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Happy Halloween! New Mystery Gift now available!
Boo! Did we scare you, Uranium fans???
What, no!? Well, that makes a lot of sense. After the year we have all had, we’re pretty sure there’s not much left that can scare any of us! But with everything crazy going on in the world, one little spooky Pokémon has decided to take up the mantle and become a 100% certified doctor, here to cure all of your ailments… maybe? So, while you’re enjoying your Halloween candy and socially-distanced costume parties, make sure to wash your hands, or our little friend will have to say hello!
Starting today, you can load up your game and receive the newest Halloween mystery gift, inspired by 17th century plague doctors! But that isn’t all – this year, the gift is not gender-locked! You may be surprised to find that this little doctor has two different costumes!
  • First, RUN YOUR PATCHER by selecting "Check For Updates" in the main menu (this will allow you see the special custom sprites).

  • Next, select the "Mystery Gift" option to receive your gift.

  • Finally, speak to the delivery man in any Poke-Mart or the Bealbeach Dept. Store to pick up your gift.
Lastly, we know you have all been eagerly awaiting news of progress on the update. Rest assured; the Uranium team is still working very hard on ensuring the best quality for the post game content! This takes time, and it is taking a bit longer than we originally anticipated. We will announce further information as we get closer to release!
Happy Halloween, from the Uranium team!
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