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Pokémon Plasma: a fan game following Unova and Galar timeline
Pokémon Plasma:

A fan game that follows Unova and Galar timeline, but reinvented!

This takes place in the New Unova region, where Ghetsis and Prince Leopard managed to gain power of the legendary Pokémon Kyurem and made Pokémon turn aggresive with the newly introduced Plasma forms.
Meet Mossloth, Snegg and Shrade, the three starter Pokémon from the region, travel along the region, collect 8 gym badges and beat the Pokémon league, while investigating Prince Leopard's plans to conquer the world with the help of Ghetsis and Chairman Rose. Beat trainers like Gloria in the post-game Battle Tower!

We need spriters! Join if you are interested!

Discord: [color=var(--G12)][/color]

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