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[Game Update] Christmas 2023 Mystery Gift
From Iron @PU's official discord server:
[Image: 5efb96be693cb9a4828871590802faaf69da0541_00.gif]

Merrrrry Christmas, everyone! As usual, we've got a Christmas Mystery Gift for you. 
I can describe it in one word: Jaw-dropping. 

To collect it, first RUN YOUR PATCHER and then go to the Mystery Gift option in the main menu. You'll pick it up at the PokeMart with the rest of your Christmas shopping. 

[Image: c28d9b63d3255b4355e0f4b18e3e80e5_t.jpeg]Again, please RUN YOUR PATCHER first[Image: c28d9b63d3255b4355e0f4b18e3e80e5_t.jpeg]
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