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Fan Art Ultima region (bonus content)
Good day. I would like to congratulate the Uranium team on a good game. I got acquainted with her recently, and I think that this is a really good game.

I have ideas about a new game or the continuation of an existing job, but I'm afraid that I will not have the skills to go all the way.

What at the moment:
it seems to me that the concept of Pokémon games can be improved as follows:

- Increase in the number of types
- Balance of all types

I have a little work on sketching Ultima Pokemon Dex

there are 26 types here, one of which is supposed to consist of 20-24 pieces (increase in content)

It seems to me that such an approach can also take into account some of the shortcomings and inadequacies of existing classifications

In the case of adding bonus content

(Deserts, towers of ghosts, portals, dungeons, islands, cyberspace a new region, etc.)

It is possible to use all 26 types, also it can help balance

For example, for the enhanced version of Uranium Ultima.

Those. for example, leave the game as is, adding a new region with new types, using the teleporter

For this, I think the use of an alternative starting pokemon Abra seems appropriate.

You can get an alternative story from the initial location, saving the existing game.

I started this kind of test work with the emerald version a little, but I realize that I do not have enough skills and time for my plans.
Do you know about the fangame site Relic Castle? Or Pokecommunity? Lots of resources there for making fangames - dev tutorials, artists, spritesheets and artwork to download.
Current project:
Tabletop RPG PokeRole:
"Nathan is still plenty antsy about the Seikamater."
I once engaged in mapping for counter-strike, I do not know enough about other sites yet
Here is an example of work
Some of content:


[Image: 01.png]


[Image: 02.png]


[Image: 03.png]
Might want to rehost with imgur or something that can be used to embed.
Current project:
Tabletop RPG PokeRole:
"Nathan is still plenty antsy about the Seikamater."
Ok, thanks.

[Image: Types-Model.png]
[Image: 04.png]

[Image: 05.png]

[Image: 06.png]
Region map scheme

[Image: map.png]

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