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Bug Full screen issue
Posted by: Saruman63 - 11-29-2019, 10:20 AM - Forum: Help Desk - Replies (2)

When I started to use the game in full screen mode i noticed some buggy lines between sprites like houses and trees. After that I saw posts in which people asked for help for the exact same issue but only got the answer that their image/window was too big. I now can say that the size of the image is definitely not the problem: While streaming the game to my TV via HDMI the option "Large" offers an even bigger (too big) image of the game than full screen, but doesn't have those annoying lines. But when switching to the full screen mode (smaller image than large), they are there again immediatly. Is there any way this could be fixed?

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Posted by: Saruman63 - 11-26-2019, 07:30 AM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (3)

[Image: latest?cb=20161115023314]
I think Heatran somehow should be made available in the game, as it forms a trio with Actan and Lanthan. I know it went to Sinnoh but following the storyline of Uranium it previously came from Tandor. I like the connection between him and the two Tandor legendaries because it so connects the world of Uranium to the canon rest of the Pokémon world and I somehow think it's a shame that it isn't available in the game despite this cool connection. As there is no other official legendary in the game, I think Heatran should make the exception, even if it just gets distributed as a Mystery Gift. When it comes to his Pokédex entry, there are multiple possibilities to get him into it: On one hand, he could take the 201st place or the number 000 like Victini did in Unova. On the other hand, the Sea Monsters could be swapped with Aotius, Mutios and Heatran as all of them haven't been released yet.

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  Updates to come(?)
Posted by: Crystal Imitator - 11-24-2019, 02:01 AM - Forum: Help Desk - Replies (1)

Hey there!

I've noticed that there hasn't been much in terms of update news that I've seen and I've checked where ever I can. 
Is your does anyone know if theres still work being done on the game? Expectancy with the legendaries promised to come? I'd love to know...

-Crystal Imitator

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  Uranium Championship Series Team review
Posted by: Uranium Competitive Collective - 11-20-2019, 05:12 PM - Forum: Competitive Discussion - No Replies

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to the UCC UCS team review. Just rolls off the tongue.

My name is Narshyl and i’m joined today by Shademonkey to have a look at the teams and how they match up.
[Image: unknown.png]

Why not kick things off with the man who started the UCS: Jabuloso,  coach of the Venesi Baariettes. At first glance his team looks very much offense-oriented, sporting high speed and/or high damage threats such as Mega Baariette, Inflagetah, Alpico, Gyarados, Frikitiki, Oblivicorn and Navighast. Not many teams can contest the absurd speed that Inflagetah and a scarfed Alpico provide. The defense on this roster, while not nearly as impressive as the offense, is still pretty solid including Gararewl, Luxelong, Gyarados and Gligar. I can tell that Jabuloso had a plan going into this draft which shows when you look a bit deeper at all his Pokémon. Multiple ground immunities, multiple hazards and multiple ways to remove them. All in all quite a versatile draft. I can’t really point out many downsides. Perhaps the draft is a bit predictable. The Pokémon all have a job and they can do it well, but unless Jabuloso is going to pull out some wacky strategies it seems that his game plan would be clear as soon as his opponent enters team preview.

Now this is quite the intriguing roster. Dee picked no less than 3 Non Fully Evolved Pokémon for his roster, making him the coach with the most NFEs on the first week. Dee's Pokémon may look lackluster on paper, with Mismagius, Tanscure, and Brainoar often finding it hard to make a niche for themselves in the regular meta. On the other hand, Dee has access to some strong Wallbreakers and/or Sweepers in Mega Gyarados, Krilvolver and Gellin alongside the fantastic support that Stenowatt, Antarki and Ratsy can provide, the latter being his only way to remove Hazards from his field as of now. I know he is going to have to play aggressively or plan his strategy thoroughly before his matches because if he loses his offensive Pokémon in battle, there might be no way for him to get past his opponents' bulkier Pokémon.

On to Tanamar and the Snowbank Barands.
This is one scary-looking draft. A strong Sun core in M-Archilles paired with Coatlith. Add onto there Actan, Garlikid, Gengar, Geigeroach and Syrentide and you have both offensive and defensive threats that can solve most problems. Backing those up are some less obvious picks that each bring some heavy utility to the table in the form of hazards, Haze and Magic Bounce, among others. However having only one way of removing his opponents’ hazards is a major downside to this draft.

Bulky. Offense. Potential.
Fam picked some really fat Pokémon for himself. Mega Syrentide, Beliaddon, Xenoqueen, Feliger, Anderind are all very resilient Pokémon that can pack a punch. While this roster has some nice defensive pivots to fall back on in Corsoreef, Gliscor and Sableye, its main weakness it its overall  mediocre speed. But if Fam finds a way around that, he can find himself in a position where not much can revenge one-shot his pokemon. Chip damage is going to be key to beating this bulky roster, luckily Fam has multiple ways of removing them and preventing his opponents from setting them.

As BO-oriented as FamSlayer's picks were, Mizz is sweeping incarnate. Literally half her Pokémon have the ability to set up to perform a mid-game sweep, granting her a certain element of surprise as to which Sweepers she's bringing to the table, and whether or not her sets are going to deviate from the expected "set up move + 3 attacks" formula. Mizz can tamper with opposing weathers, has all sorts of entry hazards at her disposal and even has several methods of removing them from her field in Defog and Rapid spin. All in all a versatile and threatening roster. Watch out for this one.

The Legen Harpteras coached by Spoder seem to be drafted mostly around their superstar, Mega Inflagetah. Easily one of the scariest in Pokémon Uranium, regardless of format. Everyone knows it, everyone fears it. Luckily for Spoder, it has a ton of support to make sure it succeeds. FIVE different eeveelutions that perform their own role. from taking hits to getting rid of checks. Many ways to both set and remove hazards, and the ever annoying Dunseraph to make anyone's’ day a living hell. Finally, a couple mon that can clean up games if needed in Astronite, Fafninter, Harptera and Jolteon. I feel like it’s going to be difficult to build against this team as it just has so many good options to go for.

Here's the roster of someone who likes to be prepared for all eventualities. Poisseman has all kinds of tools at his disposal : VoltTurn? Check. Rapid Spin? Check. Trapping? Check. Key immunities? Super check. Speed control? Hello, is three Sticky Web users gonna be enough? These traits look great on paper but the Pokémon may prove a little too specific, we'll see how he handles teambuilding. One thing I'm noticing is that his roster could use a little more instant firepower - understand: his offensive Pokémon need to set up first to be able to dish out decent damage. I'm betting the other coaches will want to trade for some of Poisse's Pokémon during the next rounds; his game is going to be to decide who he gives away some of his precious toys to. 

And last but most certainly not least, the Tsukinami Volchiks coached by Skullex.
Bulk is the name of the game here. Mega Metalynx, Laissure, Tubareel and Vaporeon are all great at taking hits. Having 3 different mons that can bring Intimidate and maybe the most options for hazards out of any team. Games with the Volchiks are likely to turn into slow grinds to wear down the opponent. On the offensive front, this team isn’t lacking either. Strong wallbreakers in Herolune and Sylveon and sweepers in the likes of Yatagaryu, Dramsama and Laissure make it so you can’t assume your are facing a slow and bulky team without the risk of getting swept. Oh, did i mention that this team has incredible rain synergy?  

This first season of the UCS is already looking to be an exciting one. But before we wrap things up here we have our power ranking as of week 0. To all participants and spectators, we hope you have a fun and exciting UCS Season 1!

8. Deeffect
7. Poisseman
6. Spoder
5. Jabuloso
4. FamSlayer
3. Skullex
2. Tanamar
1. Mizz

For more information on the UCS or other PU competitive news and discussion join the Uranium Competitive Collective https://discord.gg/Peysqny

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Exclamation Fanfic: Nightmares
Posted by: Spiritmon - 11-04-2019, 07:30 AM - Forum: Creativity - Replies (1)

Good day/night/afternoon, depending of your country! How things are going? Been a while since I post something. Since I got some free time, I decided to write a little story who was been lurking in my mind for a while. Been a few years since I write a fanfic, and I feel the inspiration in make it. 

Anyway, a little alert: The below story is not for those below 16 years. So, if you have less than 16 years, avoid read the following story. There is some disturbing scenes and some blood, so please avoid read at all costs.

Alert give, let's hit the roll! Enjoy the reading, and give your opinion in the story in the comments below! See you later.

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  I'm... alive?!
Posted by: MonkeyLord83 - 11-01-2019, 03:52 PM - Forum: Everything goes - Replies (1)

[Image: tenor.gif]
Halloween already passed, but this is still appropriate considering it's me Tongue

Anyway, if any of my old friends recall, last I was around was over a year ago, and I was talking about translating my stories into English... "What happened?" You may wonder, "Why did [I] went off the grid again after that?" 

Well, the short answer is: Life happened.

As for the long and detailed version of my adventures and mishaps, here goes:

I started on what I promised. I really did. But then I got a wee bit stuck, and then I got notified by my landlord at the time that I was being kicked out (I didn't do anything wrong, they just needed the space for personal reasons). So that's the first thing that happened.

Then I failed an exam because it was hard as all hell, and I clearly was not prepared enough.

Then because of a problem with the university's registration system (which my uni staff still keep denying and blaming it all on me instead, btw), there was a whole lot of complications for me to sort through.

Amidst it all, I met my new/current best friend, who shares my passions, dreams, and worries about writing and the future of literature in general. And we started a Facebook group whose aim is to help young writers write "the old fashion way" through proper and thorough researches and experiences, prioritizing the quality of the craft instead of trying to get views and forcing yourself to publish low-quality chapters every day. That group lasted around a year, with both of us putting a lot of effort into it. But eventually, and quite recently actually, we closed it down as we realized we need to first earn/gain some gravity for the things we say before we attempt to change anyone's mind, especially young minds who are obsessed with virtual views and virtual fame.

So I was busy on a whole lot of fronts, finding a new place to stay and moving there, studying, writing, running a Facebook group, solving issues that determine whether or not I can graduate or flunk out.

It wasn't until a week ago that I bother to log Discord or forum. I'm not entirely back this time, either, still a lot of business and complications to sort through. Just dropping by to say hello!

So Hello, and goodbye Tongue

See you in a year if I'm still alive by then...

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Star Halloween 2019 Mystery Gift!
Posted by: EeveeBailey - 11-01-2019, 02:25 PM - Forum: Rules and Official News - Replies (2)

Uranium fans, it's time to get spooky! [Image: 635256451480158238.png?v=1]

Now is the time to scare your friends, now is the time to gorge on candy and YES - now is the time to pick up some sweet loot in your baskets. We're not even going to make you say trick or treat just because we like spoiling you!

For the past 3 weeks, we've stuffed all of our staff into a cramped office full of cobwebs, spiders and ghouls in the hopes of getting them into the sinister Halloween spirit, we even boarded up the windows! After much deliberation, screaming, human rights violations and hard work, they were finally allowed to leave. The result? A brand new Mystery Gift is up for grabs to strike fear into your enemies!

Starting today, you can collect a unique version of one of Uranium's 150 original Pokemon, properly "wrapped" up in its own costume to join you in your adventures. In order to claim your own ghastly creature of the night, simply run your patcher, select "Mystery Gift" from the main menu, and then collect it at any Pokemart. As always, this gift is only available for a limited time, so get it before it's gone!

Also included in this patch are a list of new Pokemon cries coming to your eardrums with love thanks to our talented Sound Engineer ShinyMetroid. The new cries include original sounds for Ratsy, Rafitti, Fafurr, Fafninter, Seikamater and last but not least, the long awaited Nucleon!

That's all for now! From all of us at Team Uranium, Happy Halloween, everyone!

[Image: 472256429894533120.gif?v=1]REMEMBER TO RUN YOUR PATCHER BEFORE CLAIMING YOUR MYSTERY GIFT IN ORDER TO SEE THE UNIQUE SPRITES[Image: 472256429894533120.gif?v=1]

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  Tander Buizel and some other sketches
Posted by: VictoryHoshi - 10-30-2019, 01:36 AM - Forum: Creativity - Replies (3)

I had a little free time to do some doodling and decided to make some Tandor forms of official Pokemon that are located in the Tandor region for fun ~

First is Tandor Buizel a Grass/Water-type. Buizel faces fierce competition from local Feleng and Lotad to the point of near extinction, causing Buizel to relocate into more forested areas and away from the beachfront. In the forest, Buizel faces less competition giving them a more relaxed nature. They are often seen floating from place to place rather than jet propelling around. They are often seeing floating around like a lily pad on the water's surface soaking in sunlight. Moss is starting to grow on its back.

Honestly, I have no information on this one just thought it would be fun to draw. Only thing is the moss is fully grown to make a cape of moss.

(No idea on typing for these two) Gligar in the Tandor region are now adapted to their new cave environment rather than the outdoors of the past. Tandor Gligar has smaller eyes with larger ears in order to find prey. They prey upon Tonemy in caves by using their long tails to constrict them while their new scalpel claws are used to remove the poison sac out the Tonemy for safe consumption. Their claw feet allow them to stay on cave ceilings above the nests Tofurang in order to prey upon the young Tonemy while also being safe from Tofurang (since it can not fly).

Gliscor in Tandor are among the apex cave predators in the Tandor region located deep within the depths of the cave. They have no eyes and solely rely on echolocation to find their prey. Gliscor being located deep in caves no longer have the need for flight preferring to walk on the ground instead, making them more bulky for direct physical fights. They prefer mischief to actual fighting despite their dominance in the food chain. 

I think different regional forms was one of the best additions in the recent pokemon games and would love to see this team's interpretations of the official pokemon in tandor. Might do more of these or color in the other three if I get some more free time. Thanks for looking and have a good day ~

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  HIgh IVs PKMNs in wonder trade.
Posted by: bazinga52 - 10-02-2019, 08:00 PM - Forum: Battle and Trade - Replies (4)

Hi all,

I don't have much knowledge about a lot of stuff so I thought I would ask about it.

I recently started trading in wonder trade and I have received various pokemons bred with perfect or almost perfect IVs. How is this done? Is it easy to do since people are sending away so many of them? 

thx for replies in adv

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  Colarva Crisis
Posted by: Inarin - 09-28-2019, 09:36 AM - Forum: Battle and Trade - Replies (4)

No shiny, im crazy

TOO MANY Colarva need adopted

GTS only, Repeat Ball only

Post any pokemon wanted lv.1 Colarva to adopt

Gender can be chosen or random

If nickname needed, please remark

I will edit my thread when I stop

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