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  Pokemon Uranium Battle Simulator - now online!
Posted by: PhantomUnderYourDesk - 06-13-2018, 03:10 PM - Forum: Competitive Discussion - Replies (19)

So, I know it's rather uncommon for me to post in the Competitive Section of this board, as I'm actually none who seriously dabbles in competitive play with Pokemon. But I was lurking on Discord thinking nothing bad when a ping arrived me and the crowd it reached went excited and hyped all among me...

The reason for is that a Battle Simulator for Pokemon Uranium has just been released, something @amibu worked at in the background.
You can find it here: http://pokemonuranium.org/simauth/sso/

Now go build a team, import one and battle away!~ Seemingly Tournaments may be held soon enough without that annoying desyncs.
[Image: PokeballGO1-704x403.jpg]

However, some things are told to not be implended yet, and things are still being refined and polished.

The most active discussion seems to be ongoing in the competitive channel of Breeder's Guild, but check out @shademonkey's own channel solely for the battling acpect in Pokemon Uranium as well! I'll leave it to them to give the invitation link as I seem to be unable to find it just now. ^^;

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  Transferring Uranium
Posted by: TheElectricKirin - 06-13-2018, 08:50 AM - Forum: Help Desk - Replies (2)

My laptop is on the brink of death and I'd like to keep my game I took so long to complete. I'm attached to my pokemon and I don't want to lose all my progress just in case I want to come back and train up some more pokemon. When I get a new laptop, is it possible to transfer the information I have on my dying computer to the new one or will I have to start over?

I just don't want to go through all those stupid caves and level grinding again.

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  [PostGame] Epsilon and Omicron Natural Reserves
Posted by: xaritscin - 06-10-2018, 04:11 PM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (1)

this is kind of a weird suggestion. i know that Uranium has its own pokedex and it wasnt supposed to have a National Dex later on. but at least we could get some kind of "Safari Zone" where the player can find some extra species, even if we dont end having a National Dex we could get some specimens from the official games to fill some of the gaps in the type combinations or something like that.

here's where the Epsilon and Omicron Natural Reserves come into play. taking in account this is a post game suggestion i dont expect people to get spoiled of anything so, the idea is that after the  main story the Rangers dismantle the infrastructure in power plants Epsilon and Omicron. the two islands get a revamp after their respective missions and become  a natural reserve after being treated the same way it happened in Route 08.

the nuclear plants in both islands would get refitted to become research outposts with their own vendor and medical center. im not sure what was the fate of the original Nuclear Plant Epsilon so i can only guess the place got demolished and something else was left there, perhaps it could get replaced with a small mound serving as a minicave or something like that.

Epsilon Natural Reserve would feature species from gen 1 to 3 apart of its local West Tandor species (non nuclear)

Omicron Natural Reserve would feature species from gen 4 to 6 apart of its local East Tandor species (non nuclear)

in the case that there's certain nuclear pokemon that were only obtained there, it could be that they could appear in the spawn rates as rare with 1-5% percent. to symbolize that both islands have not completely lost their radioactive variations. the main argument here is that Nuclear Plant Epsilon was under construction at the time and radiation had been minimal until Urayne's wake. Nuclear Plant Omicron had its fuel removed during the story so the plant was inactive at the time it was attacked so there shouldnt be any fallout on both of those zones. it should be perfectly possible for them to be cleaned up of any nuclear activity thanks to the same methods used around Nuclear Plant Zeta. and even then there could still be presence of nuclear pokemon moving around, non aggresive but still corrupted.


here's a list of possible species to add into each Natural Reserve (not counting evolutions).

1. Epsilon:




2. Omicron:




NOTE: there's several species that i would have liked to add on the list but that would mean making it at least 3 species per gen for each island which means a total of 9 species on each island and im not sure if that can be supported, so i tried to add the most critical combinations. there's a lot missing in terms of combinations, i didnt want to add extra monotypes either so  to give field to what is already avaliable.

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  Side Quest: Defeat a Nuclear Breeder
Posted by: SmashyQ - 06-08-2018, 01:18 AM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (11)

About a year and a half ago, I suggested the idea for a nuclear breeder by the name of Nep. Since that would be downright villainous in-game though, it got countered pretty well to the point where I couldn't raise any good points in favor of having Nep.

I recently came back to the game and got to thinking: it's a villainous hobby, so why not actually hunt down that theoretical nuclear breeder instead? Same info from the past thread. Dude used to be a great breeder, got bored, and once he saw a Nuclear pokemon, he became obsessive with them.

The MC has the task of hunting him down and putting his recklessness to a halt. Clearing the event could net you the option to buy Nuclear Balls or maybe a Nuclear pokemon that's not usually accessible.

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  Mysterios Flag in Summary Screen
Posted by: Clovis - 06-02-2018, 08:41 AM - Forum: Help Desk - Replies (9)

Hello everyone,

I've just got a Minyan through GTS and it has a - by me - unknown flag in its summary screen.
It resembles a maroon (google translation, also: sorrel; red-brown) tile/flag with a black question mark in it.
Can someone tell me what it means?

ps: I would have inserted a picture, but I didn't manage to find out how. If you need to look at it, you have to tell me how.

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  Pokemon Switch 2018 Reveal Discussion
Posted by: Dragonstrike - 06-01-2018, 03:42 PM - Forum: Everything goes - Replies (10)

So, out of curiosity, I wanted to see what some of the forum goers' opinions are on these games.  Personally, I'm kinda looking forward to them.

So, thoughts on the reveal of these games?

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  Added mechanics
Posted by: Mikaruge108 - 05-31-2018, 09:57 AM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (2)

Just a couple things I'd like to see added to this game:
*Speed-up; definitely since i had to grind a couple times and some sort of turbo function (like in Insurgence) would be a real time saver.
*Quick Save; not really necessary with auto save,  but it would help.

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  Buffs n stuff - the buff thread
Posted by: AgentParadox - 05-29-2018, 03:07 AM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (2)

Now, as you are no doubt aware, Gamefreak has some serious balancing issues when it comes to Pokémon, and out of all the 800ish Pokémon there are (as of now), only a handful of them are even slightly useable in the metagame. Pokémon Uranium, unfortunately, falls under this scope too. Even though, for example, some of the earlier game 'Mons have decently better stats than your standard 2-stage Com Mon, there are a few... shall we say, hiccups, here and there. Therefore, I have decided to create a thread where all the weaker Pokémon can be shown off so that one day, they may take the limelight with their stats being bettered and new moves being blessed upon them.

If you wish to participate, post a Pokémon, the overview, and how and why they should be buffed.

To start us off, how about something simple? Terlard. Terlard was one of those 'mons I grew fond of as I used it more, and one such individual even found her way onto my story team, where she helped in defeating the Elite 4 and Gym Leaders. I made her a physical attacker though, because while that's the lower attacking stat, let's face it, Terlard's special movepool almost literally doesn't exist. I have also noticed that Terlard is very unimpressive stats-wise in other ways, and while the Grozard family is like this game's Diglett and Dugtrio, some things that were not factored in were just how blindingly fast they are. With 95 base speed (90 in Alolan Forme) Diglett outspeeds pretty much anything you'd have in the early game unless they used the readily-available Quick Attack to overcome this, and Dugtrio gets it even more. With 120 base Speed (110 in Alolan Forme) it proves itself a nippy little... three-headed mole, nearly capable of matching up to the likes of the speedster Crobat. Therefore, I propose these stat changes. How about bringing it more in line with Dugtrio, with the stats:

HP: 60
Attack: 100 (+20)
Defense: 65
Sp. Attack: 60 (-25)
Sp. Defense: 65 (-5)
Speed: 110 (+15)
Total - 460 (+5)

With these changes, while it doesn't become a real powerhouse, it can hold its own in the long-run, while its Base Stat Total still makes it believable as an early-game 'mon. I made it more fragile, because Dugtrio's defenses are pretty awful (especially so when you take its very low HP into account), but ultimately, speedy glass cannons are a common niche, as they are allowed to have better offensive stats due to less focus on defense. It can focus on quick, repeated strikes as opposed to sub-130 raw power, and while I love powerful dragons, a quicker, slightly weaker one adds a nice bit of variety, especially when the powerhouses of the likes of Coatlith, Yatagaryu, Tracton and Fafninter roam the fields, and even lil' Luxelong has a bit of punch behind its attacks. An alternative would be making it less early-game and making it a balanced 90-powered attacker, though I'm not sure what special moves should be given to Terlard, given what it is, so I've decided to go physical. What do you all think of this?

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  Did anyone catch the growing system of berries in Uranium?
Posted by: Clovis - 05-25-2018, 08:24 AM - Forum: Help Desk - Replies (3)

Hello everyone,

Since there is nowhere a page in this forum nor in the Uranium-Wiki, I'm driven to be the first to ask ;-)

Can anybody tell me how berries in Uranium are growing, or in other words, how's the growing system in Uranium working?

Especially, how long does it take (or what do I have to do) to grow a bush with three berries? How does the Sprinklotad affect them when used? And on what does it depend, or how long last, when or whether or not one of my seedlings are dying?

In the past weeks I tried it out so much that I should better not tell... but still I could not find any of these answers. The longer I watched my plants, the weirder it got Huh .

Well, I hope someone knows how this ist working, and is able to tell me (and others).
And maybe there will be a wiki page some day in the Uranium-Wiki for everyone to read.


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  Marvel (possible spoilers)
Posted by: Spiritmon - 05-11-2018, 10:27 PM - Forum: Everything goes - No Replies

A interesting but deep video for one of the rare villains you actually feel conected in a sort way. And in fact sympath with in certain moments. Not just a random villain who want to destroy everything because he just like. But who can indeed can, but do not. Its indeed something deep.

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