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[Game thread] Skull Ruins Pokerole
"This isn't really my area of expertise, but I'll forward that list to the League. If you need muscle, I can help. Steel resists Psychic, and my Metagross are all but immune to it."

"I do have the photos developed. Here you go, Nathan, Calam."

The photos on the old disposable camera show a young Dizzy with his Almanac buddy, who is usually just a pair of boots in the frame, or a hand. Lots of pics of Dizzy running ahead, or napping in the little hideaway, or battling recreationally. Seems like the Almanac workers had a loooot of battles, just for fun. Any serious mission battles aren't photographed. Seems Dizzy was quite popular with the Almanac workers, and half these photographs are actually rather incriminating as the guards cheerfully let Dizzy go where he pleased. There are also a lot of photos of accidents, things the worker broke (sometimes while battling) or screwed up. The camera covers many months, and you get to see Dizzy grow up.

It's mostly happy photos, overall. Dagny doesn't really see it that way, and just mentions how she's run facial recognition programs on those photographed and turned their names over to law enforcement. But to you and Shiva, it's a good profile of how Dizzy lived as the Infiltrator. It's also nice to see a group that doesn't hate Absol automatically.

Almost all of this is from the perspective of Almanac, not so much the Scimitar side of the organization. There are occasional mages in frame, but mostly it's laboratories and warehouses. You'd have to know a little about Scimitars to piece together just how strong the connection was. There are a few things revealed, though:

-Scims had access to Nuclear types
-Scims were experimenting with MSC akin to the stuff that trapped Marco, and things akin to Snag'em Balls
-The Strength HM is contained within that lab
-Scims have their own lab akin to Laurelin's fossil workshop, and certainly have the capability to alter Pokemon.
-There's even a bulletin board covered in blurry photos of every Legendary pokemon.
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(10-14-2019, 05:37 PM)Dragonstrike Wrote: (...) Water Password?  Earth Password?  Nathan's honestly a little lost when Shiva discusses those with Dagny.  This is the first he's heard of them...
"...and what's that Earth Password for, Shiva?" (...)

Shiva has a sly and somewhat arcane smile on her face as she answers, her fairy-like nature shines through. "Oh, that will show itself. On Garlicburg. Hopefully. It's nothing to worry about too much!" She's evasive towards further questions.

She's loving the pictures of Dizzy though!!~ They're just too cute, and it pleases her that the Infiltrator was that successfull and the Almanac Guards let him roam around freely. Shiva's also especially liking that she's getting a good view into their laboratories. "Say, Dagny, Nathan.... Can I possibly, maybe, have some photo prints of these? The ones who gave the task of recommending a species for the infiltrator may want to see those." Or alternatively, Dagny could just send them to Golda and Wir, properly encrypted of course.
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[Image: tumblr_ojj74xpbFJ1vh0d58o1_540.png]
"Some help with rounding them up would definitely be appreciated.  It should also be noted that the Kadabra are pretty clever.  They're prepared for disadvantageous matchups with moves like Foul Play and Signal Beam, and they protect themselves with barriers.  They were once human, after all.  Still are to some degree, I bet, even though they definitely don't remember it."


Nathan doesn't respond to Shiva's question initially because he's staring at these photos very carefully.

The one that appears to be featuring prototype snag machines (Team Snagem [yes, it's one word with no additional punctuation] used bog standard pokeballs, actually.  The key to the organization's methods was the machines that disabled a pokeball's security systems, allowing the capture devices to be used on another trainer's pokemon) and pokeballs with crystallized MSC being used in them has the bulk of Nathan's attention at first.

"...oh, @#$&.  Don't tell me those are what I think they are..."

Nathan pulls out his journal and starts flipping through it until he reaches his section on Orre.  He compares some of the things he has written and drawn there to the photo... mistaking it.  The technology looks similar.  And if they're also experimenting with the crystallized MSC in pokeballs in the same picture...

"...that's bad.  That's really bad...Dagny, the Scimitars were experimenting with pokemon stealing technology when this picture was taken.  I'm 99% confident of it.  And if what happened with the Solosis and Reuniclus was any indication..."

Do they have some kind of connection to what's left of Cipher?  Or is this all just a coincidence?

And where the hell did the Scims get access to Nuclear pokemon?  All of the ones in the Creshire region should have been on Garlicburg, right?  Did they sneak in through the underground tunnels?  Was it an inside job?

The pokemon modification lab hardly comes as a surprise by comparison.  Knowing that the Water Scims are planning to modify a Genesect, and knowing that the Solosis and Reuniclus were modified with mechanical parts, them having a lab for stuff like that makes complete sense.

The STRENGTH HM being in Almanac Labs isn't a surprise either. The League can probably confiscate it from Almanac if they find it there. But is it still going to be there, or are the Scims going to move it?

And that bulletin board with the Legendary pokemon there any information that can be gleaned from it, or is the photo not detailed enough?
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"Count on me. Now that we know what makes the Kadabra Chambers so dangerous, we'll have them all back on the surface in no time. What to do with them then, though, I am not sure."

"Yes. I analyzed the pictures quite thoroughly. I'm pretty sure, not entirely sure but pretty sure, they didn't have a fully functioning prototype that could overwrite Bill's protections. Bill himself has already been notified, grumpy as he was to put aside whatever project he's working on right now. We've also increased the guard on Mallorn's research into those crystals Deoxys had. However, I am positive there's been no contact with Cipher. Interregional communications CANNOT be hidden from me."

Dagny can answer you about Strength: It wasn't there when they raided Almanac.

The photo of the Legendaries isn't very clear, but you can see that under each Legendary there's several documents or photos of locations. You can for sure see every Legendary that's been known to frequent Creshire. Others are less clear (Mewtwo isn't visible in the photo, for example, but it could be out of focus).
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