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Owl's Blind Nuzlocke Challenge!
Hello everyone! I just started playing Uranium with no previous knowledge of the game until just the other day. I decided to do a blind Nuzlocke Challenge to make things all the more interesting!

I'll be documenting this playthrough via a story format. I'll upload the story in segments, but I hope you all enjoy!

My pokemon adventure!
Although most of the events/story sticks pretty close to the actual dialogue, etc, I may have
taken liberties in some cases to make things flow better and seem a bit more natural. Actual
outcome of events, however, will be recorded in truth (wins, losses, things like that).

Just a note but each entry is marked as "Day #", this is the actual day/night/whatever when I was playing the game.
Don't let that confuse you with days passing in the story (for example I sometimes mark a pokemon center visit as a finished in-game "day" to make the story timeline a bit more believable! )

Hope you enjoy! Big Grin


Quote:Well that concludes Day 1!! I'll upload Day 2 after I've finisheed getting through the writing/editing.
My first day I was pretty tired so there's not as much writing / RP as there could have been. You'll notice a big difference in Day 2's entry, however. There's more writing, RP, and character/pokemon interaction.

This is also my first time documenting a Nuzlocke, so I'd appreciate any feedback and whether or not you're enjoying it so far, and maybe what you'd like to see more of, if anything c:


Quote:Dundundun! What a cliffhanger! Calypso really took a pounding in that last battle. No one was expecting that Owten to land such powerful moves.

Part 2 of Day 2 will be up soon! What did you guys think of the adventure so far?

** Baez is pronounced "Bye-ez", for those who may have been wondering c: I cheated a little when struggling to come up with a name and seen that its evolution looks like a boar. The name means "Boar", haha XD
Very well done! Keep up the good work.
Thanks, @John Tsoukalos!
Working on leveling the team up, now c: I'll have another update shortly, prob by tomorrow haha.
(12-04-2016, 10:00 PM)owlsomniac Wrote: Thanks, @John Tsoukalos!
Working on leveling the team up, now c: I'll have another update shortly, prob by tomorrow haha.

Looking forward to it Smile
Not bad! Love how you throw some story in rather than just saying "I caught this on Route 1, we leveled up to this"... it's a nice blend between playthrough and fanfic!

Good luck on your journey!
Heh, I did not expect first day description too long :). You are writing in a interesting style. I like it. (At all, I prefer written stories more than videos :).) I think you are brave to start in a Nuzlock, especially without playing in regular mode before.

About names... what a coincidence, my Eletux had been called Ellie too :D (my starter is still called Ellie, but he is Eletruxo since he evolved). {Eletux had been called - is past perfect correct time?}

Good luck during your adventures. :)
Nekra88 at Pokemon Uranium Wiki.
I am looking for disable smileys (yellow circles) in all my posts and signatures forever. (I prefer text ones.)
I do not like discord. (This forum is clearer. In addition I am just registered here.)
Thanks! Big Grin I noticed that the program itself to run the game didn't come with a quick key to take screenshots, and was too lazy to try to do them myself and all that, haha. Plus, writing is more my medium anyway for story-telling (I RP a lot >_> ).

Anyway, thanks for commenting! The next update is going up today, soon, and there's much more story as promised. In fact, I had to break it up into 2 installments, haha!

Thank you! I prefer written or comics myself, too, over videos c: Though sometimes videos can be good if the person has a good sense of humor (but generally they aren't the best option for me imo ).

Elias is one of my fav names, and it seemed to fit because it's kind of a sweet name (and Eletux looks so cute!) But that is a coincidence! Haha. I'm hoping to have my Ellie evolve in the Day 3 installment, that is still a little bit away c:
New installment going up later today! c:
Good so far!  I really find it funny how there are curse words mixed in from time to time.  It really makes the story more realistic because if I was in the pokemon world, I sure would be using some of those words Tongue
@John Tsoukalos

Haha! Yeah xD My character isn't really too foul mouthed and tends to be pretty upbeat, if generally more on the realistic side. But there are definitely a couple situations where such words are necessary to express the moment! LOL

Thanks for reading Big Grin

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