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  Pokemon Uranium Discord Server
Posted by: YatagaryuCult - 03-14-2023, 06:16 PM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (3)

I realized there were absolutely no pokemon uranium discord servers out there and was wondering why.

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  D&D Monster: Dragonflesh Forged
Posted by: Spiritmon - 02-14-2023, 10:30 AM - Forum: Creativity - Replies (4)

Howdy Uranium community! How you all doing? I been doing good. I have been dming my own D&D campaigh, and people...its been wild. I might soon shared some of the stories that been happened with my players and me.

I might soon shared the plot and the setting here in the forums, but right now, I want to show you all one of my creations: The Dragonflesh Forged! Basically a humanoid who suffer experiments in the hands of evil Dragons in my campaigh called "Obsidian Dragons", a type of evil dragon with scales similar to a obsidian stone, and who also have Psionic Abilities.

Those Dragonflesh Forged were humanoid slaves who receive experiments in the hands of the Obsidian Dragons to be used as a main source of militar battle on a great war in my campaigh called "Obsidian War" who last for 300 years, and only end 30 years ago. Those beings could only be command by Obsidian Dragons, and when their masters was either killed or seal away, the Dragonflesh fleed, hiding either in the dark places, or hunting in the wild. They became animals, but with a rather limit level of a human, but very limited. They are like beasts and killing machines. And in certain events, they can evolve and become Dragonflesh Abominations, a more complete form as a dragon. There gonna be soon a stat block of this creature. You can use it in your table, or make any modifications you want!

Here the link for the stat block.

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  Christmas 2022 Mystery Gifts
Posted by: Iron - 12-26-2022, 12:00 AM - Forum: Rules and Official News - No Replies

He's coming to the server...
He's dropping off a Mystery Gift...
He's checking his list again...
He's dropping off a second Mystery Gift...

Santa Claus is here once again! And he's brought all the trappings of Christmas: Chinglings chiming, baubles shining, greenery bedecked with twinkling lights!

You can update by selecting Check for Updates on the main menu or by manually running the Patcher.exe file in your game folder. Then place your order for both gifts in the Mystery Gift section of the main menu and head to Macy's the Pokémart to pick them up!

❗ ❗  You will need to run your game's patcher in order to see the custom sprites! ❗ ❗

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  Pokemon Chess
Posted by: Chess Boards - 12-03-2022, 03:47 PM - Forum: Entertainment - Replies (1)

If anyone wondered if there was a chess set where instead of figures you would have pokemon figures - then the answer is yes there have Big Grin

[Image: p7671-710-09832-01-full.jpg]
some more of these can be found below, some interesting choices for who would the king , rook or bishop


which pokemon would you choose to be a king and a queen if it was up to you? Or figures in your best scenario?
Black :
king: Mewtwo
Queen: Mew
Bishop: Alakazam
Knight: Golduck
Rook: Gengar

king: Rhydon
Queen: Dragonair
Bishop: Charizard
Knight: Seadra
Rook: Snorlax

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  Porting and transfering save data
Posted by: caseyts119 - 11-26-2022, 04:00 PM - Forum: Help Desk - Replies (3)


So i recently upgraded my OS and it can no longer run wine staging which i use to run the game. i used a porting kit to be able to open the game again however non of my save file transfered, is there any way to transfer it or should i be finding a different work around.

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Posted by: LordOfTheKazoos - 11-21-2022, 03:05 PM - Forum: Battle and Trade - No Replies

Im Looking for a mystery gift pokemon and dulplicats

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  Easter egg time!
Posted by: RingPlaysYT - 11-14-2022, 07:45 PM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (1)

Assuming you all know the game Undertale, if you are in a cave and press up and down at the same time you would do the Murder Dance as it is referred to. This would flash the up sprite and the down sprite very rapidly and increase Pokemon spawn rates by 300% but only if you were in a cave and up against a north wall.

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  Spooky Season 2022 Mystery Gift!
Posted by: PhantomUnderYourDesk - 11-01-2022, 11:04 AM - Forum: Rules and Official News - Replies (1)

[Image: 1027275932240707627.gif?size=96&quality=lossless]
~~ One from above, one from below. A witch from the heavens, a curse of undertow. This Halloween, we've brought you a trick and two treats. The trick is to update first ya fools, if you want your stone witch and sea ghouls. ~~

This year, we have two Mystery Gifts for you. As usual, you will need to update your game to receive them. You will not be able to claim them until after running your patcher. You can update either by selecting 'Check for updates' on the main menu or by manually running the Patcher file in your game folder. We hope you enjoy your treats and have a safe Halloween!

[Image: 472256429894533120.gif?size=96&quality=lossless]You MUST update your game for this Mystery Gift, otherwise the special skin will not show! [Image: 472256429894533120.gif?size=96&quality=lossless]

PS, saying 'Atargatis' three times in front of a mirror may prompt a visit from her next time you visit the sea.

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  Pokémon Sunday
Posted by: Rexenm - 10-18-2022, 05:44 AM - Forum: Everything goes - No Replies

I scream, with a share on top. 

I was thinking about a stupid thing, then I thought of a sport.

Name three Pokémon, then use two of those Pokémon,

With a Pokémon stat deference, in the next shot.

So it is like this:

Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle.


Bulbasaur, Pikachu, Charmander.


You might want to offer some support, with a little hypothesis. 

Water is obviously common, but with a little charge, it is as right as rain. 

There we go, forum.

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  Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Discussion
Posted by: Mikaruge108 - 10-10-2022, 03:25 PM - Forum: Everything goes - Replies (7)

Well, we are now slightly more than a month away from the release of Generation IX. What are everyone's thoughts on the new games?

Personally, even though the graphics look fantastic, Pokemon Legends: Arceus/Shining Pearl *will* be the last official game that I play for Pokemon, for the following reasons:
1.) It just seems to me that Game Freak isn't quite sure where they want to take Scarlet and Violet, and are cramming a lot of different things into it, from some Far Cry-style gameplay (Taking over the villainous team's bases), some traditional JRPG gameplay and other shenanigans. Cramming essentially 3 games into one doesn't necessarily make the product better. >_>
2.) They *still* seem to not want to put all the Pokemon into the game, with a current leak stating only 400 of the extant creatures (around 100 of them being new) being in the new games. They were able to put all the ones that existed as of Sun and Moon and US/UM into those games, so no excuses other than money-grubbing, hoping people will continue to use Pokemon Home for 'mons not supported.

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