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Daily Chat
(03-01-2022, 06:07 PM)Wumii Wrote: H-Hello, I'm new here ^^ I'm here to talk to people Big Grin I'm a pokefan! I also like Vocaloid(Stuff like Hatsune Miku). I'm also a femboy, I hope you don't mind -//- I'm creating this chat so we can talk every day and have fun :3 I hope you guys will have fun on this journey with me ^^

Dear me, we don't get vistors to these dusty old forums too often, but I welcome them all the same. Name's Lord Windos, nice to meet ya! Hope you stay awhile, but if not the Discord is also a good place to hang out if you don't mind the frantic pace it goes at.

Gots no problems with femboys myself - I find the lifestyle/appearance more amusing and thought provoking, and I've seen far stranger things people decide to style themselves as and have not balked or shunned them. This place here is safe, and I don't judge, so feel free to chat here or shoot me an PM if you want to discuss things privately.
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