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Bug Reporting Thread
(02-20-2021, 05:09 AM)PhantomUnderYourDesk Wrote:
(02-20-2021, 04:17 AM)Kleinstein Wrote: So,
my game crashed a couple times in the hof after winning the chamionship for the first time. Every time I onla had five Pokemon in my party when having their health restored. When I finally got through, I had 6 Pokeman healed, including Actan! So now I have a regular Actan without having to catch one and there is also one in the Actanite Core.
I guess that is not supposed to happen...

Supposely not. Make sure you're at the lastest version of the game by running the Patcher or selecting 'Check for Updates' in the starting menu.

Well, I did that just an hour before ina na attempt to fix the crashing of the game...
Hmm, the Championship was supposed to be fixed ages ago I've been told.

What do you in particular mean when you say 'when I finally got through'?
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If this is still happening, it may be that you are not on version 1.2.4. If you're on an old enough version, the Patcher will not fix it.
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won a master ball from a lottery and it couldn't even catch a mankey
(03-14-2021, 04:04 PM)jersai Wrote: won a master ball from a lottery and it couldn't even catch a mankey
Were you using the item glitch to use the Master Ball from another file?
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Small graphical error i've seen, using the healing machine in nuclear plant zeta removes the green haze in the room(during story and postgame), exiting and entering the room fixes it. I checked and saw it wasn't mentioned in the known bugs list.
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Folerog won't learn new moves when leveling up.

I caught a level 12 Folerog in Comet Cave, and have since increased its level to 22. But it still hasn't learned bubblebeam or sludge, so I believe it is bugged. Should I just ditch it for a different Pokemon? Haven't had this issue with any others in my party.

Thanks for your time.
This happened after having updated for the Halloween Mystery Gift (Beginning of Game, save made for shiny hunting starter)
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Another screen capture after moving (Bambo'o prevents you from getting starter)
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and a softlock happens after the tutorial battle.
Reset game and made a new save, something must have corrupted that save -.-
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