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  Is this Ban-Worthy?
Posted by: TheTainted_Wisdom - 01-08-2020, 04:08 PM - Forum: Help Desk - Replies (4)

Okay, so I just became aware a few days ago that the Nuclear Actan is still kicking around in some capacity.

Let's say, hypothetically, I or anyone else were to somehow get my hands on one. Be it via Wonder Trade by some miracle, tweaking files to get rid of the patches that prevent the glitch that made catching it possible, or just straight-up hacking one from a Chiynmunk if I somehow figured out how to do that.

If this Actan were to attempt to be traded in the GTS, or set up on a Virtual Trainer team... Would that get my file/game banned from online use? I've gotten the message "you have been banned from online play/services" erroneously before so I know it's possible. I just don't want to go through the effort of trying to get something awesome only get completely and utterly locked out of the game's online community just for doing so. I also don't relish the idea of going through a ton of effort only for the Virtual Trainer I try to make to just get banned and disappear anyway.

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  Virtual Trainer Suggestions/ID numbers
Posted by: TheTainted_Wisdom - 01-07-2020, 06:01 PM - Forum: Battle and Trade - No Replies

So I've been working on breeding some mons with solid stats and moves all the way to LV 100 anyway. So I figured that after discovering how to create multiple save files I'd create some novelty Virtual Trainers that people could fight for fun.

I'm already working towards a Curie-themed VT (albeit really slowly) with Urayne, Pajay, Gliscor, Xenoqueen, Jerbolta, Mega Arbok, Mega Baariette, Mega Gyarados, etc. as considerations (All nuclear obviously) Minus Nucleon since the rival and most VTs have it anyway. Or maybe even a shiny Lavent if I can find one just for shiggles.

Another one would be an Eviolite-focused one with things like Cubblfly, Gligar, Cararalm, Sableau, Corsola, Folerog, Dearewl, Skelerogue, Misdreavus, Palij, Primape, etc. all with Eviolite.

A stall VT with Umbreon, Lanthan, Seikamater, Corsoreef, etc.

And lastly a Malevolent/Dark/Ghost mon VT with things like Chainite, Mega Gyarados/Baariette/Dramsama, Mismagius, Beliaddon, Navighast, Vilucard, Sableye, and Oblivicorn.

I was also considering some meme and even juvenile joke pokemon like my Fafninter nicknamed "TRoosevelt" or getting a female Aromatisse so I could have it say "Can-can dancer"/"Slut"/"Hooker" Used "Attract!"/"Captivate!", "Penis" Used "Harden!", "Emo" Used "Cut!" (yes I know that move isn't in the game, it's just an example) that kind of thing.

Do any of you have suggestions of what a funny or interesting combination of Pokemon, Moves, Abilities, Names, etc. You'd like to see as virtual trainers? And what would your ideal combination of 'mons consist of? (I know that the VT AI isn't exactly Chess Grandmaster levels of strategic and all, but this is more for novelty than anything else).

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  Stall: SLAC Guide
Posted by: Tanamar - 01-04-2020, 08:27 PM - Forum: Competitive Discussion - Replies (3)

Stall in Uranium – SLAC review
If you are following the UCC (Uranium Competitive Collective), Uraniums dedicated server for all things competitive related, you might have seen the acronym „SLAC“ being used (mostly with a side of disgust) and you might have wondered what this „SLAC“ really is. Well SLAC describes the team composition of S51-A, Luxelong, Antarki and Corsoreef and is generally accepted to be the most successful attempt at stall in Uraniums battle sim so far. I, the „inventor“ of SLAC will guide you in this thread through the process of how SLAC was made, why and how it works, what you can do against it and an outlook on how stall in Uranium might evolve in the future.
Ever since I learned about the existence of the battle sim of Uranium, I‘ve been one of the more active players on it and back then the sim had a lot more missing features and bugs. One of the missing features was an updated list of hazard removal in Uranium. During that period the only hazard removal we had were the S51-line and the Snopach-line (and maybe Hazma with Defog but we never used it back then). Well there was also the Ratsy-line but we had some sort of unspoken rule not to use the rat that was even more busted back then due to the sim not having the nuclear moves correctly implemented (Fission Burst had no drawbacks and a 20% flinch chance). In general there were some rules based on trust not to abuse obviously broken stuff like Belly Drum and without these rules it would have been impossible to create a functional stall team.
Back to the hazard removal options or rather option: S51-A
S51-A was basically required for a functional team if you weren‘t running hyper offense due to the fact that it was the only viable hazard removal you could use and had a fantastic typing to prevent a random Xenoqueen from sweeping you. During that time I met someone on the sim called Jabuloso and in the effort to create the strongest team we discovered for ourselves that Luxelong and S51-A formed an incredible defensive backbone for a team, being able to cover each others weaknesses while also providing cleric support for the team due to Luxelongs access to Wish and Heal Bell. This went on for a while until I battled someone on the sim called Banter (Ten Graves on Discord). He used a Calm Mind Antarki and destroyed me with it. So after that demonstration I dug a little deeper into Antarki and realized that it was the perfect counter to the SpDef UFO that was basically omnipresent at that point. Shortly after that I found myself in quite a few games where scarf Chimaconda was a huge problem for my team and the counter I tried prior wasn‘t sufficient enough, that being Pajay. I started looking through the dex and realised that Corsoreef was basically a hard counter to every scarfed Chimacond since it could reliably tank two Hidden Power Grass from it. The battles I had after that (mainly against Jabuloso, Vinii and Poisseman) involved quite a lot of suffering on their part as they were unable to break through this defensive core and were stalled out quite easily. Talking about that defensive core  wasn‘t that fun when you always had to write out every pokemon in it and so the term SLAC was introduced.
The individual members
S51-A @ Leftovers
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 248 HP / 8 Def / 252 SDef
IVs: 0 Spe
Sassy nature
- Flash Cannon
- U-turn
- Rapid Spin
- Recover
Starting with S51-A, it‘s basically the standard specially defensive set. Flash Cannon for reliable damage, as the UFO still hurts quite a bit even with no special attack investment. Rapid Spin to remove hazards as S51-A is still one of the best ways of removing them in Uranium, Recover for healing and Uturn with Sassy nature and 0 speed IVs to bring in other team members safely in and scout switches. A particular benefit of this is that you can outslow a Chainite that isn‘t speed creeped on this set, allowing you to Uturn out of a Pursuit for minimal damage.
Luxelong @ Leftovers
Ability: Regenerator
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Def / 8 Sdef
IVs: 0 Atk
Bold nature
- Moonblast
- Wish
- Protect
- Heal Bell
Luxelong is the dedicated cleric of this core and your main switch in to the various physically offensive fire-types and Knock Off users. Luxelong has a reputation for being immortal due to it‘s abillity Regenerator which also allows it to function extremely well as a Wish-passer for the group. Using Wish means Protect is a given on the set, as well as Heal Bell to cure status ailments. Moonblast is there for a reliable STAB option and to not be Taunt bait. This also helps in dealing with Mega Baariette which can be a big threat if it gets a Swords Dance up. This set has the issue however that it can not really touch S51-A at all, but this is where the next member of the team comes into play.
Antarki @ Rocky Helmet
Ability: Prankster
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Def / 8 Sdef
IVs: 0 Atk
Bold nature
- Will-O-Wisp
- Recover
- Taunt
- Shadow Ball
Antarki is basically Sableye if Gamefreak wanted to make it as annoying as possible in XY. Physically defensive Antarki shuts down so many physical attackers, that it is honestly easier to say what physical attackers work against it than to say what it counters, but it‘s primary function is to prevent Rapid Spin from S51-A. The proven standard set for S51-A can not deal at all with Antarki and even when they U-turn on the switch, Rocky Helmet will chip them anyway. The UFO has to go out of it‘s way to account for Antarkis presence with something like Toxic to seriously hurt it, as an uninvested Dark Pulse does not even do 50% to Antarki. The set also does fairly well against almost every cleric in the game bar Vaporeon, preventing them from removing status and healing their teammates via Wish. Shadow Ball is preferred over Flamethrower due to the tendency of bulky waters to switch into Antarki. While Antarki has few problems with handleing the vast majority of physical attackers, it struggels with special attackers, especially those who can set up and have super effective moves against it, as a Taunt to prevent the setup can end up costing you your Antarki which leads us the last member of the team:
Corsoreef @ Leftovers
Ability: Regenerator
EVs: 248 HP / 8 Def / 252 Sdef
IVs: 0 Atk
Calm nature
- Stealth Rock
- Recover
- Toxic
- Mirror Coat
Corsoreef can tank a lot of special hits thanks to its solid bulk and access to Recover and Regenerator as abillity. The general problem with it however is that it is extremely passive, allowing and easy setup for most attackers. As such I‘ll be the first to admit that Corsoreef is the weakest member of that team by far, but it has a niche and it is an important one: Choice locked special attackers have a hard time killing Corsoreef and Corsoreef can fire back with a deadly Mirror Coat. As such Choice Scarf Chimaconda fails to accomplish anything at all against Corsoreef except setting up Toxic Spikes, since even a quad effective Hidden Power Grass fails to 2HKO Corsoreef on the switch, effectively stopping any attempts at an Overheat sweep. While still passive, Toxic puts a timer on setup, allowing you to play around the threat in most cases even though it will most likely end up costing you a mon or two. Stealth Rock is there because it is Stealth Rock and therefor the best move in the game. Jokes aside, stall is built around passive damage and therefor hazards are greatly appreciated to assist in the effort, especially since they help chipping down the dangerous fire types in the tier.
SLAC, even with 3 of the 4 members resisting fire, still has trouble with some fire types. Inflagetha can Swords Dance up freely against Luxelong while being immune to burn, Antarki can break through it with a Calm Mind or Choice Specs set, some Beliaddon sets - especially a Bulk up set – can break through and a well played non Choice locked Chimaconda can boost up with Overheat and kill everything at +6.
Another big problem for SLAC is passive damage through Sandstorm, Hail, Stealth Rocks, Spikes and Toxic Spikes since especially Antarki needs all the HP it can get, so Ghost types preventing spinning options are a huge nuissance for it. Particulary Mismagius, Dramsama and Antarki are a pain in this regard since they belong to the next counter category: special boosters.
I mentioned non choice locked Chimaconda already as it is able to boost up freely against SLAC, but other noteable ones in this area are S51-A-T, Mismagius, Dramsama, Antarki, Shell Smash Escartress, Vilucard etc.
Another problem for SLAC are pokemon with some kind of status immunity. A Gliscor with activated Poison Heal, Guts Baariette and Herolune and Magic Bounce pokemon, especially Nimflora are difficult to deal with using SLAC.
Physical attackers that can avoid the Will-O-Wisp through outspeeding Prankster Antarki also threaten SLAC severely. This includes Gale Wings Harptera and Sudden Strike users should Antarki be weakened enough.
Defog is another way to reduce the effectiveness of SLAC as it has no way of punishing it.
Team Options
SLAC enjoys support against special attackers, so a phazer with special bulk is a good partner. Laissure is a good option in that department as it has respectable bulk, Roar as well as Dragon Tail and Spikes but no good recovery. Another great failsafe is Feliger due to its absurd bulk, the fact that Lazy isn't functional at the moment, Slack Off and Roar. Further options with viability include Syrentide (preferably Mega if allowed), Fafninter, Dunseraph, Umbreon etc.
To solve the problem with Swords Dance Gliscor and Inflagetha, Umbreon is a good option due to Foul Play, but bulky water types like Syrentide, Tubareel and Gyarados (to an extend) can also work. Nimflora or Cubblfly also do fairly well as partners due to their Magic Bounce abillity that makes it difficult for the opponent to lay down hazards. Winotinger works as a status absorber and CM booster fairly well on SLAC ever since it got Softboiled as MG move (MG abillity is pixilate though, so abuse Magic Guard as long as the combination is still possible).
Future of stall in Uranium
Oh dear, where do I start: Basically if you want to use stall, do it now as future updates to the sim will make stall worse and worse. Starting off with the positives for the future, Gargryph will be a pretty good member on stall when it‘s abillity Rebuild is finally functional. Additionally, trapping will help making Terlard the worse Dugtrio (an important stall member in Gen 6). I can also see Jerbolta being pretty good on stall when Quick Charge is implemented to scare of boosted threats after a kill.
Now to the negatives: Functional Shadow Tag, Acceleration and especially fully functional Infernal Blade are very bad news for Stall as Chainite can then trap with ease, Infla can hit a lot harder and Beliaddon breaks through Luxelong. Furthermore trapping through moves like Whirlpool allows many pokemon to abuse the structure of the current stall teams (for example Blubelrog can dismantle SLAC very easily using a Whirpool + Toxic + Surf + Taunt set with Black Sludge if trapping through moves would work). Another big problem for stall will be Substitute as it allows physical attackers to break through Antarki as well as avoiding status and phasing via Dragon Tail.
All in all I don‘t see stall getting better with time so I guess when you want to annoy your friends, do it as soon as possible.
A special thanks goes out to everyone who has ever suffered against SLAC as I can imagine the frustration you all felt ^^ Thank you for reading.

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  Happy New Year 2020
Posted by: PhantomUnderYourDesk - 01-01-2020, 08:18 AM - Forum: Everything goes - Replies (7)

Haven't seen any thread about it on this board yet, so I'm just going to make one.

[Image: ff869bf72b9797e54233752c5a6ef9a35ee80a5a_hq.jpg]

I hope you managed to arrive well into the new year and have something to look forward for it; and good luck if you've got any resolutions!~ I don't really have any, but I've got tickets for the 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child'-Musical and a new job to start on March to be excited about.

Either way, just enjoy yourself and the day.☆

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  Custom Sprite |Shiny Feliger
Posted by: UraniumWarrior - 12-27-2019, 10:14 PM - Forum: Creativity - Replies (2)

Hello, I just wanted to show everyone my first "Custom Sprite" something simple but well I hope you like it!
.png   Pokemon Shyni Custom Sprite.png (Size: 1.37 KB / Downloads: 24)

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  Beneficial Item Glitch (Please Read)
Posted by: TheTainted_Wisdom - 12-26-2019, 03:43 AM - Forum: Help Desk - Replies (1)

I would like to preface this by humbly entreating the community working on this game to NOT fix this glitch as there are more pressing matters like the issue with the water and fire type attack damage, not being able to restore the PP of a move other than the first one when in battle, etc. And this is nowhere near as significant a balance concern.

I didn't want to make this thread in the event that this glitch was found out and fixed before I could take full advantage of it, but much like with my compulsion to make the guides for Fusion: Genesis and Odin Sphere, I simply cannot keep this valuable knowledge to myself.

To the point, it is possible to use effectively an infinite number of almost any item. However, in terms of practical applications, it's most useful with regards to the Yellow Flute, and any Pokeball (aside from the Master Ball which I have yet to test). When playing, it's possible to trick the game into letting you use an item for free by manipulating multiple save files and the "Last Used Item" selection function: All you have to do is play the game and enter a battle. Then select the given item you want to use (you need at least 2 from the looks of it), select the "Don't Use" option. Leave the battle however you can (without closing the application outright), and exit to the main menu. From there, select a different file and enter a battle. From there, if you go to "your" items, the item you used in the previous file will be in the "Last Used Item" button to the left of the arrow to exit, even if you have none of that item in this file!

So, how does this translate to practical applications? After all, if you use the item one time, the game will look in your inventory, see that you have no others, and the option will disappear. Therefore, in order to use ANY health item or berry, not only would you have to save and go back to the other file over and over again, but game-breaking stuff like Rare Candies or PP Ups, or even things like the friendship berries are completely inaccessible! Well that's because the true usefulness of this glitch lies somewhat with the Yellow Flute... but especially Pokeballs.

For those who don't know, Yellow Flutes are already capable of being duplicated infinitely. Just use it on a Pokemon that isn't confused and another one will just magically appear in your inventory. This means that you can use the item glitch to effectively transfer a Yellow Flute to another file without having to go through the effort of setting up a trade with yourself through the GTS with a Pokemon holding the Flute. A slight convenience, but nothing compared to the utility when concerning Pokeballs.

See, again, the whole problem with healing items and berries is that the game constantly checks to see if the player has any items left in their inventory after they've been used. And while this is also true of Pokeballs, there's a loophole: You can only use any given ball a single time per file... unless you successfully capture a given Pokemon! i.e. if you throw a ball and it doesn't work, the "Last Used Item" spot will be blank, but if you succeed in your first attempt, the battle will end before the game can check your inventory, and the next time you enter a battle, the ball will still be there! And if you wish to take advantage of the glitch without depleting your own resources (Like... say... the only other Master ball or Nuclear Ball you might have.) Just store the desired item in the PC, switch to another file, select the item, and then go back to the aforementioned file, and your reserves will not be depleted!

Now most of the time, you're not going to be in a position where you're going to be throwing balls left and right, and catching everything on your first try, even with Ultra Balls, without some damage or status conditions. But in the early game, if you place Quick Balls in the "Last Used Item" slot... whoo boy! You're going to be set for a good long while... Repeat balls are great for use in conjunction with the Pokeradar (though by that point, especially with the Amulet Coin accessible fairly early in the game you'll likely have plenty of money to burn). But there are two other kinds of balls that are especially important for this glitch: Nuclear Balls, and Master Balls.

Master Balls are obviously ridiculously difficult to get one's hands-on, and even then, you're only likely to get one per save file. So having access to effectively an infinite number? Particularly for ball-breeders like myself that want to color-coordinate with purple pokemon like Sableye, Gligar, etc. (I forgot that Ball breeding doesn't work for the master ball... Sad )or check the IVs of Lanthan and Actan as quickly as possible, it would be fantastic! As for the Nuclear balls. Considering you only get like 20 of them in the game, and there's only a maximum of a 2% chance that you will get one from the Pickup ability, for those like me that want to catch Nuclear types en mass but don't want to spend an ungodly amount of time transferring them one at a time from different files for earlier locations, much less farm them in the first place. This glitch is a super convenient way to get a large sample size of Nuclear Types from parts of the game that can't be revisited.

I feel that, assuming that Master Balls can't, in fact, be transferred to other games anyway if Iron is to be believed, how even with 1,000 different Pokemon ID numbers there's still only a 1% chance that the lottery number that gets selected will match yours to get a Master Ball, the super finite Nuclear Balls especially when compared to the massive time investment necessary to get decent stats for feral Nuclears, the fact that game-breaking items like Rare Candies and PP Ups can't even be selected, the fact that the Ragecandybar item also can't be duplicated and potentially cause problems, etc. I again plead that this glitch NOT be fixed.

Does spamming the Quick Ball in the early game make things easier? Absolutely. Would spamming the Master Ball be even more broken? Yes, but given how much effort it takes to get one, the fact that you can get only one per save file unless you get ridiculously lucky, that multiple save files are almost mandatory to increase your odds, even a 1,000 different IDs nets you a 1% chance, and they can't be spread out everywhere through trade... Coupled with how few Nuclear balls are available, how tedious the transfer process is, and that only one of the areas with Nuclear Pokemon present can be revisited... On top of the fact that you can still break the game if you want to challenge-wise by just trading yourself high-level and max IV Pokemon, and I feel like this glitch shouldn't be fixed.


But, I suppose I should open this up, so in addition to obviously allowing comments, I'll make a poll so you can sum up your answers in the click of a button rather than a wall of text like I usually do.

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Star 2019 Holiday Mystery Gifts!
Posted by: EeveeBailey - 12-25-2019, 08:56 PM - Forum: Rules and Official News - Replies (2)

Happy Holidays, Uranium community!

We hope you all have had a wonderful holiday full of laughter and fun, and egg nog and cookies! Santa's elves have been working overtime, while the Big Man himself has been making his list and checking it twice -- and this year, he's decided to bring you gifts whether you've been naughty or nice!

Starting now, you can claim not one, but two special Mystery Gift Pokemon, sent directly from the North Pole! RUN YOUR PATCHER TO UPDATE THE GAME, claim your Naughty and Nice gifts from the Main Menu, and then head to any PokeMart to pick up your Christmas presents from the deliveryman!

From all of us on the Uranium Team... Happy Holidays and have a wonderful 2020!

Exclamation Exclamation Remember, YOU MUST RUN YOUR PATCHER to see the holiday sprites! Exclamation Exclamation

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  Need help evolving Cinderklas
Posted by: cozmoscream - 12-25-2019, 08:31 PM - Forum: Battle and Trade - Replies (3)

Hey all,

I need someone to help evolve the Mystery Gift Linkite. I’ve seen what it’s evolution and thought it looked really cool, so all I need is someone to trade me their own Mystery Gift Linkite. My OT is DeAndre. Thanks for reading.

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  Goodies For Trade
Posted by: TheTainted_Wisdom - 12-12-2019, 11:14 PM - Forum: Battle and Trade - Replies (77)

I'm looking for some sweet Mystery Gift pokemon as I missed out on all the Mystery Gift pokemon besides the recent Halloween Chimical, Anniversary Owten, and Anniversary Jungore. I'm not exactly holding my breath, but on the off chance someone has a spare or two I've got... (Inhales deeply) a few of the above Mystery Gift pokemon for trade, perfect IV male Tricwes, a 5 IV Shadow Tag, increased ATK decreased Sp ATK natured, low Sp ATK IV Linkite, Purified Nuclear Pokemon, Praseopunks, Neopunks, Damp Rocks, Big Roots, Rare Candies, PP Ups, King's Rocks, Sun Stones, Various Megastones, Choice Held Items, Nuclear Balls, Stat-Boosting Pinch Berries, Friendship-boosting/EV-reducing berries AND...

The following shiny pokemon, (none of which have 5 perfect IVs unless otherwise noted) all of which have Pokerus: Frikitiki (Vital Spirit Ability, lv 32), Barewl (Rock Head Ability, lv 14), Cocancer (Harvest ability, lv 42), Daikatuna (Sheer Force ability, lv 37), Dramsama (Synchronize ability, lv 42), Astronite (Technician ability lv 25), Alpico (Technician, Frost Breath, Cotton Guard, Baton Pass, And Draining Kiss, Five 31 IVs with Sp ATK being 16, lv 38) Edit: I also have a Comite (Hustle lv 15, can be evolved into Cometeor so that it becomes Astronite if you want), Firoke (lv 20), Eshouten (Serene Grace lv 28), Splendifowl (Analytic lv 31), and Dunseraph (Serene Grace lv 43) (All shiny and with Pokerus of course)

Again, I missed out on every Mystery Gift pokemon prior to the most recent two, so I would love to have just about any one of them.

Also, I acquired a Lotad with Tickle that I can breed to a desired Pokemon, and can also do the same with Smack Down from the Mystery gift Jungore to a Mankey or Slotholm since the Mystery Gift Jungore is female so you'd need added steps to get the move to other egg groups anyway. And thanks to Iron, I can provide some other Mystery Gift breeding moves too if need be.

I'm also looking to get my hands on at least one Master Ball so I can take advantage of the ball glitch before it ever gets patched out (though I don't know for sure if it will be)
Edit: Curses... I didn't know those couldn't be traded...

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  How to Trade with Yourself (Please Read)
Posted by: TheTainted_Wisdom - 12-12-2019, 10:43 PM - Forum: Battle and Trade - No Replies

Those looking for simple trade evolutions, the other starters, multiple mystery gifts, etc. in Pokemon Uranium should read this, as there's a way to easily trade without having to rely on others to trade with.

Simply select New Game (If you're paranoid that this is a prank you can just go into the game's files and back up your save) and play until you reach the first new town. Once you do, you can save the game and go back to the main menu. From here, you can select the "Mystery Gift" option and receive any ongoing gifts like the Spritzee held items and Destiny Knot. Naturally, this allows you to get multiple gift Pokemon as well. HOWEVER: You must then play that game, enter the Pokemart and retrieve those gifts immediately, otherwise they won't appear for you if you select another file or close the game. Or alternatively, you can enter the save and save the game in order to keep the deliveryman at the Pokemart. Apparently, doing this can let you constantly talk with said deliveryman over and over until the Mystery Gift Pokemon you recieve is shiny as long as you reload the save, even if it's after the Mystery Gift event passes. Naturally, to increase the likelihood of getting a shiny version, you'll want the preserved gift pokemon to be on a file that has the Shiny Charm that you can get from the professor. However, I personally have not tested this, so it's unclear as to whether or not a Mystery Gift Pokemon's "shininess" is determined only upon recieving the Pokemon in question, or if it's determined when the sprite scrolls across the screen. However, there was a post in the "Shiny Share Thread" which alluded to the ability to recieve a shiny long after the Mystery Gift date had passed so take that for what it's worth.

If you're looking to trade starters, evolve through trade, etc. then on that newly created file, simply catch something you don't care about like a Chynmunk, Birbie, or Cubbug (This can be made even easier with the ball glitch) and deposit it into the Pokecenter's GTS. Leave and exit the game (you do not need to save manually, it will save automatically when you leave the menu and return to the Pokecenter). Go back to the main menu and select "Other Save Files" and select your main file. (Also, don't have a panic attack when in the menu, even if you accidentally select the option to delete a save file, it will ask if you're sure TWICE before actually doing it). Once you're in your main game, just trade whatever you want and then switch files back and forth until the Pokemon are where you want them. This is especially easy when using the aforementioned low-level Pokemon most people don't set up for trades because it's easy to find out which is yours. That said, make sure you check the trainer name so that you're not actually trading your level 100 Actan for a lv 2 Birbie or something. It's also a good idea to make sure that the garbage Pokemon are always what you deposit for a trade, because if you have something someone happens to be searching for and they have a throwaway pokemon of their own... So yeah, deposit garbage pokemon and switch files to trade. It takes slightly longer, but it ensures that the things you trade for will be yours alone.

This method lets you get trade evolutions that are actually competitively viable, as well as do things like starting the game with all the starters, getting Pokemon from later areas early in the game, making multiple playthroughs faster by getting the bonus XP from traded Pokemon, get multiple attempts to get good IVs for legendaries like Urayne that you otherwise have no control over, perform the ball glitch to make the early game super easy, and even get more prizes from the Pokemon Lottery. This is because the Pokemon Lottery number is the same across all save files, so if you get multiple characters to Bealbeach City, you can trade lottery-winning pokemon between characters to get multiple PP Ups, Big Roots, and Master Balls! It also makes one-time items like the Royal Jelly and Razor Fang not as tragic if you happen to waste them on a sub-optimal pokemon (Or as the case may be want the pokedex credit for shiny and/or nuclear versions of pokemon on top of their normal dex sprites). Same goes for finite items like Eviolite and Binding Band.

(I created this because I tried searching and no previous thread popped up, I'm hoping this will get pinned so that newer players can see it because I spent a LONG time without this information when it would have been very helpful)

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