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I am not sure where to post this but did anyone else notice that a malware program is using pokemon uranium's image and name as something to entice people into downloading the program.
Uhm, nope, haven't noticed until you said it, but that sounds like copyright infringement. Can you link it maybe, or provide a screenshot?
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Copyright Infringement is not really enforceable, considering this game is underground. You should send the link to @CodySP instead of linking it here, being sure to label it properly.
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Hey all!

We're not concerned about copyright infringement, that would be a tad hypocritical of us would it not? What concerns us is the safety of our users, and how these ads could potentially harm the computers of those looking to try Uranium.

The team has already contacted the appropriate people and we're hoping to have this sorted soon. Thanks for pointing it out Big Grin
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