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Pokerole Compedium: Roleplaying Forums
Howdy people! I most okay. Since things are been slow in the campaighs I participate, I decided to post something here based in it! Alright, lets get started.

Many people are already aware, but in these forums there is the Roleplaying Forums. They are where most of the members do their Roleplaying stuff in the Pokemon world. I will try to situate you people about it. 

Alert there might be spoilers of the ending Mount Coronet ending.

Until now, there 4 Campaighs: Skull Ruins, Celadon City, Mount Coronet Mystery and Primal Shadows. These campaighs obviously happen in the Pokemon world, but in different universes or timelines from the games. Yeah, Pokemon Uranium is included.

The first campaigh is the Skull Ruins. This campaigh is set on a new region called Cheshire where we see the adventures of 4 Characters: Vincent, Ventus, Nathan and Shiva. They all belong to the members of the forums: Dies Irare (Vincent), Lord Windos (Ventus), Dragonstrike (Nathan) and PhantomUnderYourDesk (Shiva). They are pretty different to each other with strong personalities. With the pass of the time, some characters leave the campaigh and others join like Valder, Spira and, mine Heart! The goal of this campaigh is uncover the mystery behind a place called the Skull Ruins, where tragedies and events happen, and face many kinds of challenges too, such as the mysteries mages Scimitars and other powerful enemies. This campaigh 09-04-2017, by Iron (yes, three years ago) and still active today.

The second campaigh is Celadon City, set in one of the cities of the original games. Here, we see the adventures in the eyes of a Team Rocket Grunt called Reiner Arendense, while he walk in his path in become one of Team Rocket Admins. Here, we see him meet all kind of people, some of them with questionable morals. And other with good intentions such as Mina, the character artist who belong to Phantom. And much later in the campaigh, another grunt join in this crazy adventure who act as Reiner bodyguard. The crazy hater of humanity, Arial Copycat! Despite be hired to act as Reiner bodyguard, he bring to the superior grunt, a lot of pain. With kicks included and Nuclear Pokemon chases! This campaigh started 24-07-2017 by the user Lord Windos, and ended in 30-05-2019.

The third Campaigh was Mount Coronet Mystery. Strange events happen all around Sinnoh Region. With mysterious walls appear in all places of the region. And Wild Pokemon becoming more aggresive toward trainers. In this adventure, we see 4 characters hired by Professor Rowan to uncover what the hell is happening in Mount Coronet, the center of all these bizarre phenomenon: The Blackmist Randolph, the heterocromic trainer Karen, the musician Kee, and the Tsukinami Ninja Kogeki. These three have some sort of connection to this phenomenon, one way or another. And they need to act together as a team to discover the dark secrets inside Mt. Coronet, and save the region. This campaigh started in 06-06-2019 by the user Dragonstrike and ended in 15-03-2020.

The fourth and new campaigh is Primal Shadows, by Dragonstrike. This campaigh is set after the ending events in Mount Coronet. Karen, Kee and Kogeki ended up in a different universe, taking the forms of Pokemon, and they are now set on a journey to save both universes from the danger of Darkness. For this journey, they have other friend: Pyra the Devimp and Daxter the Charmander. This campaigh started in 06-04-2020 and continue until today.

And these is the campaighs until the moment. See you all later!
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Melting Primals with Kogeki!
Wow, three years??
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(05-21-2020, 12:22 PM)Iron Wrote: Wow, three years??

Yeah. And still active today. Time is wild isn't?
Beating ghosts with Heart!
Melting Primals with Kogeki!

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