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Nuclear Paher Egg needed. That's possible, right?
As the title states, for my play through, due to the way I play Pokemon games, I'll be requiring a nuclear Pahar. I know it's a Mystery Gift, but if you bred one, wouldn't it hatch into another nuclear one? I need A fire-nuclear type, and that's the only one in the game. I'll have to totally rethink my team if one can't be bred. So... Is it possible? And if so, would anyone be willing to take the time to breed one egg (modest if you can spare the effort to control the nature, please. If not, I can try breeding another myself from the egg) then trade it to me?
I've checked the wiki again, and that's apparently not the case. So, next best thing: does anyone still have a nuclear Pahar, or have used multiple saves to get multiples of it? If so, what5 would you require for me to trade for one? I could even trade a legendary, since I could use a second save.

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