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shinies for good duplicats
I know the other forums probably would have better luck, but I figure I'll put this up anyway. If anyone is interested, I have a shiny modest volchik 19/31/31/31/31/31 and a mild HA shiny chimical 31/31/4/31/31/31. I also have a shiny lax female sponee, too bad I caught her, so the stats aren't awesome, and a careful shiny male orchynx 31/31/31/9/30/31 from spain for masuda breeding. Looking for duplicats with 2 IVs or more at 31 for breeding purposes (I have bad luck with the pokeradar, also, it's annoying). Otherwise, perfect females of 7m-1f ratio families or some perfect genderless may also be of interest to save me from some grinding.

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