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MG and 7th Anniversary!
Happy Anniversary, Uranium! It's been too long! Two announcements today.

**First**, there's a new Mystery Gift! Trainers around the world can Exclamation Exclamation run their patchers (Check For Updates in the main menu)Exclamation Exclamation  and then come face to face with two unique Pokémon in the Mystery Gift section of the main menu.
As always, they are harder, better, faster, and stronger than their usual forms, with perfect IVs and some exclusive moves. Each holds a new or useful discovery, as well.
Don't forget to show a little digital love with Reacts at the bottom of the announcement!

**Second**, we're announcing a change in Uranium's organization. A big hand to L/Unknown Entity for bringing us this far over the course of 7 years!
He is transferring the Lead Developer title to me (Iron), but will continue to maintain the online systems and provide programming guidance as we continue work on the postgame. Everything on the players' end will work just as before.

I'm hoping you'll hear more from me soon.

Now go get those MG's!
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Congrats @Iron!  Really cool to see you taking the lead on this!

Also, wow, those MGs are eye popping.  Interesting redesigns and movepool with big implications for comp...excited to try them out!  ...whenever the most recent MGs get implemented on the Showdown, that is...
Even after all these years this game still gets updates like this. Even if I don't play the games anymore I'm still glad the community is as lively as ever (even if not on the forums....)
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"I encourage Sceptile to branch out."
Said this to you on Bailey's creator's collective discord already, but lemme say it here as well: CONGRATS ON BEING LEAD DEV NOW, IRON!! If anyone deserves that position and role, then it's you!! Looking forward to hear more from you and see where you'll be taking the game in the near or not-so-near future, am feeling new hope now that one day I will be able to shiny-hunt the Sea Monsters with my still-saved lottery Masterballs, yay!! They're probably covered in a thick layer of dust by now, but my savefile is still there!

That being sad, happy 7th anniversary Pokemon Uranium, that too!! Thank you, thank you from my very heart that you gave me sort of a new and better friend group when mine on deviantart was falling apart, thank you for all the small joys and how you indirectly helped me grow; and of course an extra-thank you that you brought me to my now OTP and longdistance-partner @Lord Windos(feel gently hugged if you read this, love you!)...It's still baffling af and sort of a miracle how things have developed and where small things like a Pokemon Fangame an lead to. Or as an artist on twitter/X whom+whose works I follow just lately posted and neatly summed up:
"Anything can be art. Anything can be self-expression. Now take your weapon and run with it"
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When will Scoobert and Doobert be released???
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"I encourage Sceptile to branch out."

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