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Your first team in Uranium
I mean, this is kinda getting off-topic and is dangerously close to becoming another Anti-Game freak thread, which strays away from both positive vibes and the thread's purpose.

Anyway, to get back on-topic, my first team consisted of Metalynx, Pajay, Terlard, Blubelrog, Ampharos, and Baariette. I don't remember much of the specifics since it was a long time ago, but heyho, what's one gonna do? It performed well enough that I could get through the game.

I was ever-so-briefly considering, some time ago, breeding a Flager with Swords Dance, Flame Impact, Rock Slide and Earthquake, and importing that (as an Inflagetah) into a fresh save to see if I could steamroll the entire game with just that mon since it's so dang busted, but I decided against it on the grounds that Uranium was alright for a first run, but I wouldn't know if I'd want to experience it a second time. Plus, it'd be tricky to import it considering I'd need a middleman of some sort, but I'm okay with having the game beaten once. (counting both the Theo champion match and initial CURIE scuffle as one completion)
First team:
Archilles (Mega)
Baariete (Mega)

I used a gararewl until I got nucleon also I loved my nucleon and archilles!
My new planned team:
Baariete (Mega)
My first post on the page was my first hall of fame team. This one I made it to the tandor championship finals but I lost to Curie. I deleted the save file. Here was the team:
•An underleveled Brainoar (pretty much all were underleveled except Archilles)
•A HM slave luxor
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I honestly don't remember my first team on Uranium. I vaguely remember coming across Uranium around the time B2/W2 were released; I think I used Electruxo then, but my memory on my full team is rather fuzzy. More recently, I don't really have a team... yet -- currently shiny hunting my Raptorch starter.
As for my first teams in canon games, well, the first Pokemon games I played were ROM images of Pokemon Silver and Yellow, I know I had a Chikorita and a shiny Pidgey on my Silver save that I lost ages ago, but I don't really remember my full team from either of those.
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All banned by Iron already, I was busy kepping my car functioning yesterday. Thanks for the hint and ping!~
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