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Pokemon Chess
If anyone wondered if there was a chess set where instead of figures you would have pokemon figures - then the answer is yes there have Big Grin
[Image: p7671-710-09832-01-full.jpg]
some more of these can be found below, some interesting choices for who would the king , rook or bishop

which pokemon would you choose to be a king and a queen if it was up to you? Or figures in your best scenario?
Black :
king: Mewtwo
Queen: Mew
Bishop: Alakazam
Knight: Golduck
Rook: Gengar

king: Rhydon
Queen: Dragonair
Bishop: Charizard
Knight: Seadra
Rook: Snorlax
pokemon and chess lover, chess set collector!
Hi, have you played Uranium?
Current project:
Tabletop RPG PokeRole:
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