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[Meta thread] Iron's PokeRole Adventure: The Skull Ruins
Hello tabletop RPG fans, and those curious about tabletop roleplaying! Noob or veteran, this post is for you.

It's been about a month since we started talking about a tabletop session on these forums, so I thought I'd also throw my hat into the ring as GM.

(Dies Irae, you are absolutely welcome to continue your hosting plans. The worlds of Pathfinder and Pokemon are very different, and I suspect we'll even have enough people interested for both.)

This will be a play-by-post PokeRole campaign...sort of. Their rules would not work well on a forum, and need polishing, so I've changed them quite a bit. I've built an online character sheet template and done some experimenting.

[Image: a10b1d8310fa3ae77887e329135dc33c.png]

You should plan to visit the campaign once a day. If you can't commit to at least every other day most of the time, this probably won't work out for you (you could play as a noncombatant if you want). Obviously, missing days here and there are fine, and I will do the same myself.

If I can get three or more interested people, the campaign will start on April 9th.
1. Phantom
2. Lord Windos
3. Dragonstrike
4. Larry
5. Dies Irae

I've changed a lot of rules to make the game faster, simpler to learn, better for forums, and better for a group of people.

I want it to be where you can just post an action and as GM I will decide how to go about it, taking any suggestions into account.

This rules post details my Summary of each section, so you can learn the basics of play from this post alone. Then I detail my Forum Adaptations, which differ from the rulebook.

You may wish to read pages 5 to 83 in the PokeRole doc, making note of houserule changes. You can skip the fluff, since you are all already familiar with the world of Pokemon.

I've tried to write these rules in priority order. Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it, and I will be around to help.

Feel free to ask questions!
Ah, so we're gonna throw in a pokerole one too? Sounds interesting. I like it. I might just join in on this one too.
I'd love to have you. I have lots of plans.
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Tabletop RPG PokeRole:
"I encourage Sceptile to branch out."
Tips for Roleplaying On A Forum
  • Don't sweat the small stuff! Everything takes longer on the forums than around the gaming table. As GM, I won't make you roll for things you are extremely likely to succeed on anyway. As players, you can skip things like food management, tiny details, and quibbling.

  • Facilitate the pacing! Another speed related issue is to pack as much content into one post as you can, instead of waiting for a predictable response. For example, if you meet an NPC, don't make a post just saying "Hello!" to the NPC. Instead, ask for his name, tell him your quest, and ask him if he's up for battle, all in one post! That way if I only log in once that day, I can still move things along!

  • Don't godmod/quarterback! It might be tempting to speed things up by saying what all the other players do. Be careful with this, because it can suck the fun dry if one party member is always calling alllllll the shots, making it impossible for you to play with the characteristics you envisioned for yourself.

  • Do use conditional phrasing! "I go into the tunnel" is fine, but "I go into the tunnel, search for Mewtwo, and try to TAKE HIM DOWN!" is way better!

  • Don't be yourself! Hey, you're all great people, but feel free to play a character who is totally opposite you! One advantage of play-by-post is how much time you receive to work on your responses. Crafting that perfect witty response becomes so much easier.
Chime in if you have play by post experience contributing to tips like these.
Current project:
Tabletop RPG PokeRole:
"I encourage Sceptile to branch out."
To clarify something: The easiest way to do a character sheet is just to save a copy of the google drive character sheet to your own google drive. Then you can link me to it and I will always see the most up to date character sheet. You'll need a google account for this.

1. Log into your google account.

2. Open the google doc template,

3. File > Make a copy. It gives you a chance to rename it, so you can add your character name and/or forum name.

4. Now you need to make sure I have permission to see it. Click the blue "share" button in the top right corner. Then "Get Shareable Link". It will automatically set link sharing to on. You must then copy the link and send it to me or post it in your introduction post!

If anyone tries this, let me know that it works.

If you don't want to use Google Drive, that's fine, but remember that I need an up-to-date copy of your sheet always available to me. You can use Dropbox, a forum attachment, whatever, but keep it up to date.
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Tabletop RPG PokeRole:
"I encourage Sceptile to branch out."
Any prospective players need an example of what a decent character's story might look like?  Need some inspiration or similar for yours?  Maybe you just need to know what kind of trainer other players are before you make yours?  Well, maybe my character's backstory can help ya with that.  I'd like to introduce Nathan, a newbie trainer from the starting town of Trillium.  Here's the backstory:

A rather emotional and lonesome 16 year old from the town of Trillium who's almost never seen outside without at least a light jacket on no matter the weather and temperature, Nathan's mostly kept to himself throughout his life. He was never really all that interested in adventuring with a pokemon of his own, but all that changed the day he met Ralts. Nobody knows why a Ralts was in the area, as the species is not known to inhabit the wilds of that area, nor is it an incredibly common species to begin with. Despite that, Nathan encountered Ralts, battered and beaten, while he was out for a rare stroll on one of the trails at the base of Mt. Molten. He couldn't let the little guy stay that way, and rushed him to the nearest pokemon center for treatment, not letting the rain nor the Absol following him through the forest slow him down. Ralts has been incredibly attached to Nathan ever since, and the little guy has certainly grown on him, even if it hasn't really improved his social skills all that much. He wonders who or what left Ralts in such a state though, and is determined to find out, one way or another.

He's a nimble and smart guy, but don't expect him to take a lot of punishment.  Much like his Ralts, actually.  Don't expect him to be super friendly with everyone to begin with either.  He just wants to find out what the heck happened to Ralts the day he met him.  

And boom, there ya go.  Maybe this gave you some ideas on how the party met?  Or maybe a general idea for your character as a whole?  Or maybe there's other people who are somewhat close to him that have yet to be mentioned in his backstory(if you want to go that route, you'll have to arrange that with me)?  I hope this has been helpful in some way!
thanks Dragon! All are welcome to arrange your backgrounds together as you please. I'll post some region info when I am on a real keyboard, hopefully in three or four hours.
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Tabletop RPG PokeRole:
"I encourage Sceptile to branch out."
We'll be playing in the region of Creshire.

Professor Mallorn rules a "modest" science business empire from the starting town of Trillium in the north. He rides his Rapidash down Breakneck Ridge to the twin capital cities of Cress and Stair City, bearing trade goods and Pokemon, for sale or for study.

He's agreed to provide any of you who need one with a Pokemon from any region (except Alola, I am thinking, but some exceptions could be made).
He can sell you a Pokedex for a mere $1300, an incredible bargain, starting week only.

The Creshire region is mostly home to Kanto and Johto Pokemon. More species become common as you get farther from the starting city. Tandormon exist too.

The region is mountainous to the north and levels out to the sea. Desert to the west, forest to the east, plains to the south.

Creshire hosts both an Elite Four/Pokemon League and a Championship Tournament. Anyone can compete in the tournament. To challenge the Elite Four you need 6 gym badges, but there are more than 6 gym leaders. Gym leaders are more likely to have exotic Pokemon.

Some of the notable features:
[*]Mt. Sentry, honeycombed with caverns, including a cave which connects the twin capitals.
[*]The Skull Ruins, the barrow downs of ancient royalty. Rumored to be very deep.
[*]Vapor Falls and the great river running to it.
[*]The regional sport of Shuckleball!

I've got the whole world sketched out on the back of a napkin so you can ask me any details you need for background creation.
Current project:
Tabletop RPG PokeRole:
"I encourage Sceptile to branch out."
Thanks a lot to IRON for running a session of PokeRole in the first place! You already have my sheet.

Oooooohh, @Dragonstrike, I have the feeling that Nathan and Shiva, who will be my Chara, will have little of a hard time getting along with one another... This will be interesting!  C:

I don't know how detailed a created Chara is usually, but I ended up with the following and I feel quite well how it turned out. Ehm, try to be nice to her and she will be nice to you as well...

"Anything can be art. Anything can be self-expression. Now take your weapon and run with it"
- Gerard Way

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