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[PostGame] Epsilon and Omicron Natural Reserves
this is kind of a weird suggestion. i know that Uranium has its own pokedex and it wasnt supposed to have a National Dex later on. but at least we could get some kind of "Safari Zone" where the player can find some extra species, even if we dont end having a National Dex we could get some specimens from the official games to fill some of the gaps in the type combinations or something like that.

here's where the Epsilon and Omicron Natural Reserves come into play. taking in account this is a post game suggestion i dont expect people to get spoiled of anything so, the idea is that after the  main story the Rangers dismantle the infrastructure in power plants Epsilon and Omicron. the two islands get a revamp after their respective missions and become  a natural reserve after being treated the same way it happened in Route 08.

the nuclear plants in both islands would get refitted to become research outposts with their own vendor and medical center. im not sure what was the fate of the original Nuclear Plant Epsilon so i can only guess the place got demolished and something else was left there, perhaps it could get replaced with a small mound serving as a minicave or something like that.

Epsilon Natural Reserve would feature species from gen 1 to 3 apart of its local West Tandor species (non nuclear)

Omicron Natural Reserve would feature species from gen 4 to 6 apart of its local East Tandor species (non nuclear)

in the case that there's certain nuclear pokemon that were only obtained there, it could be that they could appear in the spawn rates as rare with 1-5% percent. to symbolize that both islands have not completely lost their radioactive variations. the main argument here is that Nuclear Plant Epsilon was under construction at the time and radiation had been minimal until Urayne's wake. Nuclear Plant Omicron had its fuel removed during the story so the plant was inactive at the time it was attacked so there shouldnt be any fallout on both of those zones. it should be perfectly possible for them to be cleaned up of any nuclear activity thanks to the same methods used around Nuclear Plant Zeta. and even then there could still be presence of nuclear pokemon moving around, non aggresive but still corrupted.


here's a list of possible species to add into each Natural Reserve (not counting evolutions).

1. Epsilon:




2. Omicron:




NOTE: there's several species that i would have liked to add on the list but that would mean making it at least 3 species per gen for each island which means a total of 9 species on each island and im not sure if that can be supported, so i tried to add the most critical combinations. there's a lot missing in terms of combinations, i didnt want to add extra monotypes either so  to give field to what is already avaliable.
While these are some pretty good suggestions, it's already been stated that there will be no additional Pokemon besides the originally-planned 200 for the Pokedex. There's a few more legendaries to be released, but those will be the only ones added to the game.

Having said that, the post-game content is still in development, and there might be an opportunity to return to one of the other power plants in the future, so be sure to stay tuned!

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