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(Duel Links) If anybody plays
Heya guys! Spiritmon here. Well, its been a while I been playing a mobile called Yu-gi-oh duel links (since in the card game and anime) I want to ask if someone play the game and everything. To the someone who dont know about the game, Duel links is basically a more simple version from the card game yugioh, who use a simple version of the rules from the card game. Something I like to call, "Speed Duels", because is a slight more quick the duels. The game is complete free to dowload and play, and the cards you can buy for free using gems (who is a element in the game you can gain for leveling up characters you have, for complete missions, events, etc).

Is for Android if I recall, but it might be for IOS too perhaps. If someone like to add me, the name is SpiritmonNeo. Just add me in the friend and we can mark a duel :3
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It's also on Steam. I played it a little bit (the Steam version), but was disappointed after finding out its online-only Sad
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(04-08-2019, 03:47 AM)ovartio Wrote: Yes me too. Played that game for a month. It was exciting at first but I got tired of playing it. And it is online only. YugiOh is so much better. I recommend heartstone heroes or warcraft or summoner's legion. They are one of the best. Very addictive and fast-paced.

Yeah. Unfortanely my internet was having problems until now. Live in Brazil sucks because of that.
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