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Help Banned from GTS

I've been "banned from using online services". I don't understand this. 
Apart from one trade for an Orchinx I've only ever used the GTS to trade between two of my own save files, the second one is banned as well, but regardless all were legal Pokemon. Is the latter not allowed?
I haven't even touched the Wonder Trades.

I did just install God Mode but neither of the Pokemon I was attempting to trade were touched by it and I don't even use my second save anymore that's why I want my Pokemon back from it.

The intended trade was a Legal Nucleon for a Legal Palij (the Palij is the Pokemon on the second file that I want back on my main because it's really good) and so far I've only used God Mode to make two Pokemon Shiny and change one's nature.
I have no idea what God Mode is in relation to this game, but in my experience, that's a pretty common error message that doesn't actually mean anything, and just trying again immediately after works fine most of the time.

Another problem relates to trying to search for highly requested/posted mons. For instance, if you try to search for trades by selecting a Lanthan or Actan of yours, the game will almost always crash because there are tons of dipshits trying to trade lv 2 Cubbugs for Lanthans and the like.

If you try multiple times and it keeps giving you that message, then it's definitely something you're doing, but I highly doubt that it would appear that consistently.
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I just tried to enter again for at least the 3rd time and it's still telling me I'm banned but I've explained my activities and don't see the offense I committed unless it was entering with hacked shinies in my party.
God Mode is basically debug.

EDIT: Three more tries, still being told I'm banned.
(07-30-2020, 12:55 AM)Lucifer Wrote: unless it was entering with hacked shinies in my party.
God Mode is basically debug.
That sure as hell sounds like something that would result in a ban.

If I were to guess, the online features of the game check for edited Pokemon and stop anyone that possess any from accessing those online features. This is to stop people from registering Virtual Trainer teams or online battles with unbeatable Pokemon, or trading them to other people to get them banned without even knowing that they did anything wrong.

Also, given that the trade function can select mons from the PC as well as those in your party, it stands to reason that you'd get banned again even without the hacked mons in your party. Best case scenario is that you could still trade and use online features so long as you never hover over PC boxes containing hacked mons, but even that might be out of the question.
▓ I'm not a pessimist, I'm a realist in a world of misery.  ▓
I see.

I'm not surprised but this still blows.
I would never trade hacked Pokemon even if they were just hacked shiny except to myself, tough as I said the Pokemon I was attempting to trade are both legal and I don't do online battling but I understand that one's word on that can't be trusted.

Welp, Fortunately I can catch a fully evolved Pajay in Victory Road where I am currently grinding for the championship Tornament.

(side note: I just changed the one nature I edited back to what it originally was out of guilt so now my only hacks are shiny status.)

Thank you for the insight TheTainted_Wisdom.
Godmode is grounds for a ban, yes. In a game that has online services, it will always be so.
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