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Help Stuck
I did a nuzlock w/ Orchynx as my starter and got owned by my rival in the first battle. and the game crashes when going into grass. (I still have the save file before choosing the starter, but the way I'm doing the game that is the starter for that file). Do I have to restart and turn off the challenge?
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All your Pokemon are dead, so you've lost the challenge. I think you'll have to restart.

Also make sure you're on the latest version of the game (run Patcher.exe).
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now running 1.2.2 going to save then lose on purpose (in that order) to see if the game crashes when entering a random battle.
-EDIT- Well, the nuzlock challenge was edited to not count your first fight w/ your rival. huh.
I'll show you a dance cloaked in shadow

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