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The reason why Navighast will not receive Sacred Sword (Theory)
Howdy Uranium people! Spiritmon here. I been thinking for a while: Why Navighast dont learn Sacred Sword if he have a hand sword?! Well, I think some of you might be thinking: "Its because Pokemon doesnt make sense!" But luck for you (or not) I have a little theory I make myself.

First of all lets begin with the basics: What is the Move Sacred Sword? Acording to the move description, Sacred Sword its a move with the power of 90 and Acuracy of 100. Along with the neat Power, it have the ability to cause damage against the foe, ignoring Defence and Evasion states changes. Powerfull huh? Even in the canon games, there only eight Pokemon who learn by leveling up: The Swords of Justice Kokalion, Terrakion, Virizion and Keldeo; The ghost sword evolution line: Honedge, Doublade and Aegislash. And finally the Ultra Beast Kartana. Oashwat learn that move too though breeding. Anyway since you all now is center around what is Sacred Sword and his power lets go for another part of this guide: The theory.

Now one of the reasons I think Sacred Sword would be not available for Navighast its because its belong to the type of Pokemon who can use that move. "What you talking about Spiritmon, you mean that move can only learn by the Legendary Swords of Justice? But other pokemon can learn that move you dumb!" Calm young ones I will explain. Any of you can tell what is similar between the Ghost Sword Evolution line and the Swords of Justice have in similar? The Swords of Justice basic its a group of Legendary based in the three muskteers, a group of knight people who serve the royal people of paris in the fictional book with the same name, "The Three Muskteers" and was writhen by Alexandre Dumas in the year of 1844. These Pokemon is so similar they even called the Muskteer Pokemon. A curiosity is Keldeo, the youngest member of the Swords of Justice represents d'Artagnan, who is not a official member of the three muskteers, but its still a important member of the group. And the Honedge evolution line its because of the description of the Pokedex of Aegilash:

"Apparently, it can detect the innate qualities of leadership. According to legend, whoever it recognizes is destined to become king."

In his previous evolutions, that Pokemon is something similar to evil spirit trying to consume life force, but when evolves to his final form, its become something "royal". "Okay Spiritmon but what this means?". Simple. Aegilash in his final and previous forms represents weapons of the medieval time, and the Sacred Swords represents the Muskteers, or "knights" of the original tale. Both of them represents the qualities of leadership, bravery, chivraly and kingship. In other words, the noble qualities of a knight or even a king. And the move, Sacred Sword, it could represent the power of a noble soul in his most pure and powerfull form as a sword of light and bravery. "Then why Oshawat and Kartana can learn Sacred Sword?" I was thinking about that, and the reason I can think its possible because the final form of Oswawat is Samurot, the "Samurai Pokemon" and the samurai was consider noble servants who serve in his duties. Something similar to the medieval knights. Now about Kartana? Perhaps because he is based in "Curtana", a britsh cerimonial sword used by king and queen during coronations. And in medieval times, the king is a "Sacred Image", something who God put in earth to rule the land without question, in the vision of that old times. "Sacred Image", "Sacred Sword". Make conections?

Now lets go for the reason why Navighast have less chances of be able to use Sacred Sword. First of all, Navighast its a ghost, something people in general consider something "Unholy" and who dont belong to this world. "But Spiritmon, Aegslash its a ghost too and can use Sacred Sword!" True but thats what bring the other reason. Different of Aeglash who is a medieval weapon of a knight, Navighast its true Pirate ghost! Pirates in nothing is holy, noble or anything. This to me is a theory why Navighast will not learn Sacred Sword, since he is based in something in our world who is "diabolic" is some ways: Ghost and Pirates.

And this ends the theory. What you guys think? Say in the comments bellow. You guys think Navighast can learn or deserve learn Sacred Sword? Share your opinion.
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I believe this thread is more appropreitely placed in either Suggestions or Everything Goes, but its a rather interesting brain teaser none of the less. Honestly, having Sacred Sword around would be terrific for the dread captain, as it would give it a nice powerful move that has no downsides whatsoever unlike Superpower or Hammer Arm, and having the added bonus of being especially trouble some for boosting Phys. Walls. Sure, it has slightly less BP than H.A. and a not so slightly less compared to Superpower, but it doesn't drop your stats with each us, so its still useful for that alone! I'm hoping it gets the move someday added to its learnset, but I doubt it will happen at that this point....
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It would be more or less a Flametower to a Pokemon, but with the power to destroy even the strongest defence. But hope is the last thing to fade my friend. And I think it would be more impossible for story side I guess. But there are Kyurem who literally have a ice hand and dont learn Ice Punch and a gastly who dont have arms learn Ice Punch...the irony of the pokemon world I guess.
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I've been more or less secretly hoping for Navighast to learn Sacred Sword as long as I've been hoping for Leaf Blade, simply because this dead pirate captain has a saber for an arm. How cool is that?

Oshawatt can only learn Sacred Sword via having a Farbeagle sketch the move, that egg move seems to be new in UltraSun/Moon, good catch you made.

(01-04-2018, 06:25 PM)Lord Windos Wrote: I believe this thread is more appropreitely placed in either Suggestions or Everything Goes (...)

@Iron, mind you, eventually...?
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Yeah, I still be a little cetic about Navighast learn Sacred Sword since no pokemon can learn that move, and for other reasons I have put in the thread too. But I would like to see that move someday fall in the hands of this ghostly pirate.

Thanks. Make a quick search in the information.
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On topic, I think the idea of Sacred Sword actually being Sacred is definitely a very neat analysis and explains why something like Bisharp doesn't learn Sacred Sword as it's generally a foul and nasty Pokémon, though why it isn't given to Gallade (hugely a trainer-protector and a very courteous and affectionate Pokémon) is anybody's guess.
Ah now that make sense. Well you are right about Kyurem. I forgot the detail about Kyurem have tiny arms. It would be indeed dificult to him use a Ice with such tiny arms to hit anything, witch is make sense. And even fusing with any of his forms, Kyurem cant learn that move since Zekrom and Reshiram both of them are Dragons with the additional type of Eletric and Fire. About Ghastly be able to use that move, I cant really say for certain since he doesnt have arms to begin with it. It would be the same situation about Arbok be able to use Sucker Punch. I imagine Ghastly using the gasses of his body and his ecto plasmatic body to form some sort of punch, then using the gas to freeze the punch. And maybe Arbok have something similar ability about him using dark energy and make some sort of punch made of shadows or something? Crazy? Yes, but lets consider the pokemon world its a fictional thing so some things its in the peak of impossible.

Thanks. I try to make such conection with Sacred Sword and the mean of holy and the conection of noble pokemon. About Gallade not able to learn such move...honestly I cant imagine the reason behid that. One of my ideas it would be perhaps of his origins as a Fairy Pokemon maybe, since in the mithology Fairies is sometimes mischief and naugh creatures. And even when he evolved to a noble knight pokemon and lost his Psychic/Fairy to become Psychic/Fighting he still have a little of his old nature as a Fairy sometimes. At least thats is the mostly close reason to that. Or perhaps the Pokemon Company simple forgot to add that move for Gallade or simple ignore for Competitive reasons. Imagine a Mega Pokemon with a STAB move with a base power of 90 with the ability to ignore any defence AND evade changes. And the STAB increase the base power of a move to 1,5 or 50%. In other words:

Sacred Sword STAB power: 

Base Power (90) X STAB (1,5) = 135

Now imagine that level of strengh increasing via Mega Evolution, with his already high fisic attack who is already 125, with a high attack and when mega evolved that number is increased to 165. Its 50 more points in Attack. And imagine if he was already buff with buff moves like Bulk Up and increasing his status. Even I fearing that mathematic. Its indeed something to fear.
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Gallade doesn't need Sacred Sword anyways.  He has Close Combat and Drain Punch for STAB options.  Potentially backed by Swords Dance.
(03-27-2018, 12:45 PM)Spiritmon Wrote: It would be the same situation about Arbok be able to use Sucker Punch.

Actually, fun fact about Sucker Punch: In Japanese, the move is called Surprise Attack, and its English name appears to have been an error, and it isn't actually a punching move, hence why many can learn it without possessing arms or even limbs.

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