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Documenting my process of learning digital drawing
Here's also a catified Raptorch that I drew yesterday and don't want to withheld of this board.

[Image: 001.png]

They're just a calico cat, but their fur is brown-black-orange instead of orange-black-white. That's actually not possible due to how the genetics create that unique fur pattern on a calico cat, but eh. Artist's freedom, I guess.
[Image: 455-4552690_kittens-clipart-calico-calic...ground.png]
"Anything can be art. Anything can be self-expression. Now take your weapon and run with it"
- Gerard Way

[Image: tumblr_ojj74xpbFJ1vh0d58o1_540.png]
Edit as of 25th of February '23

The previous post contained a quoted post from a spam bot that is banned already, so I deleted that one. And, uhm, this is a personal reminder to update this thread of mine soon, it's on my written list of things to do as well. Hoo boy, did I continue developing my skill in digital drawing in a positive way - another confirmation that while I wasn't that much of a good student, I'm sort of skilled on autodidactic learning (IF I'm passionate about what to learn).
"Anything can be art. Anything can be self-expression. Now take your weapon and run with it"
- Gerard Way

[Image: tumblr_ojj74xpbFJ1vh0d58o1_540.png]
Wow, you sound excited!!!
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Update as of 11th March '23

Uh... Nothing really has changed since the last time I've posted here - I'm still slowly developing my skills in digital drawing, I still greatly enjoy downloading all sorts custom brushes+assets from Clip Studio Paint's own database and then barely ever use them, and I am still learning. However, I guess I've gotten somewhat more confident about it all, to a point where I don't look at my attempts of creating a digital artwork and then die of cringe. /half-joking

What also hasn't changed is that it still takes me quite a long time (in my view) to actually finish a drawing, but I feel that that's due to me being picky about my lineart - I redo and redo a lot until I am somewhat satisfied with a brush stroke - and need to clean up the finished lineart before I can actually get to the colors.
It might take longer than necessary, quite probably so, but I've realized that for myself that's the way I can create lineart in the most comfortable way. I've also experimented with various brushes for the actual lineart, and have found some favorite ones.

In the following example - a Jerbolta drawn for EeveeBailey's discord server themed about Uranium art - I've used a brush that was deemed an anime-lineart-brush by whoever shared it in the Assets. I've also attempted to emulate Ken Sugimori's way of coloring and shading.

I've got to admit that I...haven't really drawn anything major as of lately, with 'lately' being the past two months or so. Haven't had the energy or mindset to do so. Spent more time on necessary errands (or rather, writting them up and sorting them), comfort coloring (if I remember, I'll share that here), and gaming - started a new save in Cult of the Lamb where I want to try a different approach on leading and decorating my cult (on that note, I'm hyped af for Relics of the Old Faith!!1) and Pokemon Flux has shared the very first playable content as in V.1.0. I've also started a new precribed nighttime medicamentation that I had to get used to at first, and my pollen allergy is flaring up as always during early spring.

But I DO have sketches and ideas that I want to work on further, with one of them trying out making the lineart on vector layers - the brush I usually use for the lines has a more or less fixed width, but via vectors I can wary it; useful for lining fur and creating depth. To give it a try I'd like to draw the following own character/sona of a DID system I am acquainted with via discord:

This is NOT my character, I simply would like to draw fanart of that one as I've got a big soft spot for the topic of duality displayed on characters.

Sometime earlier during the week, I've done some lineless vent art one night, featuring a pokepasta character and glitch brushes/filter. And some rainbow-y stained glass images for the background. Sorry if all the colors hurt the eye.

That's all for now. Shoutout to two of my main inspirational artists online, both for their art/own characters and how they've become amazing artists despite their mental health issues:
"Anything can be art. Anything can be self-expression. Now take your weapon and run with it"
- Gerard Way

[Image: tumblr_ojj74xpbFJ1vh0d58o1_540.png]
Me: tries to view last picture as a stereogram (may cause eyestrain)

The pictures/sketches all look pretty good!
[Image: Z1abhmj.png]

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