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[Walkthrough] The Kangustlocke Z!!!
I cut the post in 2 because it would not let me publish it because it has more than 24 images XD
[Image: uranium_team.png]
Awwww, RIP Wynn. Sad  That was some tough luck... Cali was such a pain for me (long story, but it involved having to re-battle her after a game crash and she was nearly impossible to beat -- my initial victory must have been a fluke!).  Good luck in Vinoville -- Sheldon still makes me a bit salty to this day!
(02-12-2017, 12:19 PM)EeveeBailey Wrote: Awwww, RIP Wynn. Sad  That was some tough luck... Cali was such a pain for me (long story, but it involved having to re-battle her after a game crash and she was nearly impossible to beat -- my initial victory must have been a fluke!).  Good luck in Vinoville -- Sheldon still makes me a bit salty to this day!

It's sad about wynn but it is possible that his death was necessary
Cali also cost me in my first run
Sheldon sure will not be a problem since I have archilles with good physical attack and he can defeat their steel-type pokemon without problem
Thanks for the support n.n
[Image: uranium_team.png]
Very good morning, afternoon or evening people of the uranium forum
Especially the people who read this space dedicated to the nuzlockes XD
Because I've been away
I have been fixing problems of documentation and maintenance in my pc
Maintenance that erased everything I had on the pc
Did you lose the kangustlocke z?
Of course........not :p
I knew that something like that could happen,so I made a backup in a usb so nothing is lost and I'm still in vinoville town
Although there is something that will change
There will be personal activities that must meet and change the schedule of the nuzlocke
 today the nuzlocke will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays (and if I have time also Saturdays)
I regret any inconvenience this may cause and I also regret the absence I had
Thanks for the support!!! *w*/
[Image: uranium_team.png]
Chapter #7

Hello everyone!!!
Alright!!,it's time for a new chapter of kangustlocke z!
I must say that last week was a week of very bad luck for me...
but now that is past and it is time for us to forget about that :)
We started where we left it last time in vinoville town
I'm stupid 'cuz i dont heal my pokemon in the last episode, so I'll go there,save and do the s-51 mission (I change the time to trigger the event, I regret the inconvenience and keep playing at night all the gameplay of today XD)
[Image: infiltrado.png]
(Insert "metal gear solid" music here) This mission took so much time for me long ime ago in my first run, I hope it doesn't happen again:'v
Damn,so close
[Image: cerca.png]
Maybe if I get a box......forget it :v
Alright!,after got 1 box I was able to pass this mission in less time than I expected
[Image: anien.png]
[Image: giorgioT.jpg]
Lv 35 ...... Kangust melt that little toy 
[Image: juguetito.png]
With s51-a defeated we know who is behind this !!!
[Image: tipo_raro.png]
"because i was bored"
..this guy makes chaos because he was bored...This is touhou or what?
Anyway, now I have a s51 that will stay on the pc all the nuzlocke ... :v
[Image: patata.png]
I'll call him "patata" (Potato in Spanish,but here in my country we call it "papa") I dont know, for me it looks like a potato in a plate XD (a green potato actually :v)
Now you will face all the trainers of the route to have a good level to fight against sheldon
Now I will go for sheldon beating all the trainers in the gym to be at a similar level (I can not past of the level 33) I hate this puzzle Gives me lag and I cant take the exact steps and i fall :'v
[Image: sin_comentarios.png]
*¡Lololol! ¡im a gamer girl! hey,¡¡¡im a girl and y play videogames!!! o3o*
I absolutly hate this kind of peoplelike her
seeing this posers,boys or girls,if they play a videogame only by fashion or to be to the trend they have all my contempt ¬¬ 
[Image: nada_especial.png]
*there's nothing special with girls playing video games?
Of course there is nothing special! The girls have the same right as the boys and although before could be rare now is the most common in the world because the girls are the same as the boys
If there are idiots who are excited to see a girl in a game does not mean that is the method you get attention! ... excuse that, that subject always makes me angry :p
I finally arrived with sheldon

The time has come !!
[Image: its_showtime_4.png]
His first pokemon was a s51

Kangust defeated him right away

His second pokemon a gararewl

Aldebaran is the right one for this

Gararewl resisted the hit with his ability

But the second hit was the last one

A cometor was his next pokemon

But I wanted to keep Aldebaran and Kangust so I send Tiburcio

This will be his first battle, but I know he can fight alone

Aqua jet take half of the life and the cometor’s  attack left tiburcio with u half of his ps

Another aqua jet was enough to defeat him

It's time for the truth

The pokemon that everyone fears

Tracton !!!

I send dogge with the idea to use  sleep powder in his tracton

But dogge did not have a sleep powder ......

But he have Stune spore
this will work to do the same effect…

But dogge fail…..

Tracton use shift gear
I could not risk dogge so I send kangust directly

A really bad idea….
A mud slap reduced his life and accuracy

But...dragon claw was more than enough .........
[Image: adios_kangust.png]


Dragon claw!!!

Leave to aldebaran with 1 ps !!

rock smash!!!!

low his defense
Is now very weak

Another dragon claw !!!!




his dead!!!!!!

it's over!!!

Sheldon has been defeated !!!



This is the first time I will show how I release 1 pokemon u.u
I hope and be the only one
[Image: lierando_kangust.png]
I want to cry ... but the nuzlocke must continue

for the honor of kangust of course I'm going to end it !!!

I will use my first "token" to trade a Pokemon in the WT

i will give my gligar (Delta)

If someone sees it, please tell me ; w;
And for gligar have given me ....
[Image: intercambio.png]
A tonemy


We will call him


I will trust that he will be able to do good things for the nuzlocke uwu
[Image: hippodon.png]
Obviously I cant name him cuz he come in a trade,but we will refer to him in that way XD
Now let's get out of this city that looks like teo got lost

What the heck is happening now !! D:
Ow ....
[Image: jofeo.png]
This looks F****** up  .-.
Sheldon is worrying about his home

I think is truth that about...
you do not know what you have until a nuclear disaster threatens to destroy it

We still have half an hour so I will go on route 11 and then to the anthell

I like this guy XD
Although I was scared the first time I played because I had the headphones at full volume ;-;
[Image: inventor.png]
Let's go route 11 XD

But before for the lucky egg 7w7

The route nine yen very good pokemon so I trust that I will get something good and useful

And the first pokemon of the route is !!!

Trawpint !!!

I do not like it: 'c

But anyway, the rules are the rules
Trapped and ... ..I think this image says it all :v
[Image: birdo.png]
I already have the lucky egg and I will give it to hikari to make her stronger

Now on Route 11
I'm the only badass that goes on bike Bv
[Image: badass.png]
This is a new route and I'm treading it for the first time so I'm technically i can catch ....

Nuclear ekans....

Oh well, direct to the pc :v

Nop...Critical hit

Thanks hikari :v

Is all infested with nuclear pokemon and i don't have repel .-.

The good thing is that my father will heal me after every major fight (finally he does something :'v)

And my only option is hikari since it almost does not hurt by the nuclear-type

The last arbok and barand were easy for dogge and hikari and finally I have the HM04

It's time to go to the place that I hate most of the region

First against the trainers of route 9 and then to take the train XD
Question....why is there sunshine if it is night? .-.
[Image: logica.png]
Just arrived and now evolves? XD

[Image: evolucion.png]
......ok, as always the game has been frozen!

im luck,i save after finishing route 11: v

I finally came to burole town and I can say that this return was quite good

...... but I do not say it because kangust died :'v

I hope you liked it and the day we ended up with that team:

Stuart (Kinetmunk): lv 32

Dogge (Ninflora): lv 31

Hikari (dunsparce): lv 31

Aldebaran (baaschaf): lv 33

Tiburcio (Tubjaw): lv 30

Hippodon (Tofurang): lv 20
See you on Thursday with a new chapter XD

Keep cool guys :'v
[Image: uranium_team.png]
Ehhh, sorry BCRKangust, I'm late >,<


RIP Kangust, we will nenver forget you ;w;
Sorry I'm late to the party, had some family stuff going on.... Sad

Congrats on beating Sheldon, even though it came at quite the cost... Sad ... poor Kangust.

Good luck on the rest of your journey!
Chapter #8
The curse of the forest

Good afternoon people!! I know, I'm uploading this very very late considering the schedule that I said I would, but for more that I think that at last everything calmed down there is something that gives me a slap and shows me the opposite.

Basically,for today's chapter I'm going to try to defeat the next gym leader :'v

Time to go to amatree town 


Without exaggeration, I'm supposed to do his quick and this damn arbok does not die so easily .-. 

[Image: arbok.png]

Finally I defeat that arbok (after 10 turns .-.) and now I will enter in that forest

the place that I hate since I played this game XD 

The trainers start to be a problem 

They are already at the same level as my team and it starts to be difficult 

I'm afraid this will end here :/

But come on, I know it will not be like this!

 now im here in route 10
[Image: selva.png]
And the first pokemon of this route that I will take from the grass will be ... .. Quetzoral!!! Is a very good pokemon Big Grin (although it will not be useful for anything in ths gym and I already have dragon-type :'v)

[Image: quetzoral.png]

A luxury ball was more than enough to catch him And I will call it ...... quetzalcoatl! Quetzalcoatl is a prehispanic god so it looks pretty good XD (I hope it does not end like its legend :'v) 

[Image: quetzalcoatll.png]

Only fits quetzalcoa ...... oh well :v
we will continue to call him for his name :p
Again I will cure in burole o....... I will have to spend my potions :/
...oh well,im gonna use the potions 'cuz I have 45 (thanks Stuart) The bad thing is the PP so I have to go out to the PC many times :/
Im in the anthell, so I can catch a new pokemon

And is......


[Image: smore.png]
I don't dislike him, it's the one I like most about the insect's trio XD
I  killed him....
let's continue the anthell :'v
Several trainers with insects here come perfect for hikari and his ancient power XD
With so many hippodon battles will be a strong offensive XD
A couple of battles and ....
Tiburcio has evolved !!!!!
[Image: evo_tiburcio.png]
Now I have an excellent defensive wall (Take that D.T! :v)(....sorry for that joke XD)
I will continue with this place
Now that I think of it ...... how can it rain inside a cave ?! .-.
[Image: lluviaenlacueva.png]
I guess it will be the same reason why there is strong sun in the night :v
Let's continue
I do not know how long I've been but I finally get to that damn town in the middle of nowhere XD
I finally got toxic
I'll show it to hippodon for obvious reasons XD
And now to the anthell (again) to look for the leader
With so many berries that I found in the jungle I bought the most repellents because I am at a somewhat dangerous level (the leader is level 38 and my pokemon are already around  lv35)
The worst thing is that I could not dodge any of the trainers of this place .-.
Ow....this does not look good .-.
[Image: nidop.png]
That begins to shake begins to look worse
ok...this is already on terrible scales D:
[Image: erriblemene_mal.png]
Seikamater !!!
The queen of the insect of tandor!!!
[Image: seikamaerl.png]
My strategy:
poison her with hippodon and attack with Tiburcio and hikari

I could poison her, but getting Tiburcio was a bad idea (bugs are stronge against tiburcio :'v)
so everything is in the hands of hikari (if she has hands..)

Hikari I hold the hits of seikamater very well and with 2 hits and the toxic seikamater fell and finally it is time to face the leader!!! (After passing his gym puzzle :'v)
Now that hipodon has enough level to defend itself I will only give REP.EXP to hikari because I really want have a dragon-type so strong
(Should include quetzalcoatl to the team? Tell me
what you think 7w7)
*time later,in the gym*
... and Stuart is dead ...... IT CANT BE, A CRITICAL HIT
[Image: ADIOS_STUART.png]
.....well,no more free items for me ;-;
at the moment I pass the leader because i want go to burole to get some pokemon to train him and join the team.
Birdo....i don't like birdo and i don' have anything good in the pc
so I'll use the WT to change it (using my second exchange voucher) And by birdo give me a ...... 
[Image: segundo_cambio.png]
... another owten ... now i'll return it :v
And they give me !! ..... 
[Image: segundo_cambio_de_nuevo.png]
.......Wt please I want a pokemon that does not have .-. 
[Image: segundo_cambio_de_nuevo_de_nuevo.png]
...This is a joke, right? .-.
And now what will be ....
[Image: segundo_cambio_REAL.png]
FINALLY!!! AND A VERY GOOD POKEMON!! ..wait a second., ... .PROF.PROFALES ARE YOU ?? !! D:
Now back to the gym (Another 5 minutes later) And i finally pass the gym puzzle Prof.girafales II (actually Pro.Gi.II :v) was going to evolve but I have not saved and I do not want to lose anything of today
I'm ready for the leader !!!!!
[Image: lider.png]
...but not today, for today the chapter has finished XD
And our team ended up like that:
Dogge (Ninflora): lv 35
Hikari (dunsparce): lv 37
Aldebaran (baaschaf): lv 36
Tiburcio (Tubjaw): lv 36
Hippodon (Tofurang): lv 38
Pro.Gi.II (barewl): lv 15
 I hope you liked it and see you in the next episode XD
(Which will surely be in a while or tomorrow)

Keep cool and thanks for the support B)

[Image: uranium_team.png]
(02-23-2017, 07:06 PM)Akexus Wrote: Ehhh, sorry BCRKangust, I'm late >,<


RIP Kangust, we will nenver forget you ;w;

No need to worry XD
And I thought that kangust would reach the end :/

Thanks for the support XD
[Image: uranium_team.png]
(02-28-2017, 01:20 PM)EeveeBailey Wrote: Sorry I'm late to the party, had some family stuff going on.... Sad

Congrats on beating Sheldon, even though it came at quite the cost... Sad ... poor Kangust.

Good luck on the rest of your journey!

There is an epidemic of problems everywhere :'v
Thank you, but I think underestimate him, did not think he would have so much strength
Anyway, of the mistakes one learns
thanks for the support XD
[Image: uranium_team.png]

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