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Help Big problem when opening the game
So here's my problem, when I open the game by the patcher, and that I do start game, after a few seconds my pc freeze completely and I am forced to stop it by force, the screen is frozen I can not do not do anything, sometimes just a launch, but more often, the pc crash only after the second start game
no error report in the windows event viewer besides turning off the force computer but nothing related to the game, no blue screen,
moreover I tried a long time ago a reset of windows, but it did not change anything.

The most amazing, if I run by the desktop shortcuts without launching the patcher so, no crash

The problem has been around for quite a while now. 
I tried uninstalling the game to reinstall it later,, but it's not solving my problem. 
I want to clarify that this problem only happens with this game,

Would I have forgotten to install something? is it my pc that has a problem?
I can not find any solution, help me please Sad

I'm french, I use google trad, sorry if this translation is not really good xd
That's simply weird. First question, have you installed the game from a safe source, which is this one? There never to very rarely have been problems when downloaded from there.
If you have, maybe - hopefully - @Iron or @CodySP can help you more.
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Yes, I downloaded the game by the pokemon uranium reddit, and tried several times to reinstall it without success ...
I also try to install the game on different hard drive, but it still does not change anything,
I tried with my graphics card, and with the iGPU of my processor, but it's also the same thing ...

Edit :
I just made a Memtest with Memtest86, no errors ...
Hmm, I did not do anything special, but today it looks like there has never been this problem ...
I'll come back if it happens again, or if I discover the reason for this sudden resolution ...

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