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  Non american Duplicat
Posted by: mewman658 - 06-03-2021, 07:28 PM - Forum: Battle and Trade - Replies (6)

looking for a non american duplicat for trade, ill offer my duplicat or something else of your choice

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  My uranium got corrupted?
Posted by: mewman658 - 06-01-2021, 09:38 AM - Forum: Help Desk - Replies (7)

i think my uranium is corrupted, is there any way to fix it and get my data back?

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  GTS not working?
Posted by: DTgaming - 05-27-2021, 06:55 AM - Forum: Help Desk - No Replies

I've been trying to access the GTS but when i select GTS after talking to the lady on the left on the second floor of the pokemon center she says "Right this way please" and takes me into the room but then my screen goes black and after a few minutes my game just starts loading as if i just opened it. no error messages no nothing just takes me back to the screen that talks about how the game is a fan made product and how the creators don't have copyrights and stuff. How do i fix it? the pokemon i want only evolves through trade

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  angelure town and the games future
Posted by: carrotee123 - 05-20-2021, 12:57 PM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (2)

is angelure town ever gonna be added the post game just feels incomplete aside from some side quests and fighting theo at the league it just feels stale i heard rumors that you guys stopped developing updates its been 3 years since an update and just wanted to  know if the post game is ever going to be finished fully with a good conclusion nobody likes a rushed ending

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  Do you like Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl?
Posted by: Plasm Wraith - 04-22-2021, 10:56 AM - Forum: Everything goes - Replies (2)

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl will be the new remakes of Pokémon Diamond & Pearl!

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  Pokémon Fan Games that you made!
Posted by: Plasm Wraith - 04-19-2021, 12:18 PM - Forum: Other Fangames - No Replies

Pokémon Fire and Ice!

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  Nuclear Gen 8 Pokémon!
Posted by: Plasm Wraith - 04-16-2021, 09:53 AM - Forum: Creativity - Replies (1)

    Nuclear Scorbunny!

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  How to Maximize my game so its full screen.
Posted by: SoccerActor44 - 04-11-2021, 02:34 PM - Forum: Help Desk - Replies (3)

I have started my pokemon uranium journey and I am already impressed at how well made the graphics are. I was just wondering if there is a way to make the game larger on the screen. I appreciate you looking at my post thank you.

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  Happy Easter Season!
Posted by: Iron - 04-04-2021, 02:21 PM - Forum: Rules and Official News - Replies (2)

Posting the following message on behalf of Cody who slipped into his sugar coma before being able to post it himself:

[Image: 336264043881037838.png?v=1] Uranium fans, it's time to hippity hoppity your way to the Poke Mart! [Image: 336264043881037838.png?v=1] After we gorged on chocolate and all slipped into a tragically delicious food coma, we got quick to work on preparing something especially for you! Though we can't share our massive amount of candy with you, and trust us, it is vast. What we can do is send you home with a brand new travel buddy, tirelessly hand-painted with only skin safe paints to match this colorful, vibrant time of the year! 

Starting now, run your patcher to update the game, then open the Mystery Gift option in your main menu, select the Easter event, then load your game and head to your nearest pokemart to claim your prize.


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  Something different, perhaps?
Posted by: no one - 03-23-2021, 08:43 PM - Forum: Roleplaying - Replies (16)

Wel, Dragon notified me that SR is approaching a conclusion (I promise, I will finish reading it someday soon ™️), and that got me thinking. All of the major roleplaying campaigns here have been Pokemon related. How many of you would be interested if the next one was not Pokemon related? Iron has expressed some interest in playing a character rather than a GM, so perhaps this could be an opportunity(?)

I've been cooking a fantasy world idea in my head for several years now (perhaps seven or eight at the very least), and I've finally started putting pen to paper (so to speak). I've got a setting, and I can very easily think of a general plotline. If you're interested, I'll be attaching a map of the main planet that I made. It's a flat world with fifty-one different regions/nations/countries with other planets to visit.

I have several races you can choose from (the current count is around 35 including subraces), and multiple classes. I think that using the DnD rules with a homebrew set of races, spells and classes would work just fine. It'll take me a good long while to get a guide written on basic lore and the homebrew races and spells, but I'd definitely put the work in if people would be interested in a campaign set in this world.

Personally, I hope you guys'd be interested because I've got a ton of story ideas in general. Originally, this was supposed to be for a novel or a comicbook series or something like that, but I don't see why it can't be both a campaign and a story. My apologies for how ugly the map looks, I'm not an artist by any means whatsoever.

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