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Shattered Earth: no one's Pokerole Campaign
(10-01-2020, 12:46 PM)Dragonstrike Wrote:

Alright! If you say you can manage the campaigh and play Shattered Earth with certain, then I trust you. But if things get rough to you, remember that you can put your campaigh in hiatus to manage time okay? Dont overtress yourself.
Beating ghosts with Heart!
Melting Primals with Kogeki!
Day 1 Summary:

  • Spencer (along with his Oshawott named Yasuho) steps off a boat in the Seacrest City Harbour and gets a cab to Acacia Labs so that he can start his internship with Professor Elizabeth Acacia
  • Natalia disembarks from another boat in the same harbour, and has a small altercation with the captain (ending in her Starly named Buster pushing him off his boat and into the harbour) before making her way to Acacia Labs
  • Rex speaks a Doctor named Franklin Acacia at Seacrest General Hospital who points him towards Acacia Labs to find paid work
  • Rex and his Treecko (Blade) get a cab to the lab
  • Doctor Acacia points Rex towards his sister's laboratory on the edge of town so he can get some paying work
  • Rex and Spencer arrive at the lab first, and notice a few scientists struggling with a Zangoose and a Seviper
  • The two of them wait in the waiting room as Professor Acacia is nowhere to be seen
  • Natalia arrives several minutes later, having had to hike through the large seaside city
  • Introductions are made, as a man named Jerry bursts into the waiting room
  • Jerry introduces himself and tells the group that Professor Acacia and her assistant are in Route 1 on a small trip
  • Jerry offers to take them to her
  • The four of them reach the spot where Professor Acacia and her assistant named Q are observing a pair of Pokemon (A Larvus and a Rookidee)
  • Jerry's clumsy approach to life causes the Larvus and Rookidee to go on alert as Professor Acacia notices the three other trainers
  • She asks the trainers a few questions before any two from the four of them (Rex, Spencer, Natalia and Q) to try and catch the two Pokemon
  • Q simply speaks to the Larvus to convince it to join him, while both Rex and Spencer try to do the same with Rookidee
  • Q succeeds, but the Rookidee attacks Q as they fail to convince it
  • Blade manages to intercept Rookidee's attack, and Rex battles it before catching it
  • Q names his new Larvus Tithonus while Rex names his Rookidee Galahad
  • Tithonus and Q's Togepi (Hecate) grow acquainted as Professor Acacia addresses the rest of the group
  • The group slowly makes their way back to the lab whilst conversing with Professor Acacia
  • Natalia asks the Professor if they can speak privately, and she agrees to speak to Natalia at the lab 
  • Upon returning to the lab, the lab's lawn is ruined as the Seviper and Zangoose manage to break free from their bonds and start fighting
  • Q and Spencer fight the Zangoose alongside Professor Acacia's Breloom while Professor Acacia and her Magneton fight Seviper alongside Rex and Natalia to try and subdue them
  • The two Pokemon are knocked out and the group is free to move on
  • Professor Acacia gets everyone some lunch and begins speaking to them
  • She explains that there were mysterious reports from other regions' professors about wild Pokemon openly fighting
  • The benefactor of Acacia Labs, Steven Stone apparently decided to fund an expedition of a small group of trainers who would go around the world to observe the events, help out in any way and report back
  • Spencer and Q are sent on the expedition to get some real world experience, while Rex is there to provide extra muscle and to help out where needed
  • Natalia speaks to the Professor, and explains that she's not sure how she got to Medinia
  • Natalia was apparently examining a shrine in Celebi Park with her Creshirean Delta Houndour (Charlie) in Creshire when she suddenly found herself in an unfamiliar location, with her Houndour nowhere to be seen
  • Professor Acacia is unfamiliar with Creshire, and it is revealed Creshire doesn't exist, so Natalia must be from another reality
  • Professor Acacia explains that the Medinian Celebi is apparently a little more mischievous and a lot of disappearances are reported near the Celebi shrine
  • She also explains that a strange Houndour was sighted near Altheia Village, and directs Natalia to check there
  • Professor Acacia also reveals that the year is 2021, rather than 2038 as Natalia originally thought
  • Natalia agrees to join the group on the research mission
  • While Professor Acacia and Natalia speak, Spencer, Rex and Q all go through a training session with their Pokemon
  • Everyone eventually meets up again as Jerry gives everyone their starting pack of Poke Balls, Potions and their very own Dex Phones
  • Natalia goes for a training session while Spencer and Q rest
  • Rex goes down to the city to explore, before he too rests on a bench in the park
  • Natalia, Q and Spencer eventually go down to the city too
  • Rex finds a trainer to battle in the park, and manages to secure a win, before returning to the lab and going to sleep
  • Q and Spencer split up while Q goes to a candy store to buy a Whipped Dream and Spencer goes to a fashion store to buy Yasuho an orange bow
  • Q and Spencer eventually meet up at the battle facility in the park where Q finds a trainer to battle while Spencer watches
  • Q wins his battle, and he and Spencer make their way back to the lab
  • Natalia explores the city's alleyways, and eventually notices a boy bullying a Grimer that appears to be bigger than normal
  • She scares the boy off, and convinces the Grimer to join her before naming him Sal
  • She makes her way to a Pokemon Center, where she finds a Battle Facility and a trainer to fight
  • She wins, and she too returns to the lab before turning in for the night
I'm no one special. Also, here's a pupper pic:
[Image: image0.jpg]
The server icon for ShatteredEarth has been finished yesterday, enjoy. It features the respective leaders of the groups of Legendaries that are shattering the earth, as requested by Spoder.

I volunteered to work on that, and it's been a good practice for coloring digitally. The lineart isn't mine, it's extracted from some official artworks - the coloring however is, as I didn't like the shading in these artworks.

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"Anything can be art. Anything can be self-expression. Now take your weapon and run with it"
- Gerard Way

[Image: tumblr_ojj74xpbFJ1vh0d58o1_540.png]
No One has been a little too busy to summarize the recent events of Shattered Earth, so SceptileScythe has stepped up to help our GM out a little with this.  Credit for the summary goes to Scep, and I'm posting here in No One's absence since I'm on the forums all the time anyways.  So without further adieu, here's Day 2!

Day 2: Summary

Everyone wakes up at about 7 in the morning.  The professor compliments Natalia on her new Alolan Grimer, and then proclaims that the day will be set aside for shopping for supplies. She also hints at a fifth member of their investigation team. The group goes with Jerry in his van (driven by a Mr. Mime) and get supplies like camping equipment and travel clothes. They then drive to the hospital to pick up medicinal supplies, where Rex is denied entry to see Beedee. Jerry apologizes and gives everyone $500 to spend on anything else they want to spend on, including lunch. The group buys supplies like potions, pokeballs, and other items they thought were important, and Rex spotted a TM for Hidden Power in the Mart, which everyone pitched in money to buy. After that Rex, Natalia, and Spencer ate pizza together, whereas Q decided to teach his Pokémon the newly bought TM instead. While they were eating pizza, Natalia initiated conversation and asked about her teammates, starting with Spencer’s interest in legends. Spencer answers by saying he’d like to look into the Celebi shrines and all the people who went missing, and asked Natalia if she knew anything about that. Natalia unconvincingly says that she doesn’t know much, but Spencer doesn’t pick up on it and instead asks Rex what his plans were. Rex shrugs off the question with a quip, but when a more specific question is asked about what Pokémon he wanted to see in the hospital was asked, he answers truthfully, a linoone. Neither Natalia nor Spencer question Rex any further. They all get some Seacrest Softserve to go after finishing their meals as well.

Q meanwhile manages to teach both his Pokémon Hidden Power successfully and meets up with the rest of the group half an hour later, presumable having eaten at some point. They get a message from Jerry on their phones from an app they didn’t have, telling them that they have that messaging app on a license, so it was relatively cheap to get, and also to come to the Devon Warehouse so they could meet up. On the way to the Devon Warehouse in the Warehouse District, Rex notices something is off, and quickly spots someone who was following them and calls this person out. Multiple people reveal themselves from the shadows and turn out to be the crew that Natalia sailed with to Seacrest City who want payback for the disrespect that Natalia showed them, as well as because he wanted revenge for Natalia “robbing his son of his rightful Grimer”. Rex tries to interrupt the man but is quickly yelled at and the situation devolves into a battle.
Natalia once again shows no respect for the sailor as all of them send out their Pokémon to battle.

The battle starts off in the favour of the protagonists as the weaker Pokémon on the sailors’ side are picked off relatively easily, while suffering minimal damage themselves. The sailor’s whose Pokémon went down tried to flee but a newcomer knocked them unconscious. This newcomer seems to be older than Spencer and introduces himself as Dexter, reveals that he is the fifth member of their group, then proceeds to join the battle as well. Dexter sends out three Pokémon: a Riolu, a Gastly, and a Midgardian Skorupi, which is a fire type. He also says that he has called the police so they could rest easy. With Dexter now as part of the group, the other sailors also go down relatively easily, with the chief sailor and his Throh and Honchkrow going down last. The sailor tries to run but is stopped by psychic energy that turns out to be from Jerry’s Mr. Mime. He then brings out a Swadloon and a Spinarak to string shot up the other sailors so they could be easily arrested by the police.

After the police arrive on the scene, Jerry takes the group back on his van back to the laboratory, where Natalia reveals that she knew the sailors before the scuffle to Jerry, much to his surprise, since he thought it was just a random mugging attempt. The conversation in the van remained mostly amiable. Once they reach the lab, the Professor chews out Jerry for letting the group go through the Warehouse District unsupervised, but lets him off relatively easy, then leaves the trainers to their own devices.

Natalia teaches her Pokémon Hidden Power and discovered that the Pokémon can’t just keep learning new moves, so she had to make Sal (her alolan Grimer) forget a move. Meanwhile, Rex tries to get the wild Kommo-o in the lab to train with him, but a miscommunication ensues, and it escalates into a full-blown volleyball game with people and Pokémon on both sides. During this time, Yasuho, Spencer’s Oshawott, picks up Hidden Power as well. Dexter joins in the volleyball game along with his Pokémon, while Spencer takes photos of the game and Q makes sketches of it. Meanwhile, Natalia is busy reading up on world history. The professor walks out and praises everyone for their actions and gives all of them a brown and white egg that is supposed to hatch soon. They soon head out to Route 1, and Spencer manages to convince a Solosis to join him without battling him and christens him as Mitos. Natalia then speaks up about the Pokémon she was looking for and asks Q to sketch it out for her, so everyone can have an idea of what they should keep a lookout for. It turns out to be a strange forme of Houndour, with its brain seemingly exposed and purple rings instead of the usual grey.

They soon run into a friendly couple and decided to stop there and set up camp for the night. Q explores a bit and runs into a Popplio who he manages to befriend, and christens Orpheus. Meanwhile, the group (minus Q) introduces themselves to this couple, who reveal that they did hear of a strange Houndour in Altheia Village. They soon turn in for the night.

(Day 3 summary coming soon)
Once again, I'll be posting on the behalf of No One, and also once again, credit for the summary goes to SceptileScythe.

A note from Sceptile before the summary itself:
I know the last one was like a summary, so I’m going to try and make this day’s summary more like a story at Dragon’s request. Here goes nothing.

Day 3 Summary:

The group wakes up thanks to an ear-splitting shriek from Buster, Natalia’s Starly. Everyone wakes up shaken and confused, especially Natalia, who was closest to Buster.  She taps his beak sharply in retaliation.

The couple comments that the group must have been exhausted because the sun had rose a while back, and then proceed to ask if anyone wanted to battle.

Rex accepts first, but then Spencer and Q wanted to test their skills as well. Natalia decided to pass. They hatch out an agreement (after Rex’s adamant refusal to battle her in a 2 v 1 format) where Rex and Q take on the wife in two 1 v 1s, whereas the older Spencer takes on the husband in a 2 v 2.

Rex actually loses his battle after Blade, his Treecko, fails to pull off a dodge-attack maneuver against the wife and her Flabébé.

Q’s battle was more straight-forward, and he manages to pick up the win with the help of Orpheus, his newly acquired Popplio, with relative ease. Spencer’s battle alongside Mitos, his Solosis, was more technical, involving moves like Reflect, but he also picks up the win in the end.

Meanwhile, Natalia goes foraging for things she might find helpful, and find that the place is quite trashed up. She has her Alolan Grimer to eat up the trash, and also finds some Apricorns. Natalia doesn’t seem to be satisfied with her search results though.

Dexter changes out of his old clothes to something more suitable for the heat, and then packs up all the tents and does some training with his Pokémon. His Riolu intently watches the battles that took place.

Rex sees that the boy he’s supposed to be guarding in this job won while he lost and is furious with himself. He quietly swears to himself that he will never lose again. He however manages to hide his emotions quite well so nobody else notices. 

After the battles, the group, and the couple part on good terms after the latter offer some encouraging words of advice to the former.

As they were on their way to Altheia Village, Dexter finds that the rest had bought Hidden Power earlier and chides them for not telling him. He proceeds to tell that he bought an extension to the DevonMaps app which told him interesting things about the places on the map, and there were apparently ruins a little ways off of Route 1. Spencer decided to buy this extension as well. He also notifies them that Altheia Village was apparently being overtaken by a swamp, and it was a really rural area without a Pokémart. There’s also a guy there who can make Apricorns into pokéballs. Dexter’s description of Altheia Village rings some bells for Natalia, sounding like a place that was very similar back home, but she makes no comment about it.

After a while, they run into a trainer they had seen before in Seacrest City, but never interacted with before. He was the trainer whose pokemon was wrestling the wild Pangoro near Seacrest City a few days ago. He introduces himself as Damien and invites them to his camp for lunch. The group accept his offer and they all settle in to eat lunch.

While eating lunch they see how friendly Damien is with his Pokémon and how he gets along well with every single one of them. Spencer once again explicitly asks if Damien had seen a “stray dog Pokémon” which earns a stare from Natalia and an eyeroll from Rex. Damien answers affirmatively, telling them that the people there were saying something about weird dreams, but he himself did not experience any of that.

Spencer initially declines the offer to check out the ruins, but Rex wanted to go there to train, so he goads Spencer into accepting the offer. Natalia and Q agree to check out the ruins as well. Damien remarks that electronic devices don’t work around the ruins for some reason, which the scientists put down to a “magnetic anomaly”. Those words seemed to get a reaction out of Q, but he didn’t elaborate.

Damien looks at their Pokémon and asks if Altheia Village is going to be their first badge, which Rex affirms. Damien doesn’t say what Pokémon the gym leader was using in order to “not spoil the surprise”.  He does say that the gym leaders usually use more than one type and tend to stick to themes that encompass some two to three types. He says that they’ll get it once they face Emmeline, which seems to be the gym leader’s name. The conversation continues until members of the group decide that they want to train their Pokémon.

Rex decides to train both Blade and Galahad, his Rookidee, in the dodge-to-attack maneuver. He does this by throwing his ball and having Blade and Galahad sidestep before hitting it away.

Spencer has Mitos eat the Otatap berry he was holding, before deciding to go to the forest to forage for berries like Natalia did earlier in the day. He finds some berries, but is unable to identify them. The Berry Dex seems to be too expensive, so he decides to pluck them, and buy the Berry Dex to find out what they are later. He then runs into a Bronzor and tries to befriend it, but the Bronzor is not impressed and attacks, immediately taking out the weakened Mitos. Yasuho, Spencer’s Oshawott, rushes in to battle angry that his friend has been hurt, and together they manage to subdue the Bronzor and catch it, but Yasuho also gets injured in the battle.  The Bronzor was later named “Rorin”.

Q decides to do move training and has Hecate, his Togepi train up her Aerial Ace, while Tithonus, his Larvus, train up his Tackle.

Spencer manages to find his way back to camp with Yasuho limping behind him. Damien sees their condition and immediately gives Yasuho three Oran berries to recover some health.

The group continues to rest a little while longer until Damien gets up and says that he has to leave. He has his Pokémon pack up his things and the group waves Damien goodbye. He offers them some parting words by telling them he’d be looking forward to their participation in the League that was happening at the end of the year, and they could also call him if they were “going to do something cool”.

Their journey continues and they see a bunch of interesting things, like a trainer battle between a Magneton and a Metang, and a Ninjask being chased by a Manectric, while a Shedinja was slowly trailing behind the pair.

Eventually night falls and they set up camp once again, and Spencer lets out his Bronzor, revealing the reason why Yasuho was so beat up. Yasuho doesn’t seem to be happy with Spencer either. Dexter remarks that while they don’t need it now, they should probably learn to make a fire for the nights later in their journey. Rex asks why his Midgardian Skorupi couldn’t just help them start a fire, which Dexter answers by saying that he was too young for his flame to be hot, and he didn’t know any fire moves yet. Rex then proceeds to remark that his Galahad had Hidden Power Fire which could get the job done. Natalia quashes Rex by stating that Hidden Powers don’t actually summon the element, so that wouldn’t work at all. She then proceeds to say that she learnt the basics of fire-starting from her father so there shouldn’t be too much trouble, though it'd be easier if she had her Houndour. Spencer remarks that while a fire would be nice, he would be fine that night without one too. Q doesn’t bother saying anything. They turn in for the night, fairly comfortable even without a fire.

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