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Pheo's Art Corner
@ovartio wow i'm late replying to this sorry about that 
Thank you so much for your kind words!!

[Gently blows dust off of thread] 
It's been a while!! The good thing about that is I've got plenty of art to share. 

Starting off with a shitpost, for good measure <:
[Image: de007bb-97251f81-5fc3-45b1-abab-e3a1603e...-5v5f70zmE]
oh god oh fuck they've got a gun

[Image: raptorch_ages_by_pheonixia52_de007dt-ful...98FOvCt34s]
I really love Raptorch as is, but damnit Fluffy Feather Raptorch is my true weakness. 

[Image: de007fy-a7e6c846-7465-4834-a72f-b6431688...iptNx7A0jE]
Detailed sketch of my interpretation of a Xenoqueen! They're such a cool concept for a fakemon

[Image: tancooon_by_pheonixia52_de007hn-pre.png?...URQc89LGjk]
Fuzzy Tancoon!!! This is if tancoon leaned into its raccoon-dog inspiration a bit more.

[Image: is_chrimis_all_together_by_pheonixia52_d...balpEnLmi0]
Some festive starter icons back when it was Christmas-time <:

[Image: discovery_screen_pokemon_uranium_by_pheo...Wt9IpNITFI]
Something I actually did this year! And official art, to boot. This is the header that shows up when you find Pokemon Uranium on Discord's Discover servers feature! 

[Image: de007tg-ce72540e-2234-4e70-93cd-d46cc154...BzyTpQq3vs]
My favorite piece out of Creator Collective's Inktober event in 2018 <3 It may almost be two years old, but it still holds up!

[Image: de007tm-c9527a13-c7b9-45f8-812c-180803b9...86tO5WeAFM]
My second favorite Inktober 2018 piece, this one has a simple background but I tried:tm:

Alright, that's all from me for now. I still have more art, but I'll hold off on posting it all at once - maybe later :p
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"Oh wow! One of the artists for the official MG mon sprites made this and has some sweet and awesome art to peru-"
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