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Hidden power
Hey everybody. I'm very new at breeding, just started the last week. I read the tutorials and I know the basics. IV's, HA and natures breeding, but I'm laking a good hidden power breeding tutorial and yet having good IV's. So I have 2 options:
-First one, does anyone make hidden power pokemon requests?? I have a good number of interesting pokemons to offer (shinys, 5+IV's and/or HA pokemons).
-If the first option doesn't work, can anyone give any advice to make them myself??

My objectives are:
-Raptorch with grass HP
-Selkid with groundHP
-Eevee with fire HP
-Colarva with water HP.
join breeders discord people there help a lot and often offer good trades
If your looking for advice on how to get a specific HP, here is a link to a page that has a formula for determining it. All you have to do, then, is breed for IV's based on what HP you want. It will take awhile, though, especially if you don't have good duplicats or cross breeders.

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I do have a spare HP Fire Eevee, but it has HA. It's gonna make a better Espeon than Nucleon, frankly.

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Thanks! I'm already trying with raptorch, but I only had 6IV's parents, apparently, I'm gonna have to catch a few 30IV's XD
Updating the post, I'm only looking for an HP water colarva (with good IV's in the important one's)! Have a lots of shinys, 5+IV's and HA mons to trade it for.

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