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Game Recommendation
Hi people. I come here to talk about a game I play for a while: Yu-gi-oh duel generations. Duel Generations its a game made by Konami from the card game Yu-gi-oh. There you can duel against duelists in the campaing in all Yu-gi-oh series: The classic, GX, 5Ds, Zexal and the most recent: Yu-gi-oh Arc-V. Its free to everyone play and buy boosters to gain cards and customize your own deck.

Another good thing: You can have multiple types of decks, to diferent ocasions, that way you dont need to remake a deck of yours. And game follow the actual rules from the card game, so that game will help you to understand the rules with a tutorial. 

And this game have a multiplayer system to fight against opponents across the world. If you like Yu-gi-oh, and you search for a good game, you should try this one. Its free for download for Android and IOS.
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I absolutely refuse to buy anything from Konami. They are among the worst publishers of games in the world, right beside Warner Brothers, Activision, and EA. I strongly suggest not to support any of their products, until you do a bit of research into how much of a wanker this corporation really is.
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I agree. Nintendo is very questionable but their games are good 90% of the time. (I enjoyed Pokémon Moon way more than I thought I would).
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Kogeki currently ability to active in battles: Anticipation.

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