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Happy Anniversary and New Mystery Gift!
Love The sprite of the event Garglyph, to me it certainly points towards Aotius and Mutios. Thanks to all you guys keeping it alive your doing an amazing job.

on a side note found this in my randomizer game

pretty cool but shame it doesn't have a sprite but makes sense since you cant catch it normally. but this i what i think it would look like in its proper nuclear form.

.png   143_2-2.png (Size: 19.87 KB / Downloads: 14)  
.png   143_1 - Copy.png (Size: 3.31 KB / Downloads: 14)

i'l probably make the complete set of sprites for these, so if anyone wants to use them once i'm done feel free, but might take a day or two to do masking and dramasama's normal and shiny sprites. but its just a bit of fun

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