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[Meta thread] Iron's PokeRole Adventure: The Skull Ruins
(03-11-2021, 04:33 PM)Lord Windos Wrote:
Thank you, dear! And don't forget Terra now! He's done a lot for the fairy maiden too, you know~

Sorry about that! Yes, we can do that scene anytime you wish, if you rather have it done with some RP rather than you just having Ventus give them to Shiva.

Oh right, Terra too, indeed!~ He's fondly resting in my memories as the guy that did such a great job making sure Shiva's fine, safe and protected, as well as a worthy successor of the empathic Pokemon Sociologist <3 I fear Shiva herself never really expressed it (unfortunately), but she's more than thankful for his presence and aid!

I, uh, don't have any scene concerning that in mind, it sounded like you had, dear? After all, Shiva in-chara has no idea at all about that TM, all she does know is to meet Ven sometime at the place they had their first date at.
...Which is actually something I can let her do and state in-game rather soon to have that resolved, might do that within the next few days if you're okay with that.
"Anything can be art. Anything can be self-expression. Now take your weapon and run with it"
- Gerard Way

[Image: tumblr_ojj74xpbFJ1vh0d58o1_540.png]
(03-12-2021, 11:00 AM)Iron Wrote: I don't know if I've thanked you all enough when the adventure really ended last year, but it has been great fun! I'll type up an overview of the postgame plot stuff I already had planned and people can toss in their description of any scene they want.

Playing in SR had its ups and downs, but it was definitely a fun experience overall.  I'm glad I found this forum and got to join up with you guys in the roleplay section.  I didn't think it would lead to as many play-by-post roleplay games as it has, but I think it's safe to say that we've all been inspired by the effort to some degree.

CCV, MCM, PS, SE (still gotta remind No One to update the summary thread here) have ultimately all come about because of SR, and there's still additional supporting material for some of these games that Windos and I have been slow cooking in the oven (speaking of which, don't forget about my other little project that I mentioned once upon a time, @Lord Windos!  I'm still gathering info for it just in case we ever have a chance to run it).  We've had so many characters and stories come about because of these games, and it's also kinda been developing into its own complex corner of the pokeverse, I guess?  I mean, it's canon that there's multiverse theory in pokemon, so why not?

There were a lot of music tracks that I never used during the course of the campaign, and some of the ones I picked out might never have an appropriate time to be unveiled, but it's definitely been fun thinking of what fits which situations, and I'm mostly happy with what the UOST looks like so far.  I may even use some of the unused tracks for other stuff in the future, now that I'm reviewing them again (man, I wish I'd labeled them better back then, before Brawl's channel got zapped out of existence...)  Sprinkling in the occasional track from everyone else also helped keep things varied beyond what I usually like to listen to, which is definitely something I can appreciate about the UOST (I still remember how surprised I was when Iron threw in tracks of his own during the Seikamater section).  If anyone attempts the E4 challenge (I still might, for example!), I've got some stuff picked out for that which I hope will be fun and help make each battle a little more atmospheric.

Once the big post game plot summary goes up, I hope that we can wrap up the big group points together and bring the larger story to a satisfactory conclusion.  After so many teases about the King and the Eye, being on the verge of reuniting the Lake Trio, and hearing that the Water Scimitars might be more of a danger than the Earth Scimitars ever were (to the point of possibly even being involved in character backstories), I'm still quite interested in seeing how it will all play out.

Speaking of characters, it's also been interesting to see all the ideas everyone's had for the characters they've created.  From the (mostly) normal stuff in SR to the zanier ideas in CCV and PS.  Seeing all the ideas has been a joy overall, and there's so many character ideas that I love conceptually.  I definitely look forward to seeing more in the future, because I don't think this train is fully stopping any time soon with all the ideas we've had so far for characters and campaigns.

If there's any one thing I hope to see in the future, though it's Iron joining us as a player instead of a GM just to see his take on that perspective!


The short of it, though: thank you for running the Skull Ruins campaign and inspiring all of us, Iron.

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