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Pokemon Anime
(04-15-2020, 11:04 AM)no one Wrote: And because of that habit of forgetting everything I really doubt they'd bring Greninja back either xD. I doubt they'd have a problem bringing Bulbasaur back because they're morons.

Thats something I force to agree with ya. Its because of the fact they forget things pretty old, so I thinking it is more easy for them bring back recently Pokemon to make a appearance. So I trying to keep my hopes on Greninja.

And also because Greninja its a heck ya cool Pokemon. It was my choice of Pokemon in Dragonstrike Mount Coronet Campaigh,
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As I said somewhere here before, I haven't really followed the anime since the aughts. A sprinkling of the episodes barred in America (such as the infamous episodes Electric Soldier Porygon and Legend of Dratini) since then and more recently, Mewtwo Strikes Back--Evolution, but the anime doesn't really appeal to me as much as the games for some reason.
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