Monster Houses on the island as well."

Delphox appears to be deep in thought as she ponders all of this.  "...and yet, they aren't the most worrying things you encountered, are they?"

Gallade shakes his head.  "No, we encountered something far worse, far more foreboding.  Landorus, the Spirit of the Land and Emobodiment of Summer, had been corrupted by the shadowy energy that was looming over the island like a dark, ominous cloud.  I was barely able to hold him off until your guild's members arrived."

Delphox nods, glancing briefly at Braixen, Team Night Wardens, and team Omega Seekers.  "Very brave of them to aid you in fighting a Legendary pokémon."

"It would not have been possible without them, ma'am."

Delphox nods thoughtfully, seeming to make a note of that.

Haxorus looks to Teams Omega Seekers and Night Wardens next.  "I'd like to hear your takes on what happened in that fight.  And what happened afterwards, if you don't mind.  If you know anything that might help us determine a course of action, now would be the time to tell us."

All eyes are on the Bronze ranked teams, the air tense with anticipation.

Guildmaster Delphox is looking at Platina thoughtfully again.


Platina can tell that the Guildmaster knows something.  Even with as little as they told her last night, the Guildmaster still knows...

...but knows what?

And is it related to that feeling she had earlier?  That there's more to the Guildmaster than meets the eye?

The Guildmaster nods to Platina, then turns her attention back to the group as a whole.

Time to report what happened, and hopefully figure out a plan for what to do next.
"It would not have been possible without them, ma'am."
"It would not have been possible without them, ma'am."
"It would not have been possible without them, ma'am."

"It would not have been possible without them, ma'am."

These are words that ring back in Kee's mind, and words that fill him with a...sense of pride and accomplishment that he doesn't think he has felt ever since he became a Pokemon. Heck, he doesn't even know whether he has ever felt that proud as a human before! Granted though, the memories of his past human life are foggy and very scarce, but so far he greatly enjoys the benefits and open doors that are coming by being a 'Mon instead. Kee cannot help but to smile in response over that compliment, giving Rhyperior a coy look and a whispered ''T-thanks, coming from a high-ranked Adventurer like you are... That means a lot to me... Thanks, really~" Maybe, just maybe, he made a small babystep closer to his goal of becoming a valued and famous Adventurer of the Guild by aiding Team Raiders on the fight against Shadow-y Lando. His fur bristles and he's getting the Pokemon-equivalent of goosebumps as he thinks about that.

How they've been away A WEEK though - that's coming of a suprise, a huge one (in a bad sense), he could have sworn it WASN'T that long that they've been away. Perhaps though it was due to them having been... Yeah right, it could have been because... It MUST have been because of that, that's the only explanation that Kee's mind can come up with.

He coughs briefly. "Uhm, yeah about that we've been 'way so long 'n caused ya concern... Sorry for that. Must be related with how we ended up bein' trapped in da so-called 'Mirror World', and only managed to 'scape it during our battle to free Lando from that nasty shadow energy pesterin' him." Then suddenly, Kee shivers, and looks alarmed as he remembered something: "And it looks like that *redacted curses* shadow energy is growing stronger an' is infesting MORE Legendaries just as we speak! It's nat like it's giving us lotsa time to think or recharge, oh boi damnit..." It is now where Kee would explain what they've witnessed among Ho-Oh and Rayquaza just shortly after they've 'defeated' (read: 'Freed from the shadow-y energy') Lando, having caused them all to quickly flee the scene. (Note, this can also happen after Platina has given that report of what happened)
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A week?

"Maybe some sort of time-dialation shenanigans are goin' on as well?" Karen shrugs, clearly not confident in her suggestion. Aside from that, Karen doesn't have much to directly add, considering she already told Delphox the main thing she wanted to relay from Xatu.
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Kogeki was quite nervous about the information in how they take a entire week to return. "Must be a side effect of the Mirror World, since we had to fight Landorus there. Its just like Team Raiders mentioned: We enter the continent, and there was a huge infestation of strong Pokemon. And we also face Landorus, which was a fierce battle by itself. But before that happen, my team and I fight a fierce battle against Thundurus, who was also control by that "Shadow" energy. And we were witness to a battle between Rayquaza and Ho-Oh. We barely escape. Without Keldeo help, we would not escape alive in that battle."

Kogeki exchange a look with Keldeo, trying to see if he see the message he left with Swana. After a second, he once again look at Delphox. "And thats my report ma'am."
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Daxter shrugs at the time passing. Somehow, that's the least of his issues. But he does have other things to report, however. "Ah, Delphox. Ma'am. Guildmaster. We went to the Thunder Forest because we caught wind that Braixen might be there, so we followed in to help. Turns out she did need help because the Thundurus did... something to the Raikou in that forest so we had to work together to beat the Thundurus. After that... Well, we met up with all the others in the Island of Storms because apparently whatever happened to Thundurus was also happening to Landorus so we went over there to set them straight too. But...

Well, Landorus was powerful. Extremely powerful. We managed to beat them, but pretty much right after we managed that, more Shadow Pokemon showed up. There was this huge rainbow bird... We managed to get out but it attacked Landorus and Enamorus. I... don't have a bleeding clue if they're still alive.

I have to say, though. Braixen was definitely onto something! She sniffed out a place where something bad was gonna go down and went to investigate. And she can hold her own in a fight too. Those Fire Spins are mighty useful."
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(02-03-2024, 04:33 PM)Dragonstrike Wrote:

(Sorry for the wait guys, but you know what they say about time getting away from you... Also, I feel asleep for a bit, so things got delayed even more. Doh!)

For the sake of brevity and not dragging things out further, I shall employ an old classic - The Bullpoint Summary!

- Platina is rather unnerved by the sudden and unexplained new interest her Guild Master has in her AND the mere glimmer of Insight she has about them. She does her best to keep it off her face as the meeting goes on, however - only an amatuar or the truly open hearted lets others divine their thoughts so easily, even when surprised!

- The reveal that it took the Groups an entire Week to complete their Missions....didn't really phase Platina all that much. For one, she doesn't have much of a frame of reference when it comes to usual Missions and Jobs, so the one she's been given being extraordinary in multiple ways fails to catch her off guard since she had zero expectations in the first place. For the other, the shiny bird is taking especial care to manage her reactions, since this is a both A) A fairly important meeting that will determine the future of a LOT of the Group Members, and B) None of them really could afford to let certain things slip if they could help it (Not that Delphox's Insight is helping that any, oh dear...) .

- She briefly glances at Gallade when he 'up-plays' her Group's contributions during the later half of their given Quest, but doesn't react any more overtly. Internally she's both pleased with the recognition by a 'Elite and Veteran Explorer', but she's also frustrated that such a spotlight could Illuminate things she'd rather stay in the dark. Too much attention or the wrong kinds is bad, after all...

- Platina cordially returns Delphox's nod, the very picture of prim and proper. Internally, though, she's freaking out over the revelation that they know something, either about her or the group at large. Or both, worse case scenario. Oh by the Dragon Gods why does she have to deal with Intrigue of all things as an Adventurer?!

- Kee gets a scolding glare for offering an 'unplanned' / unrehearsed take on their Mission (outwardly looking like they dislike getting interrupted from speaking herself) , but given that he doesn't say anything sensitive or incriminating she doesn't try to shut him up. He'll be getting a mild scolding later for this, though, oh for sure!

- Kogeki's succinct summary of events gets a nod from Platina. Giving all necessary highlights without going too much into the sorts of details that could earn them all unwanted scrutiny, and leaving plenty of wiggle room for her to give a more 'complete' review of events. Nice one, good sir!

- Platina is quick to Sing praises for Braixen too, clearly outlining her 'impeccable thoughtfulness and swift execution' in Combat against Landerous and how well they worked together with such disparate Groups as OS and NW, and on such short notice as that. As for why she did so....well, let's just say that Platina has her suspicions about the Guild Leader's ward and that she holds quite a bit of empathy for them due to...other factors.

- As for The Explanation ® that Platina gives.... well, she more or less gives a flowery, verbose, but thorough overview of the events, leaving out all the 'Incriminating/Oh Dear' stuff we mentioned in the Meta Thread, save for one important thing - The Sky Plate. The reason being is that, not having the chance to talk to Team Raiders prior to the meeeting and attempt to request they keep quiet about It, she doesn't want to leave that out and immediately get questioned raised by them for doing so. That, and their is no guarantee they didn't disclose that info already to somebody else before her Group joined the meeting, and as a spur of the moment calculated ploy to focus the Guild Master's attention on THAT in an effort to distract them from other possibilities. She doesn't mention the Dream she had after becoming 'It's Holder' - she tries to downplay how significant her Role is, as well as the potential Divine Power It holds - nor does she show it off, citing that she doesn't want to show it off least 'predatory eyes and ears' catch wind of It, and requests everyone tries not to share information about The Plate's existence in general.

"The Plate's defense is best aided if the entire World remains ignorant of it - anonymity is ever powerful tool if wield correctly, and it helps expose those that do know of Them, both rightfully and less so." is what she has to say about her opinions on the matter. 

- Concerning the Explanation itself, anything her Special Shininess Bonus + Allure/Etiquette Roll + Goodish Instinct couldn't help? She'd try to be Cool and even-headed about how she tells things too, if that helps!

- That should be it, but it should be Noted that Platina is being very Keen Eyed about how everyone is reacting to the various Reveals and Info Dumps going on, with Delphox obviously taking up a large chuck of her attention but also minding how Quagsire, Gallade, Keldeo, Zeraora, and Haxorus react. Knowledge and Insight ain't her strong points, but she's been taught that being aware of other Mons in general is key to success in many a thing and can lead to all sorts of discoveries...
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