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Sad I got banned from online services
Posted by: pribri - 06-18-2022, 08:39 PM - Forum: Help Desk - Replies (4)

Ok so I went to go try the virtual trainer in the Tandor Network today, and was told that I was banned from online services.

I assume this is because I failed to defeat the S51-A pokemon in the Ripley sidequest, and didn't spawn in the pokemon center but Ripley's house I believe? Then I got an S51 for completing the sidequest (except I think you were supposed to defeat S51-A so I didn't?). Then I tried to make a virtual trainer with said S51, and was told I had an invalid pokemon. Later, I also battled virtual trainers using the S51.

Maybe there's another reason, but that is the one I think is most likely. Here is my username and ID:
Name: Brib
ID: 12414

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  banned from online services
Posted by: Gantz - 05-12-2022, 08:27 PM - Forum: Help Desk - Replies (7)

hola, hace poco descargue el juego y al querer entrar por primera vez al sistema GTS me aparece el mensaje: you are banned from online services
me gustaria saber si es un error del juego o si es otra cosa, adjunto mi ID y mi nombre del personaje por si acaso
nombre: Maxi
 Identificación: 53597

Hello, I recently downloaded the game and when I try to enter the GTS system for the first time, the message appears: you are banned from online services
I would like to know if it is a game error or if it is something else, I attach my ID and my character name just in case
name: Maxi
  ID: 53597

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  Patch 1.2.5 is live!
Posted by: Iron - 05-11-2022, 10:48 PM - Forum: Rules and Official News - Replies (2)

Hello, Uranium fans! We finally have an actual update for you. As you know, a couple weeks ago we released a new Mystery Gift for Easter. This Mystery Gift is the first Pokémon in Uranium to learn the move Teleport. We quickly realized that Teleport has some quirks. Several of the Teleport locations are in incorrect spots or just altogether missing. Despite this, teleport has been a big game changer for a lot of players, especially considering Fly isn't unlocked until rather late in the game. So after spending a good long time ironing out the bugs, we decided this shouldn't just be a Mystery Gift exclusive move. To that end, Comite and its evolutions can now learn Teleport at level 17, Masking and Dramsama will learn it at 12, and Praseopunk and Neopunk can learn it through the move relearner.
But that's not all! While I promise you, the post-game content IS still being worked on, it's still not quite ready. In the meantime, since it's been far too long since Uranium's last update, we've included a few other critical changes that have been in the pipeline a while. The biggest of which being a full German translation of the game! We've also fixed some major bugs with the battle system.
You can view the full changelog in a comment below.

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Information Please Help! I can't access GTS
Posted by: FFCJ - 05-03-2022, 10:57 AM - Forum: Help Desk - Replies (3)

Help please! Whenenever I try opening the GTS at any pokemon center it says I has been banned and, I really want to be able to make trades! IDK why did this happen to me but if someone knows a solution to be able again to trade, please help! Any kind of help will be really appreciated!

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  Easter '22 Mystery Gift!
Posted by: PhantomUnderYourDesk - 04-17-2022, 04:27 PM - Forum: Rules and Official News - No Replies

Things are getting a little out there this Easter!  Σ(°△°|||)

A dossier of blurry photos has arrived and they're looking...a little strange.

[Image: HzKnKY9.gif]

Find out the answer to some age old questions:
Is there candy on other planets??
What kind of chocolate awaits on the dark side of the moon??
Why do aliens always visit the dessert desert??
Who puts all those Eggs in the Daycare Center despite the locked doors??

Get your basket of toys and sweets before

Please remember that you MUST update your game before you will be able to claim this gift! Just select "Check For Updates" in the main menu, then choose the Mystery Gift option when that's done!

Happy Easter everyone!~

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  UCC's new website for competitive data!
Posted by: Dragonstrike - 03-31-2022, 07:56 PM - Forum: Competitive Discussion - No Replies

I've been working on this for awhile, and I finally finished enough of it to unveil it to the public today!  May I introduce:

UCC's Official Tiering Resources!

It's a little barren at the time of writing, only featuring brief overviews for the pokemon in each of UCC's main tiers, but UCC's Staff will be working with the community to compile data for sample sets, sample teams, and viability rankings for the foreseeable future.

If you'd like to join the community and give us a hand, come join the Uranium Competitive Collective Discord server!  (you can find the invite link on the Uranium Discord Community page of the website linked above!)

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Smile Trade shiny
Posted by: Fonce7 - 03-15-2022, 12:05 PM - Forum: Battle and Trade - Replies (1)

Alguien me tradea un shiny por otro shiny cualquier lv es un drilgan  Wink
Y que significa el barewl

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Star Daily Chat
Posted by: Wumii - 03-01-2022, 06:07 PM - Forum: Everything goes - Replies (6)

H-Hello, I'm new here ^^ I'm here to talk to people :D I'm a pokefan! I also like Vocaloid(Stuff like Hatsune Miku). I'm also a femboy, I hope you don't mind -//- I'm creating this chat so we can talk every day and have fun :3 I hope you guys will have fun on this journey with me ^^

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  how can i deactivate the evening dark overlay?
Posted by: Drachenbauer - 01-29-2022, 12:48 PM - Forum: Help Desk - Replies (1)

While playing in the evening or night dhe game places a purple shade over the scene to simulate the darkness of the night.
Another fangame called "pokemon insurgence" has got an option to deactivate this effect, but here this option does not exist...

All tileset-graphics in the game-files are made in fullbright daylight-coloration.
So i thaught, their is a semi-transparent overlay-graphic, that´s placed ontop in the night and making it compleetely invisible will deactivate this effect.
But i cannot find such a graphic.

how can i deactivate this effect to have always fullbright colors?

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  Bug on route 12 invisible opstacle
Posted by: Drachenbauer - 01-28-2022, 07:25 AM - Forum: Help Desk - No Replies

This is on route 1s.
at the tile, where my character faces to, there is an invisible obstacle.
i cannot move to the left from this position.
I think, that shouldn´t be there

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