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[Game] Lord Windos' PokeRole Adventure: Celadon City Vandel
Current Day: Sunday , Beginning of the Flower Festival

[Image: Celadon_Skyline.png]

Hustle, bustle, and good cheer all around! Celadon City was in full swing and perfect sync, as everyone, from the cutest of children to the burliest of men, prepared for the coming Flower Festival. Vendors and entertainment venues were being set up in the streets, food stalls were already up and cooking delicious, sumptious fare for the growing crowds, and foriegners have already begun pouring in and booking their stay. Erika, in her ever classical and tasteful kimono , was wandering the streets with her acolytes , supervising and overseeing the setup of the event to make sure that, like every other year, the festival was going to be a smashing success, for both the city and the Gym. Every so often they would stop and place some gorgous flowers they had on hand, straight from the carefully tended gardens of their gym, adding more color and a characteristic floral aroma to the streets to Celadon. Everyone was smiling and having a grand, gay old time, as they all awaited Monday for the Flower Festival to truly begin.

Well, not everyone. As the old saying goes, 'Where there is good, their is always evil.'

[Image: FL_Rocket_Hideout.png]

On the surface, the Rocket Casino seemed to be a legal, if somewhat fiscally minded, operation. The roulette machine where lined up aside and against each other, with a good two dozen people or so crowding around the machine and pouring their hard earned money (and in some cases, savings) straight down the drain. Every so often their was a flashing of lights and a catchy jingle playing, signifying that someone had won it big on the reels, but by and large people that came in here walked out with only the cloaths on their back. Its was a festive place with an exerlerating atmosphere, but it hide a dark secret.

Music: Team Rocket Hideout

If one were to check behind the poster and press the conspicuous button there, they would find their way down a set of stairs, and into the bowls of the true operation of Rocket Casino: Team Rocket's Hideout. Grunts were milling around the place, carrying shipments of Pokémon, lugging around important objects or paperwork, or just patrolling the base like any proper mobsters. In one case, a Rocket was trapped in the spin tile maze, swearing profusely as he was spun around while his friends nearby took bets on how long it would take for him to get out of their. In the barracks, some grunts were snoozing away from a long and hard night shift, while others got up and prepared for another day in their life of crime. A couple of groups were in the communal gym, training both their Pokémon for their future role in thievery and honing their own physical conditions, though some had less success than others, judging by how one Grunt's Ekans managed to tie itself into a knot trying to follow his master's orders...

Like in the city above, everyone was getting ready for the Festival, but they were not there to contribute anything to it. Quite the opposite, as a matter of fact. Every Rocket was getting into gear as they received their orders for tomorrow, as each and everyone got ready to do their part to profit from the Flower Festival as possible, both legally and...less than wholesomely.

One grunt in particular, though, was not among his peers in the gym, communiary, barracks , or walking the floor, though. No, he was deep, deep down in the Hideout, on the bottom floor only the most senior Rockets or Executives called home. In an office guarded by two particularly muscle bound thugs, stood Reiner. He was called their by his Boss for a 'Performance Review' , something that usually meant that a Grunt was going to get his legs broken and tossed out onto the street, if he was in a good mood. Usually, the Boss wasn't, so other things happened. Unspeakable things. You had an inkling, though, that your card wasn't going to be punched in today

Sitting on a luxerous couch, sat your Boss, Giovanni. Not that anyone called him that around here, least they face disciplinary action for not showing the proper respect he deserved, but that was besides the point. He's been staring at you with that impenetrable expersion on his face, peering into your eyes to see if you would break under the strain of his command. Seeing you stare right back at him with a stoic yet somehow fierce expression on his face, though, eventually caused him to crack a small smile, and motion for them to sit in the chair across him.

"Take a seat, Reiner. Sorry to keep your waiting, but I was just...caught in a daydream. Yes, a beautiful daydream." Giovanni took a bottle of what looked like some mighty expensive scotch and pour himself two glasses, handing one to you as he began to idly sip on his, swirling his glass around to catch the light in the amber liquid. "Do you have a idea why I called you here today? I know your curious, so feel free to voice your concerns."

(Time for you to properly introduce your character, Dragonstrike!)
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(Proper character introduction is gonna be in the meta thread!)

Ugh.  He hated wearing this uniform.  It made him stand out too much, and he stood out enough as it was.  Not that he was a stranger to being noticed, what with his dark blue hair and the incredibly rare Weavile that he could sometimes be seen with, but...well, at least the flat cap wasn't so bad.  It covered his hair pretty well, at least.  He liked how he looked in it, too.  

Being in this office was always unnerving.  And not just because of the grunts with Arbok and Sandslash standing guard outside.  Giovanni himself was a force of nature.  You didn't cross him, or he'd cross you off his list.  Permanently.  He'd seen it happen plenty of times before.  It was enough to set his own Arbok on edge, which was an impressive feat in and of itself...

Despite this, Reiner keeps his cool.  It's not the first time he's been in there.  He sips on the scotch before responding in a perfectly calm, reasonable tone.

"Got something 'special' for me in mind, I assume?  I was wondering why I haven't received any orders yet.  Everyone else has theirs already.  Usually, that means someone's getting the axe."  Reiner didn't think he was going to get the boot since he's proven his value to the team time and time again over past two years, but the trend was undeniable.
Smirking at the rather matter of fact answer from Reiner, the Boss set his glass down in front of him, before steepling his hands together and resting his chin on them. "Astute as ever, I see. You peers could learn well to keep a sharp mind like you, to name but one example. They seem to forgot that being a member of Team Rocket require strength, cunning, and charm, which is why most don't make it far in my organization. You, though," he said, a analytical twikle in his eye as he read through you like an torn open book, "Are exceptional. In a scant two years, you manage to accomplish what most could not in a decade. You managed to rake in well over $500000 Poke in that time, handle sensitive operations that would require a squad by yourself, and have never been once caught, jailed, or humiliated by Kanto Police. The fact you accomplished all this with a team of the most unruly Pokémon this side of the world without once losing control over them is just....impressive."

Lifting his head and unhooking his hands, he took the glass of scotch and began to lightly savor it once more, eyes closed in appreciation of the vintage, before he resumed his speech. "Now I'm not sentimental, but such passion and hard effort for Team Rocket , in such a short amount of time, from a mere Grunt no less...I find it a waste. A waste of talent, of skill, of dedication . So I decided that you deserve a chance. A chance to prove that not only are you an exceptional member of Team Rocket, but something more. Much more." The boss opened his eyes and smoothly transitioned his gaze over to Reiner, sizing up all that latent potential that was just waiting to be taped. "With that brilliant mind of yours, you should know what I'm offering. I have a set of tasks that need to be accomplished during this Flower Festival that Celadon love to march out year after year. I would normally have several squads on each job already, but I've elected to do something different."

Without taking his sight of Reiner, the Boss opened a drawer in his desk, and took out a single manila folder, and laid it in front of them. "I want to test just how far that natural talent for crime goes. In this folder are the tasks I want done by the end of this festival. You will attempt to accomplish each any every one of them by yourself, with no assitance from me or any fellow member of Team Rocket. If you succeed in even one of these jobs, however, I'll consider that you have fulfilled the mission, and you will be rewarded as such. Accomplish more, and you will stand to earn even more than you can image. That is..." Giovanni trailed off, raising a eyebrow at his most esteemed grunt.

"If you feel capable enough to risk it all for this job, Reiner. What do you say?"
Like the wind, I come and go as I please... but I am always there to provide a comforting breeze.

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Well then...that's not what he'd been expecting.  But it's exactly what he'd been wanting to hear.  While the 'hadn't been caught' part was certainly an exaggeration since he'd been spotted plenty of times before, he always managed to escape.  Humiliation at the hands of the police was not on his agenda, after all.

What was on his agenda, was exactly what Giovanni was offering him right now.

A chance to be promoted.  To become an Executive.

To have more influence among Team Rocket.

To have a reasonable shot at achieving his revenge against the Blackthorn elders.

Reiner leans back on the couch he's sitting in.  Man, Giovanni sure knows his stuff when it comes to good furnishings.  "Boss, you KNOW I won't turn down a chance like this.  Well, what have we got on the docket this time?  From the sound of things, it's much more than the usual run of the mill missions."
Grinning in such a way that would terrorize an average individual, he passed over the manila file over to them, before pulling out what looked to be a requisition form from his desk, already filled out and signed. Looks like he knew Reiner's answer before they even walked in through his office doors. "Excelllent. This folder contains all the information of the tasks you are to complete by next Sunday [Essentially the Win Objectives, but in game] , and this form is an order for 1 Super Potion, 3 Potions, 3 Full Heals, $1500 Poke and....3 Hacked Pokeballs. I can't send one of my best agents out on an assignment like this without supplies, now can I?"

Hacked Pokeballs where something Reiner didn't expect to ever come across of, much less be in the possession of. Despite its plain appearance, it boasts the same sealing capabilities as an Ultra Ball, and had the incredible (and most definitely illegal) ability to catch other trainer's Pokémon. It overrides the OID of the original owner and replaces it with a dummy ID that was untraceable, making it possible to literally capture a trainer's Pokémon right before their eyes. They were universally banned all of the world, and even researching the method of making one could land oneself several years behind bars. Owning one and using one was tantanmount of decades of prison , and he is giving you three...?

"Your mission starts effective immediantly, but since the Flower Festival does not technically begin until Monday, you have a day to finished up any business you had prior to my task. Or you can get started right away. I will allow you that much leeway, for I am rather generous at the heart of things. Who else would employ most of the criminals in this region, hmm?" The Boss snaps his fingers, causing the doors behind you to open up, before comfortably leaning back into his couch. "The moment you leave the Rocket Hideout, you won't be permitted to re-enter under any circumstances. Prepare for trouble, Reiner, for there will be plenty of it landing in your lap by the time you get fully into the party."

Just before he motions for you to leave, though, he stops, before reaching down with his empty hand and taking the expensive bottle of scotch and passing it over to you. "Oh, and take this. Consider this an Anniversery Gift, from your truly. For two fulfilling years as a member of Team Rocket. I do hope you enjoy it."

With that said, he turns his attension away from you at last, and onto his half empty glass of scotch.

New Custom Item(s) gained:
Expensive Bottle of Scotch
Cost: $1000
Use: Ignore -1 Pain for one glass, and -2 Pain for two. Each glass lowers Insight and Knowledge by 1, but raises Defense and Fight by 1 as well. Can also be used as a disinfectant.
Number of uses: 5 Full Glasses Left (Can take sips or swigs without impacting total amount, but gain no effects for that besides RPing)

Hacked Pokeball(s)
Cost: Illegal (Good luck trying to sell it!)
Use: Work like a Ultra Ball, but with the ability to capture all Pokémon, regardless of prior ownership. Captures work like it does with wild Pokémon, but the target typically will resist capture MUCH more than any wildmon should.

Time: Sunday Afternoon


Young Trainer Emily
Slots: 1 (2)
Difficulty: Easy
Reward: $1000 Poke and 1 Pokémon
Note: This is the warm up encounter, and it will be present until its taken by someone.

Tamayaki Food Stall
Slots: 2 (3)
Difficulty: Moderate
Reward: Food, around $2000 Poke, 1 Pokémon, and a low chance for an Rare Item.
Note: This stall is currently has only the owner and his Pokémon Chef assistant at it, and no one else is in sight right now, so...

Dark Alleyway(s)
Slots: All
Difficulty: ?
Reward: ?
Note: The surprise Encounter for anyone! I have a table in mind to roll what happens, but for now it has a definitive prize for now. What it is would be telling, so I won't!

You can also do a training session, wander the town randomly, actively commit to pickpocketing, or try and chat up with the local Police Officer/Gym Attendate. That is all for now!
Like the wind, I come and go as I please... but I am always there to provide a comforting breeze.

Member of Team PUNishment. Pun-pare for Struggle, make it Double Team!

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Online ID: 000650

Well, THIS was a surprise.  What the heck of a kind of mission was he being sent on this time?  He opens the folder and takes a look...

Wait, what?

He rereads it...


This...ooh boy...there's FIVE missions in there...and each one looks harder than the last...acquire 15 pokemon for the team...okay, pretty standard.  Team Rocket was always looking for more pokemon, particularly rare ones.  That number could be lowered if he got some particularly strong or special pokemon...

Acquire $20,000 for the team.  With Weavile's help, that might not be too difficult...keeping it might be the main concern...

Kill or incapacitate 2 trainers that have been causing Team Rocket some trouble recently...hmmm...he was pretty confident he could do that, though depending on who they are...

See if there's any credence to the rumors of Mew being in Celadon around the time of the festival, and capture it if you locate it.  That...was not what he'd expected to see listed there...

Kidnap Erika or raid the Celadon Pokemon Center and clean it out...oh dear...that might be just a tad more than what he was currently prepared to deal with...

He takes a moment to recompose himself.  This wasn't too terribly surprising in the end, he guessed.  Executives probably have to organize and lead stuff like those last two objectives fairly often, thinking about it.  Getting wet feet now wasn't an option.  Another sip of that scotch helped a lot.

"Boss, who are those two trainers that have been causing us trouble?  Gonna need more specifics than what's listed if I'm gonna be eliminating them from the big picture."
Instantly, the pleasant genial smile that was on Giovanni was gone, replaced by a murderous scowl so potent you could feel the killing intent from where you sat. "Vallery and Mitchel Malcom,' the Boss spat, like the names were flaming venom on his tongue. "Both are involved with the National Guard, and each one has cost me HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF POKE! Those blasted, meddlesome individuals have thrown wrench after wrench into my operations, lead to the arrest of well over a hundred of my employees, and personally hounded me every step I made in Kanto!" he growled, his hand tightening around his glass until it shattered, then ground into a fine sandy paste.

Legend has it that the boss has the constitution and body like an Rhydon, and seeing the mess before you was proof enough to back up those claims. "They even managed to make off with one of my Pokémon, and turn it against me. I have information that they are attending this year's Flower Festival, and I want them dead , or certainly in a condition that they can never oppose me again. Preferably dead. Bring me their heads, and I will make you an Executive on the spot, and let you have free reign to do what you please in Blackthorn," Giovanni finished, before jabbing his hand into his desk once more and throwing the picture of those two individuals at you, before he stormed into his private room. You could try and follow him to ask more questions, but do you really want to risk that?

Taking them in hand, you try and see who your targets are. One is a tall, tall man, easily reaching 7 foot even in height, and had spiky, jagged raven black hair the color of obsideon. His eyes where the color of mud, and he had on a dark navy blue bowler cap on, with a matching trench coat that somehow managed to smother his huge body. He had a long black crook cane in his hand, and their was an easy going smile on his face. Most stunning of all, the man was extremely old, looking to rival the Elders back in you home city in the terms of wrinkles on his face. Most would write him off as a jolly giant of a elderly man, but there was a Look in his eyes that caught you attension. It was the Look of a trained killer, one that certainly seen its far share of action.

The other, by contrast, is an absolute doll of a woman, standing 5 foot or so in height. She had dirty blond hair that was cropped at forehead level front and back, and looked jagged as well. Her eyes where the color of dark evergreen leaves, and she was wearing what looked to be a detective's uniform (Think Naoya from Persona 4). She looked to be about a couple years older than you, but you could tell despite her relative youth, she meant Serious Business. Best Bearwar of the mistress, or face her wrath.

You had no info as two where they were right now, and you doubt your Boss would have not given it to you if he could. Looks like you have some ground to cover, or just get (un)lucky and bump into one of them. Joy.....
Like the wind, I come and go as I please... but I am always there to provide a comforting breeze.

Member of Team PUNishment. Pun-pare for Struggle, make it Double Team!

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Online ID: 000650

Weavile Auto Pickpocket Roll: (5) Rarity: (12)

You feel something nudge you in the side, causing you to look over and see that its none other than your Weavile! He must have gotten out of his Pokeball during Giovanni's rage while you were both distracted, and he had something glimmering in his hand. By what you can tell, its an Unovain Ice Gem, a moderate rarity in this region! Looks like your thieving partner managed to slip one of the Boss' forgotten trinkets from their desk! Better not let on about this...

Custom Item Gain!
Ice Gem
Cost: $400
Use: Equip on Pokémon to add a guarantee +1 Auto Damage to any Ice Type attack; Item is used up afterwards.
Like the wind, I come and go as I please... but I am always there to provide a comforting breeze.

Member of Team PUNishment. Pun-pare for Struggle, make it Double Team!

Heart Phantom is my OTP~ Heart

Online ID: 000650

Well then, that was an unexpected turn of events...they weren't to be taken lightly if they could make a fool of Giovanni...but it looks like any one of those three more difficult tasks would be more than enough to achieve his own goals.

'Consider it done if I happen to run into them, then.  I doubt they'll like being on the tail end of Kingdra's Draco Meteor.'  Reiner chuckles to himself.  Giovanni might not be there to hear him now, but his boss knew he'd get the job done if he could.  He wasn't known as one of the team's Top Grunts for nothing.  He pockets the pictures of his targets and what was left of the Scotch...and then notices Weavile got out somehow.  And immediately got to work doing what he does best: Pickpocketing.  Reiner stares at him, sighs, and then motions for Weavile to hold on to the gem for now before recalling him.  If Giovanni had one of those just lying around, he probably didn't have much of a use for it and wouldn't notice it had gone missing...

Walking out of the room, since he was clearly done there, he turns to the guards.  "Don't mind the yelling.  Give him a little time to cool off.  Related to the mission.  Don't ask questions."  If the guards knew what was good for them, they wouldn't.  If Giovanni was angry, no good could come of trying to figure out why.  And it gives him plenty of reason to get out of there too, on the off chance the boss notices a few things might be out of place...

'Well then, time to get prepared.  Better grab my stuff and whatnot before heading out.'

Reiner gets in the elevator, where another one of Givanni's guards is waiting.  "Dorms.  Got a mission to prepare for."  The grunt merely nods, and turns a key in the elevator's console.  Only a few grunts ever get access to the bottom 5th floor of the hideout, and it requires a key as well as the authorization.  So long as nobody ever dropped their Lift Key for some random reason, the bottom 5th floor was practically impenetrable.

Upon arrival in his room, Reiner starts digging around in his possessions.  "Let's see here...jeans and a t-shirt, check...sunglasses, with a hidden compartment, check...concealable knife for said compartment, check...better leave the uniform here...not the hat though.  Gotta keep the hat.  And to top it all off...better inform the gang about what we're doing."

After changing into more suitable attire for the world outside and making sure the door to his room was locked and double checking that he was the only grunt there, Reiner lets his three pokemon out of their pokeballs.

Arbok coils up in the corner, generally looking rather menacing.  He's always eager for a fight, and loves spooking people and pokemon just with how unnerving his presence is.  It took awhile to get used to, but Reiner can maintain a steady gaze with the intimidating cobra for a short period of time.  You live around one of them long enough, and they don't really scare you much any more, after all.

Weavile leans up against the wall and yawns.  Starts picking his teeth with his claws and flicking away what he collects there.  He might act aloof, but as soon as he gets to work, he all but vanishes, stealing everything in sight.  Reiner has actually been banned from summoning Weavile in the base proper because of it, though he's allowed to let the feline out in his dorm since there's nothing for him to really steal in there.  Reiner just narrows his eyes and stares at him for a moment because of earlier.  Weavile just shrugs in return.

And finally, Kingdra.  She balances on her tail with the aid of her fins.  After four years of being a Kingdra, she's learned a trick or two about how to maneuver on land in that form.  She looks as proud and powerful as always.  Reiner can't help but smile whenever he looks at her.  That was his dragon.  Those fools that run Blackthorn wouldn't know talent if it slapped them in the face, Lance and Clair be damned.  He didn't get what the heck was so special about those two, why they got so much special treatment.  Yeah yeah, Lance is a big shot Elite 4 member, and Clair was training to become a Gym Leader one day...way he saw it, he could do what they were doing.  Just gotta prove you've got the raw talent for battle.  Something of which he has loads of.

"Alright you three.  We've got a very special assignment from the boss himself today.  Five, in fact.  We do this right, and we'll get some extra special rewards all around.  Got a few extreme versions of our usual missions, and then some...extra challenging ones.  You guys up for some looting, stealing, and maybe even a little bit of payback?"
Arbok lets out a loud menacing hiss, sounding vaguely familiar to laughing as his head jerk back and forth in the air. He Coils himself up, looking quite prepared to scare the living hell out of anyone he is sent out on. Maybe get a decent meal, you suppose, judging by the way he was licking their scaly mouth.

Weavile gives you his cool characteristic smirk, before he begans to count the money you had been given for the mission right before your eyes. $1000, $1100, $1200, $1300, $1400....and $1500 ! All there, and waiting to be spent on all sorts of neat stuff.... He also had your hat on his head, perched like it was always there to begin with.

Kingdra, unlike the other two, waddle up to you gives you a surprisingly tender nuzzle with their hose snot, eyes closed in happiness. They had a feeling that this mission was finally going to give what both she and him crave: the power and recognition they deserve. Just for a moment, it was like you were back in time, hugging your Horsea close to your chest as you dreamed to become a Dragon Master...
Like the wind, I come and go as I please... but I am always there to provide a comforting breeze.

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