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  Как заказать стриптиз на дом, в лофт, на мальчишник
Posted by: JosephViach - 07-10-2024, 07:40 AM - Forum: Everything goes - Replies (2)

Как заказать стриптиз на дом, в лофт, на мальчишник или девичник? Прежде всего выберите сами артиста из каталога и позвоните нам, или наш менеджер самостоятельно подберет Вам хорошего танцора по вашим запросам секс стриптиз

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  Сайт mkleasing предлагает широкий выбор лизинговых продуктов
Posted by: RobertBorne - 07-10-2024, 12:48 AM - Forum: General Chat - No Replies

Сайт предлагает широкий выбор лизинговых продуктов для бизнеса, включая лизинг оборудования. Благодаря этому, компании могут получить доступ к современному оборудованию без необходимости его покупки за наличные http://korenkyfr.4adm.ru/viewtopic.php?t=6884

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  my game it says it is corptedddd
Posted by: coruptedguy7 - 05-01-2024, 03:49 PM - Forum: Help Desk - Replies (4)

help curupted game not work pleas  help it says that end of pokemon box

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  PP Stall Proof of Concept
Posted by: Pokekitty2 - 04-03-2024, 09:36 AM - Forum: Competitive Discussion - Replies (2)

Hi there y'all!

I don't know what I should be posting this under, really, so if someone could help me out there that'd be great Smile

I just spent an hour and a half in a single battle, so I thought I'd show it off:
...and geezus, am I worn out.

I don't really have the patience to spend much more time on this right now, but maybe eventually I'll spend time breeding a better IV'd mon for this lol

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  Trade Evos and Counterparts
Posted by: Dr.XavierDraken - 04-01-2024, 03:42 PM - Forum: Battle and Trade - Replies (7)

All I'm missing from my dex, aside from the trade evos and forced choice encounters, is Lanthan. So I'd like to fix that. I have a Cometeor, a Linkite, a Xenogen, a Spritzee with a Sachet and a Spritzee with an Aromatic Herb. I also have two other Pokemon I'd like to trade for their counterparts. A Slothohm & a Praseopunk to be exact. In exchange for these two mons, I want a Snopach & a Neopunk respectively. If you want to keep the Neopunk, just say it on this thread or PM me and I'll trade it back to you after it registers in my dex. I'm also willing to trade either a Raptorch or an Orchynx for an Eletux.

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Bug About Lagging Tail and Dig - Bug?
Posted by: Pokekitty2 - 04-01-2024, 01:29 PM - Forum: Help Desk - No Replies

Hello everyone!

Prankster applies to the second turns of some two-turn moves that are called by Assist, but I only know this because I was messing around with a strategy that probably shouldn't still exist (but I'd really like it to).

Lagging Tail just got fixed, so I've been playing around with it a bit.
I've been using it to... well, I've been playing around with a variation on ye 'ole Dive Cats.

For background, here's how Dive Cats worked in general (before it was patched out):
You have a team with six pokemon, one of which is Liepard (or the basic) with the ability Prankster and the move Assist, holding a Lagging Tail.
The rest of your team only knows one move: Dive. Any two-turn move works, but Dive was the best.
Liepard would use Assist, which is given priority due to Prankster. It will always call Dive, which puts Liepard into the state of semi-invulnerability. The opponent's attack would miss.
On the second turn, because of Lagging Tail, the opponent would move first and miss. Then Liepard would exit Dive, chipping in for a few points of damage.

This strategy mainly won on time (due to having higher hp at the end), because it was so bad at dealing damage. It was patched out quickly, making it such that Assist doesn't call any two-turn moves anymore.

In Uranium, Assist can actually successfully call two of the two-turn moves:
Dig, and Quantum Leap.
This means that a variation on Dive Cats, which I'm calling Leap Rats or Dig Rats, is possible.
Unfortunately, we don't have any pokemon with both Assist and Prankster. Of course, I saw this less as a blockade, and more as a challenge...

In Uranium, here's how Dig Rats works:
You have a party of six pokemon. The pokemon leading your party is a Prankster Antarki that knows only Skill Swap. Your second pokemon is a Raffiti that has sketched Skill Swap and Assist and is holding Lagging Tail. The rest of your party is four pokemon that know some combination of Dig and Quantum Leap.
You lead on Antarki, which will use Skill Swap to give Prankster to the opponent. Antarki will then hopefully be knocked out, so you can get a safe switch.
Then you bring in Raffiti. On the first turn, Raffiti will take a hit and then use Skill Swap, gaining Prankster.
On the next turn, you can begin the Dig/Leap loop as described above to slowly chip away at whatever's in front of you, but with only 80% accuracy because sometimes Assist calls Antarki's Skill Swap.

(And this is where, I think, there is a glitch)
When a two-turn move is called by a Prankster-boosted Assist, Prankster's boost will also apply to the second turn of the move.
Like so:
-Raffiti used Assist! Raffiti used Dig! Raffiti burrowed under the ground. Birbie used Gust! Birbie's Gust missed.
-Raffiti used Dig! Raffiti came out! Birbie used Gust!
**even though Raffiti is holding a Lagging Tail and Dig is a damaging move, it still moves first**

(In terms of the "strategy", this is an issue, because it means you'll get hit on the second turn of the move and thus the entire "strategy" is null and void.)

I'd like to make a case:

Assist giving priority to both halves of a two-turn move is, I think, a bug due to this behavior not existing in Pokemon X/Y (when Dive Cats was, according to my quick research, at its peak).
Bugs must be fixed.
This strategy is, at its peak, frustrating and uncompetitive, as shown by it getting patched out in canon.
But, I like it and think it's funny and don't want it to leave.
Despite the strategy being potentially frustrating and uncompetitive, I don't think the whole thing should be shut down.
I would like to point out:
-This strategy is not usable in Showdown, because Assist doesn't call either move there.
-This strategy is disrupted by a switch. Seriously. A flickin' switch.
-This strategy is disrupted by priority moves, and thus by Inflagetah, a pillar of the metagame.
-This strategy is only 80% accurate if you get past all of that () due to there being a 20% chance to call your Antarki's Skill Swap.
-Dig is useless against flying types.
-Using Dig, you still get hit by Earthquake, which is a fairly common move within its type.

Thus. *if* this strategy is going to be nerfed, and the bugs fixed, I would suggest:
-cutting Assist off of Quantum Leap (but not Dig, because it's not as problematic)
-fixing the priority applied to the second turn of two-turn moves

Thank you for listening to my rant!

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  Save File Problems
Posted by: Dr.XavierDraken - 03-31-2024, 06:42 PM - Forum: Help Desk - Replies (9)

It's not really a matter of accidentally deleting or trying to find my save file. But more that I don't know how to insert it into my game. The only times I've been able to access it was when it was updated to the newest version. And now that I'm all caught up, I'm stuck at the new game menu screen with nothing else. 

I don't even know where I began to go wrong with this so any help is much appreciated.

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  Happy Easter and so forth!
Posted by: Iron - 03-30-2024, 08:24 PM - Forum: Rules and Official News - Replies (4)

Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

We've got some zany characters as gifts for you this year, as well as some small ⁠updates to the game.
In the Main Menu, use Check For Updates to get the patch, then hop along to claim your Mystery Gifts in the Main Menu!

We're also still looking for more translators!

❗ ❗ You will need to update your game in order to see the custom sprites!❗ ❗

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  Foreign Duplicat
Posted by: NightmareLunatic - 03-28-2024, 06:26 AM - Forum: Battle and Trade - Replies (6)

Does anyone have a foreign Duplicat (I'm in the USA) they're willing to trade? I want to do shiny hunting via Masuda. I have a variety of pokemon I'd be willing to trade in return.

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  List of all Areas?
Posted by: Pokekitty2 - 03-27-2024, 09:33 AM - Forum: General Chat - Replies (3)

On a pokemon's Summary, on the second page, it says, "met at [area]" (Comet Cave, Route 3, etc.)

I'd really like to hatch my Competetive 'mons in specific areas. Is there a list somewhere of all the possibilities?

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