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3DS and Wii U online services are shutting down in April 2024
Welp, after the closure of the eshops, it was inevitable I suppose.  F in the chat for official support for Gen 6 and 7 GTS and Wonder Trade.  And a bunch of other games that still saw a lot of online activity due to the online features being integral to the experience (like Monster Hunter 3U; 4U; and Generations, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Super Smash Bros 4, Mario Kart 7...)


According to Serebii, Pokemon Bank will still be supported past the initial shutdown, but it's inevitably going to die eventually as well.  Guess I need to figure out if there's anything I want to transfer up to Home from the pre-Home games soon.

I'm sure dedicated fans are going to try and preserve as many of these online features as they can (just like with the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection of old), but this still sucks.
Big sad. o(TヘTo)

Thank heaven Pokemon Bank will still be supported - for now, that is, as I've basically got all my Pokemon from cartidge games stored there. Like, yes I admit that I haven't touched my 3DS ever since I've gotten a better PC that can run any emulator + Steam games smoothly, but it still feels somewhat bad to know that it's going down soonish. There's some bitterweet not-so-old nostalgia attached to it.
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