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[Meta thread] Iron's PokeRole Adventure: The Skull Ruins
(01-25-2021, 03:19 PM)Iron Wrote: Does Delta Houndoom exist in the other campaigns?

At my request, it does in Shattered Earth!  Mostly because the character I'm playing in SE is Natalia, Nathan's daughter, and No One likes crossovers.  There's a few timey wimey shenanigans involved to justify the character's presence in the campaign, though. (Thanks again for working with me on that, No One!) Before the game even began, Natalia ended up separated from the D-Houndour that her dad had given her as her first pokemon, so her first major goal is to find them and keep them out of trouble!

No D-Houndour in Primal Shadows as of yet, but there's always a chance I could decide to add it or other pokemon from Skull Ruins in later.
Interesting...along with Nathan there are others members of the Skull Ruins?
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(01-25-2021, 06:59 PM)Spiritmon Wrote: Interesting...along with Nathan there are others members of the Skull Ruins?

No, it's just Natalia that's in SE.  And it's unlikely we'll see Natalia here in SR because that's very much future events that are outside the scope of this campaign.
Oh, thanks guys. I was kinda thrown off when clicking the notification took me to the Skull Ruins meta thread, lol. Yeah, Natalia's a character in the campaign. When I asked Dragon if he'd be interested to play in SE, he said that he'd think about it, and eventually he came back asked me if I'd be cool with him using someone linked to SR. As Dragon said, I love crossovers, so I worked with him on it, and I attributed any changes/irregularities/inconsistencies to time travel/alternate realities and other weirdy space bendy shit like that. He then asked if it was cool for him to use the Delta Houndour that came up in SR, and I was open to that, but I made it something that Natalia would encounter later on rather than a starter cos I wanted everyone to use three stage mons as their starters. I'm really flexible when it comes to that kind of stuff, (though restrictive in many other ways, as you could probably see if you were to read through the game channel in our discord server) so I was more than happy to put it in. Kinda sad that I joined the community too late to join SR, but I assume there will be other campaigns that I could get involved in, so that's all good. Still haven't caught up with reading the Skull Ruins campaign, but it'll happen soon.
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