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Pokemon Uranium Unofficial Achievements
Unoffical Uranium Achievments

Any suggestions I like will be added to this list if you suggest ideas and do not see them here they're either too minor or covered by existing ideas

A Fateful Encounter
claim a mystery gift

Good Karma
help a fellow player with a trade evolution

Luck Of The Draw
if another wonder trade event is held participate in the wonder trade event

make a post on the uranium forum

The Dream Team
expert community achievement collect 6 mystery gift pokemon

Got Got Got Need Need Need...
complete a trade with a non player character

Night At The Museum 
visit the tsukinami village museum

Well Equipped
collect all of the HM replacing items

You've Got A Friend In Me
nickname a pokemon

Expect The Unexpected
complete a wonder trade

Express Delivery
complete a trade using the GTS

Its Endgame Now...
finish the main story

A Diamond In The Rough
find a shiny pokemon

I'll Be Back!
rematch the championship

The Power Within
collect all mega stones

Get The Band Back Together
assemble the ninjas

Hidden Potential...
use pokeradar to obtain a pokemons hidden ability

Can You Hear Me Now
rematch and defeat all of the available trainers  through match call

What Is The Matrix...
use virtual trainer at least once

Battle Hungry
participate in a simulator or lobby(upon its repair) for a pokemon battle

Stop To Smell The Flowers
complete the game on 40 frames per second without using the running shoes or bike

Back To Your Senses
use hazma to get a RAD pokemon to obey you

Battle Hardened
ev train a pokemon

The Sound Of Silence...
complete the game without using nucleon

Tandorian Titan
finish the pokedex

breed a 6iv pokemon

Is It Working Now?
reach a chain of 40 with pokeradar

And This Is To Go Even Further Beyond...
train a pokemon to level 100

Good Genes
breed for a beneficial hidden power

I'm Ready Coach!
build a competitive team

A Visit From Lady Luck
777 on slot machine

Mine Sweeper
get to level 8 in voltorb flip

And The Lucky Number is...
get a matching lottery number and win a masterball

A Fine Specimen 
breed a 6iv shiny pokemon with benefital nature

All That Glitters Is Gold
max out your money

One Man Army
beat the championship with a single pokemon

Hammer Time
beat the championship without taking damage

Gotta Catch 'Em All!
complete a living pokedex

Float Like A Butterfly...
Get a perfect score on the ninja EV training punching bags

DayCare Man
breed the dex

Apex Hunter
shiny living dex

One Trick Pony
complete a Monotype run

I Shall Fear No Evil
Complete a challenge mode play through

Little Heroes
complete a little cup run

You Got The Gift Kid...
complete a solo run

You Are The One Neo...
complete a solo run on challenge mode

Professor's Assistant 
complete a Professor Oak Challenge

Over The Rainbow
complete a shiny only playthrough

Unfamiliar Faces
complete a wonderlocke

Until Death Do Us Part
complete a nuzlocke

Hard Mode
complete a challenge mode nuzlocke

Roll The Dice
complete a randomizer

A Game Of Luck And Skill
complete a randomized nuzlocke

Full Combo
Complete a challenge mode randomizer nuzlocke

Destiny Bond
complete a soul link with a friend

List to be added to upon more ideas being submitted
Do replies count? Heck yeah I finished community.
"Pokemon isn't about fun. It's about math. Math and winning!"

- EV trainer guy
A man chooses, a slave obeys...
Beat the Elite Four with only Feral Nuclear-Types

MDB would be proud.
Beat the entire game with a single Pokemon with a stat total of less than 400 or Hazma and without using items in battle (aside from held items)

PIMPNITE would be proud.
Beat a Virtual Trainer with a team composed only of lv1 Pokemon, or by KOing all opposing Pokemon with a Magikarp

Get. In. The. Ball! (or possibly Insult to Injury)
Catch a legendary in a ball that will only have a 1X catch rate for them.

The Truth is out there.
Complete Ripley's Sidequest.

Plausible deniability.
Win a battle only using moves that inflict indirect damage (Toxic, Sandstorm, Curse, etc.)

Just call me Joseph cause I'm...
Win a battle without inflicting any damage or instantly KOing a Pokemon. (no Confuse Ray, Flame Body Burns, Fissure, Destiny Bond, etc. Opposing struggle, confusion, and item damage (from things like Life Orb etc.) are okay.)

Quickdraw McDumbass
Use a Priority move that is ineffective or inflicts no damage to a Pokemon at the start of a battle 3 times in a row.

Wonder Trade Pokemon with at least 4 perfect IVs 50 times.

Why you brazenly avaricious, duplicitious, larcenous ursine!
Steal an item from a Pokemon (Except for one that was tricked onto an opponent)

You just activated my trap card...
OHKO a Pokemon that was at full health with Avalanche, Revenge, Counter, or Mirror Coat after being hit with an attack that inflicted 1/2 your health or more in damage.

Relive Titania once again!
OHKO a Pokemon within 5 levels of you by using Trump Card against it when Trump Card only has 1 PP left.

Why do I hear boss music?...
Encounter and catch Praseopunk/Neopunk for the first time.

This is what happens when you don't socially distance...
Receive a status condition via Static, Flame Body, Poison Point, Poison Touch, or Deep Freeze.

It's spreading!
Trade a Pokemon with Pokerus.

Well that's appropriately ironic...
OHKO a Titanice with the move Glaciate.

Digi- I mean, Mega Evolve into...
Mega evolve every Pokemon with a Mega evolution at least once.

My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined...
View a Barand's stats.
▓ I'm not a pessimist, I'm a realist in a world of misery.  ▓
(08-19-2020, 11:24 PM)eriedaberrie Wrote: Do replies count? Heck yeah I finished community.
I guess I've done community too

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