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Final Stardust - Pokemon Like Game(Looking For New People To Join)
Hi everyone, I am planning to make a Pokemon like game and use other inspirations like Golden Sun and Yu-Gi-Oh. I am looking for people who want to contribute to the project and make it into a full game. Here is a quick overview:

Everything I’ve done in this video has been documented on my YouTube channel. I want to build the game with a community and document the whole thing. 

Here are some random ideas that I have for now: 
-you don’t catch pokemon, you seal monsters in a card
-sealing monsters gives you xp
-4 Elemental Masters(equivalent to gym badges) Then Final Boss?(Pokemon league equivalent)
-No potions, elixir or anything like that, but using cards like in yu-gi-oh(e.g. Magic card to heal your monster)
-one special draw per battle
-Items/cards are random during battle(like in Yu-Gi-Oh)
-monsters are called planos?(something related to planets)
-4 Evolutions For The Starter Depending On Which Element He Uses(he is the only monster who has a neutral element)
-The Elemental “badges” are stars
-Every star gives you a certain power(mercure something like surf, jupiter something like fly, etc…)
-In the end, the stars fuse to let you access the final boss
-only elemental moves?
-rival is your twin brother(wants to end the world because he suffered so much or something like that)
-a background image as a transition for every place you go in(optional)
-add side quests, exclamation mark on top of player(optional)

For the art, I will be going for Pokemon's Gen 5 style with pixel art. 

The project starts Monday. I already found enough people but as they say "the more the merrier" so I will keep looking for new people until this weekend.

If you are interested, you can join the discord here:

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