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Help Got banned from online services
Hello. I opened the game for the first time in like four years. I was a pokemon breeder, and used to transfer my breed dumps on Wondertrade. I was using the 2.1. something version of the game, and everything was cool. Until I downloaded the newest patch. I claimed two mistery gifts (two robots or something), but the game was working a little wonky so I uninstalled it and downloaded a previous version. And then, as soon as I opened Wondertrade again, the game basically insulted me and told me that I was banned from online Services. I then joined the official Discord, and asked for help, when I gave my player ID, my IP got banned from there too. I'm stuck now and I'm trying to figure out what's going on. It occurs to me that maybe the game didn't find the code for the mistery gifts and detected that as an anomaly? The only other thing I can think about is that somewhere I read that if you received a modified pokemon, the system would automatically ban you. I checked for that too, and I found a 6IV cottonee that says "From a far away place", with no little flag, inside one of my boxes.
Is there anything I could do? Please help Sad.

My trainer IP is 59246.
There's no such thing as 2.1. You were using a cheat version of the game. We cannot overturn cheating bans for the safety of our players/community.

And for anyone else who finds this thread, you do not get banned for *receiving* cheated mons (which can't be traded anyway). You get banned for having a cheat-capable version of the game.
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