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Owl's Blind Nuzlocke Challenge!
(12-07-2016, 02:04 AM)owlsomniac Wrote: @John Tsoukalos

Haha! Yeah xD My character isn't really too foul mouthed and tends to be pretty upbeat, if generally more on the realistic side. But there are definitely a couple situations where such words are necessary to express the moment! LOL

Thanks for reading Big Grin

Haha No problem!  Keep them coming Tongue
I almost didn't notice there was a second chapter, LOL! Tongue Poor Calypso... there's nothing quite like underestimating another opponent's Pokemon (or having the RNG prove how much it hates you by making you suffer two criticals in a row). Best of luck in your next installment -- I'm really enjoying reading these!
(12-05-2016, 04:56 PM)owlsomniac Wrote: @EeveeBailey
Thanks! Big Grin I noticed that the program itself to run the game didn't come with a quick key to take screenshots, and was too lazy to try to do them myself and all that, haha. Plus, writing is more my medium anyway for story-telling (I RP a lot >_> ).

Recent discovery: "F8" is the quick key for screenshots.  They save in your Saved Games folder as BMPs; if you want to share them, you might consider converting them to JPG first (since it's a smaller file size), or PNG if you don't want to lose image quality (but it's also smaller file size).

I accidentally hit that button and heard the game make a sound... asked about it in Discord and found out that's what it was. Tongue

Thanks for the tip! I may have to use that now and then if I remember to toss in here and there along with the story :p

And I'm glad you're enjoying reading so far! Big Grin I plan to upload the next installment tomorrow ^^ Work has kept me a bit busy, but I do have a few installments in my backlog ready to go! hehe
Poor Calypso :(. I wish you a better luck in your next adventures (and wariness as well).
I overlooked the second chapter as EeveeBailey did. ; I really did not it expect in the first post.

I am looking forward to another training of your party and battle with Maria. Tonemy is a good member to a team, I think.
Nekra88 at Pokemon Uranium Wiki.
I am looking for disable smileys (yellow circles) in all my posts and signatures forever. (I prefer text ones.)
I do not like discord. (This forum is clearer. In addition I am just registered here.)
People always find new and interesting ways to take Uranium to the extreme and I love it. Looking forward to reading along as your journey progresses.
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