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[Meta thread] Iron's PokeRole Adventure: The Skull Ruins
Hmm now what I should do? I learn from previous experiences that buff himself against a horde of Pokemon its not a good thing. But Tailwind could use some work here right now to help everyone get above in the initiative a bit.

Also, @Iron I forgot to mentioned that Quetzal is holding Leftlovers and Doublade Wide Lens. Gonna need extra accuracy in that Shields. Any ideas everyone about what to do?
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(1 hour ago)Lord Windos Wrote:
(1 hour ago)Dragonstrike Wrote: Insurgence Delta Charizard is Ghost/Dragon, iirc.

Ah! Then kill it with another Dragon! That's the sorta of thing the most viscious of those species like!

Joking aside, are you REALLY going to catch that thing, Dragonstrike? I mean, Terra won't throw a fit over it, but he's going to be giving you odd looks for a little while for getting such a horrifying creature, given that sort of thing is not your chara's thing (Its a Dragon, but there must be limits to how far affinity can stretch to make something 'good' in one's eyes, right).

Or I could use Ice. Wink Or Fairy. Dark works too, as would another Ghost.

Though I imagine that Mega Stone is gonna complicate things...Insurgence does some wacky stuff with its original creations.

It may be horrifying and a Skull Ruins Ghost, but it's still a pokemon just the same. The Delta Charmander line is actually one of Torren's starters, believe it or not.
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