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Documenting my process of learning digital drawing
@Lord Windos, mind to clear your inbox pretty please? I just wanted to send you something but was met with the error that your PM quota has been reached.
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"Anything can be art. Anything can be self-expression. Now take your weapon and run with it" [Gerard Way]
--Windos is my OTP ❤---
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Update as of 20th May '23

I meant to try out drawing lineless using a watercolor-ish brush I've downloaded from the Clip Studio Assets, taking the current Pokemon of the Month on the Creators Collective as a model. I...certainly enjoyed doing quite a lot on the whim and just how I felt like it, it's nice for some random drawings just because. But it's obviously and too much of a break in my regular way and style of drawing.

Speaking on drawing and doodling stuff on the whim and just because, last Thursday I found myself drawing an adoptable I got in, like, early 2019 according to my sketchbook (At least that's the earliest dated doodle of it I found.). It's still one I cherish and hold dear as it's actually a design by one of my biggest inspirational artists online.
I might or might not put in more effort and actually digitalize and color that sketch - that'd be one thing I'd certainly find easier than coloring it manually, I don't think I even HAVE that many various shades of pink and purple in markers to properly do so.
"Anything can be art. Anything can be self-expression. Now take your weapon and run with it" [Gerard Way]
--Windos is my OTP ❤---
`❤★`°・:*:・。[Image: jzf7aa]。・:*:・゚’★❤`
Update as of 20th May '23 - Art fight, Eeveelutions and ClipStudioPaint 2.0!~

Uh... Been a bit since I've updated this. Either way, got news!

First of, after quite a while Clip Sudio Paint V.2.0 has been released in the meantine! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Actually I'm on V.2.1.2 by now even!! My bought lisence of V.1 hasn't been supported anymore, which meant I needed to pay a small fee - users who bought a V.1 before got a huge discount - to properly upgrade and acticate to the latest version. The whole progress was...not that optimal and sort of more complicated than necessary (or at least it was so to my brain), but eventually I made it work.

What especially caught my attention of V.2 is some new feature called 'Shading Assist', which allows you to sort of auto-shade a flat-colored drawing. Or moer like gives you a reference where exactly shadings and lightnings can/might go. This sounded highly intriguing and useful to me, given I, uh, still struggle to properly and fully understand where exactly the shading and highlighting go to achieve a realistic and natural look. It's not a replacement for shading, definitely not - duh, it's only a helpful tool. One that I'm eager to give more uses.
Resource A for using Shading Assist
Resource B for using Shading Assist

In fact, I've already very roughly gave that tool a try - when creating drawings for annual Art Fight! I've been away for like the first week of July so I couldn't join right away when the event started, but somehow I was kinda hyped to participate when I haven't in like two or three years. Especially since now I could do both; practicing digital art WHILE ALSO creating cool gift art! I joined Team Vampire, by the time of writing this blog post I dunno yet which team won. But eh, me feels vampires are much more cool than werewolves.

For this year's Art Fight I aimed to only concentrate on creating attacks (aka gift art) of either feline, sparkleanimal and Eeveelution characters, with them being from people I know via discord or who I follow on twitter/X as being highly optimal.

.......In the end, I didn't get to create as many drawings as I potentially wished to or managed to. But that's...alright, I am trying to not be too hard on myself there or beat myself up too much due to this. Like, I have a fulltime job, I'm more often then not mentally exhausted, I'm super-picky about my artworks and tend to get lost in details, executive dysfunction is a thing etc. - I highly admire those people who create like a LOT of attacks and/or attacks featuring MULTIPLE characters. I happen to just not be one of these people. Plus near the end of Art Fight as a huge shady issue came to light, where donations to the site went into the owners pockets and the mods working for free, which resulted in many mods quitting (as far as I know, it's been resolved now though, and the owner quitted and transfered ownership) - which kinda killed my eager to participate in the event more... But that doesn't mean that I created nothing, I'm actually very lowkey proud of the drawings/attacks I did create! They're attached to this post, safer and easier than uploading and linking/embedding them (since art theft is a thing), even at the cost of having to reduce the file size.
Basically, that's what perfectly summs up my art fight experience:
[Image: 20230810_214330.jpg]

Plus, it was very enjoyable to work on these digital drawings while re-listening to a Harry-Potter-podcast by a german Youtuber (where she analyzes and humorously comments on five minutes of the first movie in each episode) and follow missed streams by my newly-discovered favorite VTubers of Hololive English (timezones prevent me from being present when they actually go live).

Now for what to do or draw next... I'm probably going to figuratively lean back and follow some activities/hobbies besides drawing that kinda have been left hanging as of lately. Like, reading some new manga volumes or an English graphic novel, play some games - I really should check in on my cult in Cult of the Lamb, or do some dungeoncrawling in Explorers of Skies - and if any, do some comfort drawings. Promised to create the new boss icons for Primal Shadows, so that's the next art thing I wish and want to tackle. I've like said it once, twice, multiple times and be still amazed af by it every single time, but it's still baffling to me how much progress in drawing I made: Basically I never ever dabbled into digital art as I found it way too complicated an overwhelming, and now I greatly enjoy it. It's all autodidactically acquired, somewhat and mildly proves that I DO have a talent for autodidactic learning if the topic intrests me and/or I am passionate about something.

That's all for now!~ In the following are my art fight attacks/drawing.
Explicit trigger warning for some blood and healed sh scars on the Umbreon character on the second image, but according to the owner of the character they inevitably belong to the character aka please do not remove them.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
"Anything can be art. Anything can be self-expression. Now take your weapon and run with it" [Gerard Way]
--Windos is my OTP ❤---
`❤★`°・:*:・。[Image: jzf7aa]。・:*:・゚’★❤`
EDIT: Fixed some spelling and grammar errors in the above post. Edited in a meme I knew I had saved or marked somewhere, went anxious when I forget where it was during writting the post, then found it back out of the blue. It was in the gallery of my phone. All along.

Comfort drawing sketched out and scanned by now. Started working on the icons for PrimalShadow.
"Anything can be art. Anything can be self-expression. Now take your weapon and run with it" [Gerard Way]
--Windos is my OTP ❤---
`❤★`°・:*:・。[Image: jzf7aa]。・:*:・゚’★❤`
Update as of sometine at the End of October'23 - Enjoying the spooky art season my way~

[Image: 1026723221132816384.webp?size=96&quality=lossless][Image: 1026723207476170762.webp?size=96&quality=lossless]

It's spooky art season with Halloween just around the corner, and I'm here typing this stuff up while sipping iced tea and occassionally snacking on some Reese's pieces. ...Actually lemme repeat that, it's spooky art season yay!~ Now guess who hasn't drawn like one thing for inktober, nuketober, spooktober or any other various annual art events.
There are so many many variations of the original inktober floating around online, with prompt lists to match almost anything one can imagine. You can even create your very own personal list! I guess my favorite one is cringetober though:

What I also noticed about me+my art is that somewhat contrary to what dark and emo things I remember drawing in my earlier teenage years, I at times kinda enjoy drawing colorful creatures and sparklefur with lots of details thrown on them just because. When I see a colorful OC from an artist I follow online, I get a subconscious feel like 'I like that, I want to draw that!'. That goes somewhat - or more like kinda to very - contradictionary to pessimistic, introverted and reserved IRL-me who wears all black and preferes not to talk unless needed.

...And that's okay, I guess. Maybe my inner world is a lot more colorful than my view on the outside world, maybe I just enjoy creating artwork to match that, I don't know. But any form of art is nothing more than a means to an end if put in a simplistic way, or as Gerard Way very fittingly once said: "Anything can be art. Anything can be self-expression. Now take your weapon and run with it"
[Image: 20231027_163703.jpg?ex=654fb2f1&is=653d3...606f27287&]
Footage of me when having a desire to draw like ten things at once, but then getting to create exactly zero at the end of the day
Basically I somehow at times feel like
[Image: wgm0d5T.png]

...As of earlier I've colored-in a template from a casual art contest from an UK-based community focusing on mental health and cute stationary to brig some joy in an otherwise scary world, of which I am getting a monthly box of stationary sent. The template was just black outlines + the writing, the vampire frog in the corner was added by me as I missed that character on the template. It was very comforting coloring in the checks and lots of fun playing around with effects of ClipStudioPaint to achieve a spoopy vibe, and I'm very very timidly proud of the finished product.

Here's also a fox base I drew just for me, of which I am planning to make use of to draw some sparkledoggo-ish adopts and OCs from a sfw-furry-artist I follow on twitter/X. He at times posts various various adopts of all vibes, and it's amazing to me how he's able to come up with so different and creative designs just like that.
[Image: foxxxx.png?ex=654f8c85&is=653d1785&hm=d7...a54d505f2&]
Pls don't ask how much research and reference-studying it took me to get that sitting pose to look as natural as possible, because it was A LOT. I struggle to get a four-legged creature in a sitting pose just right with how the legs bend, but me feels I somehow DID get it look natural, as I was told so when I asked for critique on that pose.

That's all for now I guess, Phantom out.

EDIT 1: Pls be safe out there, the world's a very scary and erratic place with basically two wars going on right now in Ukraine and in Palestine.

EDIT 2: It's mildly infuriating how the pumpkin spice you can buy at the stores tastes nothing like the one used at coffee shops, but I still kinda enjoy the one I've bought as an addition to coffee, porridge and basically anything sweet.
"Anything can be art. Anything can be self-expression. Now take your weapon and run with it" [Gerard Way]
--Windos is my OTP ❤---
`❤★`°・:*:・。[Image: jzf7aa]。・:*:・゚’★❤`

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