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Shiny Share Thread!
First shiny of Pokemon Legends: Arceus!

[Image: Z1abhmj.png]
Another shiny, this time on Pokemon Crystal (VC). This was from the Odd Egg, Cleffa's chance is around 3%, apparently.
Shiny Geodude that I got on LGE (Currently a Golem on SP)
-Edit 2-
Rest of my LA Shinies
[Image: Z1abhmj.png]
Was exploring Cerulean Cave to collect Mewtwo on Let's Go Eevee when I got this:
Used my Master Ball as all Poke's have a chance of running and did not want to lose a shiny. (Currently a Rhyperior on Legends: Arceus)
I have been playing a bit of Violet, got 10 shinies on it so far, no shiny charm yet. I usually post my shinies on r/shinypokemon but will share them here if I remember.
[Image: Z1abhmj.png]

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