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Patch 1.2.5 is live!
Hello, Uranium fans! We finally have an actual update for you. As you know, a couple weeks ago we released a new Mystery Gift for Easter. This Mystery Gift is the first Pokémon in Uranium to learn the move Teleport. We quickly realized that Teleport has some quirks. Several of the Teleport locations are in incorrect spots or just altogether missing. Despite this, teleport has been a big game changer for a lot of players, especially considering Fly isn't unlocked until rather late in the game. So after spending a good long time ironing out the bugs, we decided this shouldn't just be a Mystery Gift exclusive move. To that end, Comite and its evolutions can now learn Teleport at level 17, Masking and Dramsama will learn it at 12, and Praseopunk and Neopunk can learn it through the move relearner.
But that's not all! While I promise you, the post-game content IS still being worked on, it's still not quite ready. In the meantime, since it's been far too long since Uranium's last update, we've included a few other critical changes that have been in the pipeline a while. The biggest of which being a full German translation of the game! We've also fixed some major bugs with the battle system.
You can view the full changelog in a comment below.
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Added a full German translation!

Teleport has been fixed. It should no longer take you to the incorrect locations and missing locations have been added. It can now return you to just about any location you can heal or access your PC.

Added Teleport to several Pokémon's movesets. Comite and its evolutions learn it at level 17, Masking and Dramsama at 12, and Praseopunk and Neopunk at level 1.

Overworld: * Fixed bug where getting KOed by the second scientist in Larkspur Lab would result in the player getting stuck in the ethereal plane.

Using the Escape Rope after exiting the Labyrinth via Route 13 will no longer return you to Route 15.

Hopefully fixed all surfing on land bugs.

Tweaked the lighting effects used on Route 10 and Zeta to be less dark at night.

Static's out of battle effect has been added.


Gengar will no longer contribute to your seen Pokémon count.

Added Nuclear and Fairy type options to the Pokédex search function.

Added all Post-1.2.4 Mystery Gift forms to the Pokédex.

Fixed bug where non-shiny Pokémon could rarely appear as shiny on the evolution screen.

The Pokémon icon in the top right corner will no longer stick around after closing the move reorder screen.

Ether no longer requires you to hit accept before allowing you to select a move. It is also now possible to cancel (Your turn will be wasted though.)

New PC backgrounds. Lugia and Ho-Oh have been replaced with Aotius and Mutios to fit Uranium better. We have also added two additional Uranium themed backgrounds.

The PC now allows for custom box backgrounds. Just add images into your Graphics\Pictures folder named in the format "box26.png". Increase the number for each, and don't leave any gaps.

All mega evolutions have been given their own party menu icons.

Several typos have been fixed.

Updated the credits and added new fanart.

Battle: * Fixed bug commonly encountered during the first gym battle where NPCs would skip their turn when using a Pokémon with a sleep move (such as Yawn) against a Pokémon with Insomnia or Vital Spirit.

Fixed bug where Struggle would use the animation of the last move in the global move list (Which happened to be Nuclear Wind.)

Nature Power has been fixed.

Expanded the list of items that can be used with Fling to closer match official games.

Fixed Mat Block lasting an infinite number of turns and being usable multiple times. It also now affects the entire team instead of just the user.

Fixed bug in the battle system that caused Eviolite and Stick to have no effect.

Fixed bug with Echoed Voice that would cause NPCs to skip their turn.

Elementalist should now work correctly.

Fixed a rather severe bug that would cause all Fire and Water moves to have a 1.5x damage boost.

Fixed another severe bug that would cause any Pokémon holding a consumable item to take increased damage.

Fixed bug affecting numerous stat lowering moves resulting in messages either not displaying or displaying at incorrect times, as well as countering abilities being ignored. This fixes issues with Big Pecks, Clear Body, Moody, and maybe others.

Infestation has been changed from Physical to Special to be in line with official games.

Fixed various bugs with the "Last Used Item" button on the in-battle bag menu. The game will now always remember the last used item on each save and will no longer display items that you have run out of.

Theo's championship Vilucard will now be holding Black Glasses.

Flutes will no longer duplicate themselves when used.

Poké Doll is now usable.


You can now choose to skip the intro when starting a new game after you have seen it once.

Gligar and Gliscor have had their leveling rates changed to Medium Slow. This may result in the levels of existing Gligar and Gliscors changing slightly.

Mismagius can now learn Energy Ball via TM.

Gyarados can now learn Crunch via Tutor.

The FPS setting now defaults to 50 (the original speed in v1.0) instead of 40.

Gossamir (Last year's Easter MG) has had its sprites updated, and now even has gender differences.

Mystery Gifts that are evolved after this update will always be able to reobtain their unique moves from the move relearner, even if they were replaced before evolving.

Spritzee and Aromatisse have had their shiny sprites updated to match Miasmedic's.

Many cries have had their audio levels balanced.

Bind and Volt Switch are now taught by the correct tutors in Tsukinami.

The automatic font installer will now detect if the fonts are installed improperly (Which is semi-common due to a bug with older versions of the game installer.)
Current project:
Tabletop RPG PokeRole:
"I encourage Sceptile to branch out."
Heck yes, that patch came as quite the suprise, but a very pleasant one! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Happy to see that the smol Pokemon fangame that left such a positive impression on and in my humble life is still being worked on all silently in the background, a big thank you and a truckload of chocolate chip cookies to all the Devs and to everyone who even slightly contributed to this patch, y'all are awesome and valid! <3

Ohhhh, custom backgrounds for PC Boxes... That's my favorite new gimmick now.
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