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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Discussion
Well, we are now slightly more than a month away from the release of Generation IX. What are everyone's thoughts on the new games?

Personally, even though the graphics look fantastic, Pokemon Legends: Arceus/Shining Pearl *will* be the last official game that I play for Pokemon, for the following reasons:
1.) It just seems to me that Game Freak isn't quite sure where they want to take Scarlet and Violet, and are cramming a lot of different things into it, from some Far Cry-style gameplay (Taking over the villainous team's bases), some traditional JRPG gameplay and other shenanigans. Cramming essentially 3 games into one doesn't necessarily make the product better. >_>
2.) They *still* seem to not want to put all the Pokemon into the game, with a current leak stating only 400 of the extant creatures (around 100 of them being new) being in the new games. They were able to put all the ones that existed as of Sun and Moon and US/UM into those games, so no excuses other than money-grubbing, hoping people will continue to use Pokemon Home for 'mons not supported.
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Let us hope that team rocket make an appearance. Personally, and lately, Pokémon snap disappointed me, for the movement style. I was a fan of the older 64 version, but this one seemed clunky, correct me if I’m wrong. As well as Pokémon stadium, and I can’t figure out why some Pokémon just got huge for some reason. Have you come across the phenomenon of twitch players using double screens? Yes, well, I still use my DS, and play Alpha Sapphire, but I swear some of the material has been used before. Do they still use fossils in this newer generation, it seems that kids get bullied to complete their Pokédex.

I remember joking about Pokémon World at school, and they still seemed to manage to release GO. But Pokémon Duel is still my favourite ideal, but it disappeared into the shadows of the net, you seriously can’t find it anymore. Legit.
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You can't find Pokemon Duel anymore because it was shut down and all official support for it has long ended.

100 new pokemon in SwSh is actually a fairly average number, all things considered.  400 total in the 'dex is exactly how many pokemon were in SwSh before any DLC (and 96 of them were new according to Bulbapedia).  We can probably expect that to be a rough standard going forward if that leak is accurate.  It was rather inevitable that the sheer number of mons that exist was going to inevitably be too much for all of them to be in every game, tbh (which is something that the studio has mentioned in response to the dexit criticisms iirc, and isn't helped by the tight schedules that TPC runs for every aspect of the multimedia franchise).  Including SwSh's DLC, there's 664 pokemon in the games out of the 898 that exist overall (and I think it's likely the DLC model is going to continue for future main titles as well).


Now, counterpoints with raw numbers and facts aside, I'm looking at SV a bit more optimistically, tbh.  I generally liked what I saw with the Wild Area and PLA, and I'm interested in seeing what they're going to do with Gen 9 now that they seem to really be running with the open world idea.  The main thing that worries me with it is the balance of the level scaling, because we all know how prior attempts to make more open ended pokemon games have been level wise (*cough gen 2 cough*).  But so long as the scaling isn't completely out of whack and the region of Paldea feels like it's actually full of (a reasonable amount of) things to do, I do think the open world idea could work quite well.  Of course, beyond the 3 storylines thing and Tera Raids, we don't actually know much about what's actually going to be dotted around the world yet (nor how densely packed the things we have been shown already are going to be).  But hey, as long as the exploration is up to par as well as the battles, it'll probably be fine.

I definitely am not in the 'pokemon can do no wrong' camp and 100% have my own concerns about what may or may not go awry, but I do think a lot of commonly voiced issues brought up by long time fans tend to be...a bit overblown, I guess?  I do wish that the games were higher quality at times, but given the size of GF's studio, what they are able to put out on such strict scheduling is still pretty impressive.

And as far as judging the gameplay goes, honestly, I don't think the trailers are really a good indicator of how the game will play in any kind of specific sense.  They always tend to go over it all in very broad strokes, leaving the exact intricacies for the community to figure out (Nintendo loves its surprises, after all).  Until we get our hands on the games, I don't think we can really accurately judge how well it executes the open world idea and the various gimmicks they're implementing this generation.  The only surefire thing is that the gimmicks will be featured prominently in the main gameplay (auto battles in the Team Star bases and exploration, Tera types in actual battles and raids, etc).

If there is one thing I can comment on regarding gameplay we've been shown so far though, it's that the new Tera Raids seem like a much more compelling thing to grind in the endgame than SwSh's Dynamax Dens, given that every pokemon can have any Tera type (compared to only a handful of mons getting Gigantamax forms which only very, very, very rarely spawned outside of event dens).  It does make me wonder how the Tera types for pokemon you can't find in the wild will work though...
I miss Pokémon Duel. BTW, SV was my old forum! 

Even with my lack of experience, the attitude I face with any Pokémon game, is can you beat it with one Pokémon, and how difficult is it to get all the Pokémon in the Pokédex? My biggest obstacle with Pokémon, is as soon as something goes wrong with my carefully named Pokémon, I tend to the tradition of never really battling the Pokémon League, instead preferring to start again. I had a time at school, of trading away my Pikachu to evolve it into Raichu, and I never quite escaped the neurosis of not having the little buddy trailing after me again. As far as the evolution of Pokémon goes, I can see how the first Pokémon Lapras has scarred the tradition of creating newer Pokémon for the franchise, because of the artist and his troubled history, but why am I still interested? Because I can grind to Pokémon, it’s not overly complicated.

When I approach the world building of Pokémon, I see evolution, not devolution. A Pokémon may be completely biased, at the beginning of the game, but I want to see some remain strong. An awful lot of things can happen in the world of Pokémon that either don’t, or won’t happen again. For instance, fly always seems to follow cut, and surf is where I begin to lose interest. A lot of these TMs serve no purpose, and as soon as you can run, you do, or even ride.

What I mean to say, is newer Pokémon games in the manner of GF, not the MD, need to get down to solid roots, to make sure that a character playing isn’t flung into some kind of makeshift race to the top. They generally lack coherent story telling, however that may be the nature of the current market. I don’t want to be insulting to this site or it’s heritage, but they could definitely take some advice, but either can’t or won’t.
And they all danced for Sun Tzu..
Well, the games are now officially available. From what I've seen, there are quite a few issues that hopefully will get fixed, such as framerate issues and some clipping errors. Bulbapedia is still getting updated for the new 'mons, so I can't quite tell how the starters turn out, but I'm not really a fan of Quaxly or its evo line.
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I've long since stopped being overly invested in the main series Pokemon games, but from what I've heard on the grape vine this game is inherently a LOT of the previous issues that plagued Sword and Shield, which include the clear marks of rushed development and being of overall dubious quality. It sorta makes me glad I'm no longer a Nintendo fan, if this is what they're doing to their IPs these days.
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(11-22-2022, 05:27 AM)Mikaruge108 Wrote: (...) From what I've seen, there are quite a few issues that hopefully will get fixed, such as framerate issues and some clipping errors. (...)
(11-26-2022, 02:44 AM)Lord Windos Wrote: (...) but from what I've heard on the grape vine this game is inherently a LOT of the previous issues that plagued Sword and Shield, which include the clear marks of rushed development and being of overall dubious quality.

Only the Pokemon franchise is able to pull that off and still sell millions of copies on release day, me feels any other game - *cough see cyberpunk 2077 for example cough* - would get bashed and hated instead of having memes made of the bugs and graphical errors. Granted, Scarlet and Violet could have clearly used some more time of bug testing and quality assurance from what I've seen and heard, I personally would not mind if it'd be released sometime next year instead of now before christmas for the sake of making more money(?). But then again, an open world where you're basically free to choose your own path of storyline is what I would love about an official Pokemon game, and for the first time since Gen.2 I like all of the starter evolutions lines aka there's not one final evolution that I dislike in design or Type - though even if I did own a Nintendo Switch I'm not sure if I were to buy the games (likely not or not right away on release day). One thing I gotta say as well that from what I've seen on Bulbapedia and Serebii is that the new Gen.IX Pokemon aren't that bad in designs and ideas, I honestly feared worse after the Gen.VIII Pokemon disappointed me mostly.
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there goes any chance of me playing the game until this gets fixed...
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About time...

Apparently it was a miscommunication between the English and Japanese branches of TPC. Between that and the horribly broken Iron Treads/Great Tusk raids that were taken down early, a lot of fans on reddit are quite peeved with GF, et al.
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