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Pokemon Fragments
*** Due to life circumstances I am sadly putting everything on hold until further notice! *** 5/31/17

Welcome to my project: Pokémon Fragments

Splash Screen Concept:
[Image: Splash.png]

I have always wanted to create a Pokemon game for a while now in honesty I don't know if I will have the free time to really work on it and actually complete it. That being said here is the project idea I will be toying-around with and slowly working on.

The antagonist Team/Group/Organization that were trying to gain control over this region had been stopped by a legendary Pokemon master that had sacrificed him/her self to save everyone else. Although the antagonist group was stopped the land still is trying to recover from the damage inflicted by their actions as they were trying to capture and control legendary Pokemon by ripping them out of each of their respective elemental plane. The land is suffering greatly from these rifts that have been torn open into this region's existence scientists are finding that these unusual energy rifts are causing migrations to shift, environments are changing which have caused the extinction of Pokemon in this region and the surrounding isles.

His/Her home is close to one of the affected areas and between reports broadcast on the news, as well as all the sick Pokemon that have been taken in by the local Poke Center to try and restore them to their healthy selves. Your character during a break in class is watching a pair of recovering (Insert Pokemon) has finally had enough of sitting back idle doing nothing. Knowing that just wandering around in the wilds can be dangerous he/she decides to sneak into their school and borrow one of the new training Pokemon that the grade above yours just have got in. (which will let you pick from your choice of three starters, Ice, Steel, Ground). Ms. Amelia Hawthorne (Academy Teacher) will act as the tutorial teaching about type advantages and how to catch Pokemon etc, etc.

Starters: Ground, Ice, Steel.
[Image: Groguer2.png][Image: IceStarterBattler.png][Image: SteelStarter1.png]

Plans & Game Features: (This are things I feel are important to me that I will be adding in.)

- Each region will contain at least 8 gyms and an elite four.
- Choose your path: Trainer, Breeder, Scientist, Thief
- Bonus region(s)
- New Type: Arcane - Pokémon that have been infused with power arcane essence!
- Thief will have a different story arc then the other three, being able to choose between two rival criminal organizations.
- Main, path specific & side quests

Rough Draft of the Region:
[Image: PokemonLand_zpsq4aw52pm.jpg]

Again just things I have been tinkering around with, but a project I will be slowly but passionately be working on. I would love to hear any feedback or ideas that could expand on this. I will most likely add more to this but for now I must get some rest. I may edit this with more ideas later on.

Starter Town: Welcome to Knottwood
[Image: Knottwood.png]

Project Team:
@Ko2o - Pixel Artist

Special Thanks:
@Lord Windos - Thief Class
@Swampat - Snail Fakemon

Music Credit:
Tungerman, Chelsea, GoldenToyko

Tileset Credit:
I really like the overall idea. The story itself is pretty interesting. I think the legendary trainer should come back in some form in the later gamer (for example traces of his fight, his pokémons being corrupted after their master is gone, or the spirit of the trainer himself coming back in some form). As for the beginning, it's pretty cool that it's not the classic 10 year old sent in an adventure by the village's professor, also the different typed pokemon is a nice take as well (I also thought of this type triplet before, it's a pretty cool one).
The elemental planes are sure to add lifespawn to the game, just like the Kanto region in G/S/C. Lastly, the different type of character are a very nice touch, I think it really is pretty cool. I hope you will get some time to develop this project because I would love to play it.
Also just so you know there is a already a fangame named Pokémon Prism but I don't know whether it's still in development or not, you should check that
[Image: spiderdance_by_weegygreen2-d9ciry1.gif]
Finally someone who puts some dynamic in the whole Pokemon-Idea via changing the starter types. And a good choice with Steel/Ice/Ground, it follows the same effective triangle as Grass/Water/Fire ^-^ I mean, I've seen/played Roms with different starter types, but they all sucked so far...

What you didn't mention is WHAT KIND OF POKEMON there will be. Colorful mix of all gens? Only two or three gens? Colouful mix out of official and custom ones? Just custom ones?

Keep up your so far pretty good ideas. They have potential, definitely, only need some editing and refinement.
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[Image: tumblr_ojj74xpbFJ1vh0d58o1_540.png]
You know, these ideas are not half bad. If you can make anything out of them, we might have a fangame that will rival Uranium after all...

One Idea I thought for two classes 'Class' in the game: Merchant and Robber/Thief. The Merchant can buy/sell things cheaper/more expense, allowing Trainers to create their own economy.

Being a theif allows you to get more money after battles, seal item from shops, and even steal people's Pokémon in certain instances (all of which will guaranteed to have good IVs and are good Pokémon), but the more you extort, the higher the chance you'll start running into policeman, which have Pokémon proportionally higher leveled Pokémon then your team average. Getting caught gets you sent into the clink, ending your game prematurely. The game also autosave before each Cop encounter, and after if you lose, so unless you back up saves frequently, game over.

These are just a couple of ideas of mine. You don't have to take them seriously, I hope.
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Thank you for all the feedback! I have to say my intentions are not to rival or better another game (I really have been enjoying Uranium) but to bring more creative fuel to the fire!

@Kuribat - The legendary trainer battle I would absolutely have that area explorable, although running into the corrupt trainer and their Pokemon would be a neat twist. I am a huge fan of incorporating hidden events or secrets so that would be nifty. I was unaware of the fan game Prism I will look into it. Thankfully I am not stone set on the name just yet!

@PhantomUnderYourDesk - I cant believe I forgot to mention the type of Pokemon I would have, you will have to excuse that blunder it was getting late when I finally finished my post. I would want the region to have alot of it's own custom Pokemon as to be expected with all new Pokemon games. Although yes I would want to have a colorful mix of them from other generations.

@Lord Windos - I am intrigued with the Robber/Thief profession alas I will get back to that one:
Merchant - would be interesting having a higher sell value and cheaper buy from vendors it would make me want to expand the trade system to allow items to be bought and sold, maybe Merchants have the ability to forage and make those items (such as the ones capable of growing berries, herbs of that source or like the tinkerer finding ingredients after battles as well but meant for making the regular vendor items like Pokeballs, Potions, Restores etc.) then allowing them to be sold to other players? Allowing the merchant profession to do what it is intended and producing large amounts of money.

Thief / Robber - (was it Pokemon stadium 2 which allowed such things of stealing Pokemon? I don't remember but I liked the concept) Anyway, getting back to this profession, I suppose this would be like playing on a hard mode difficulty. Which the game could just end but being locked up for the rest of your life seems a bit harsh. That being said it could be the challenge it risks of just ending the game or like you said if you didn't save you would have to back track very far. The other alternative would be you lose anything you previously have stolen such as Money, Items or even Pokemon if caught then either you are required to break out of prison or something to that effect (Maybe even allowing you to get your confiscated items back by breaking into the lower levels of the prison once freed and battling the guards to get it back). Maybe like an underground market could be available to acquire the Theft Pokeballs or other shady items (which too would be taken away when caught). I dig the policeman idea too the more things you steal or have on you the more chance of an encounter after you steal something. Maybe even the police in towns would be hostile to you as well as that profession.
(Just ideas..)

Anyway, Off I go again for now! Thank you again for all the wonderful feedback and ideas!
If your going to do the merchant and theif proffessions, though, here is a couple of extra ideas:

For the merchant, put a little to how much he can sell per day. Since he will be making double off all things he sell, and buys things up to 50% off, merch. could quickly max out there Poke in a couple of hours. By limiting the amt they sale per day, it requires merchants to find/produce the highest value items he can to get the bang for his buck. As the merchant progress through the game, his discounts they gets at stores/markets will go up, and the amount they can sell per day increases by a set number. This will (Hopefully) balance early game to end game, as by the time you could really exploit the system, you basically are at the point of the game when your supposed to.

For Robber/Thief, like the idea of it being something akin to hard mode. If its going to be a different mode of gameplay, why not have a different rival? Like a dectective who has been personally assigned to bring the theif in from his crime spree. As the game goes on, they will grow increasingly more devoted to their case, and get more and more frustrated with the criminal, culminating into a massive breakdown at their last battle, before being pulled of the case for getting too attatched.

What do you think?
Like the wind, I come and go as I please... but I am always there to provide a comforting breeze.

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Ah great way to address that problem right away! I am sure it would have caught it during testing but that's a good point with the merchants abusing that feature. Hmmm a maximum amount able to sell could work that maybe resets after a day or longer another alternative with each badge they earn maybe it increases the total amount they can sell. Maybe merchants buy for less on needed items like pokeballs, potions etc and sell at the lower price but things like gold nuggets, gems and such sell for greater amounts and maybe they have a slight chance at dropping at the end of a fight or something? Many different ways to go about it.

-Nods- That would make that path pretty unique! Kinda like the thief's final/grand finale battle to elude the police and not get bothered. What's your opinion expanding on the thief like they have a choice between two rival groups and then instead of badges they earn rank completing missions / jobs given to them?

So much brainstorming to do on all this! I love it. Haha
Well, if your going that route for the thief, you would have to find some alternate method of progression for the PC. A thieves guild does sound like a good idea, and a linear mission system (Or multi, if your up to the task) would serve the task of move along the plot and main character. The problem of ditching the gym system, and doing that instead, is that you would essentially have to create an entirely new story just for the Robber/Thief profession, putting a lot of work and time into something players might not ever bother getting to. If they do, then depending on how well the main campaign is, it might detract from its quality by comparison. Or if you really put a lot of hard work into it, make the main camp. look bad, which would make them question why all that work put into a mode for one profession was not put into the entire product. Plus, some people could be turned off by a route that goes contrary to series standards.

Those are my two cent. What do you think.
Like the wind, I come and go as I please... but I am always there to provide a comforting breeze.

Member of Team PUNishment. Pun-pare for Struggle, make it Double Team!

Heart Phantom is my OTP~ Heart

Online ID: 000650

Overall great ideas, I assume you have tried, or at least have heard/known of Pokemon Godra? They also sorta have professions features... So it'd be cool to see if there's anything you can learn from that game
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Hmmm, Correct I would rather it still feel like a Pokemon game and not stray too far causing two different stories completely, but since this is all brainstorming at the moment all ideas are welcome so that a great idea isn't passed up! *Laughs* On the multi missions though I figured the professions would each have their (lets call them) side missions to further boost the profession's abilities.

@MonkeyLord83 Thank you! also I have not! I will look into Pokemon Godra. Being very honest Pokemon Uranium is the second Pokemon fangame I have played the first one I tried was Pokemon Sage (Still need to play it all the way through, one day.. So many things to do. heh).

Back on that note about the missions to bounce another idea off you, If the thief class rather then conventional means of showing up to a gym battling them and getting that gym badge their missions given to them may be something like the first gym for example the PC mission is to break into the gym (maybe via storage door or back window) and steal something of value from the gym could be they have the HM Cut or something like that you may even get caught and have to battle the gym leader after winning and knocking them out you make your get away. The detective on the other hand unlike the non crime based professions would act like the rival showing up to trying and stop you at inconvenient times (just like the rival). In a case like that the plot doesn't have to move too far away from each gyms to proceed and you still get your rival but its a slightly different spin on things. (Missions could also include one might be to steal a gym leaders main Pokemon with difficult perimeters like the Gym leader's Pokemon may have to be at 10% and paralyzed, Poisoned, or Asleep to even have a chance at the capture, not to mention the first time its reduced low they potion it. etc. etc.)

Looking forward to what you think!

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